The different mic settings give you lots of flexibility. He seems very pleased with the added features and says it will help in the production of his weekly radio show. I bought the H2 with the budget I was given. The device also comes with some onboard effects, including a low-cut filter and a compressor/limiter. So far I have spent about 3 hours playing with it. Purchased this recorder to record sermons live. :(. I use it for nature recording, my own voice and other voices. Let us tell you why. However, when I'm looking at the specs, it mentions that the frequency response is 70hz to 20khz. How to limit population growth in a utopia? Great Tool! I have used it 3 times since I made the purchase. It was well packaged. I have only used this once, but the sound quality was great and the interface was smooth and easy. Very clear and precise. This little thing is incredible. Zoom h2n Pod­cast Mic Review & Test. It is small, simple to use, and can adapt to more recording situations than any recorder in its class. But I took a chance on the H2n and very glad I did. Regarding the compressor/limiter, I prefer to capture the raw sound without any gain suppression. It was a quiet stage volume. Based on ease of use and versatility I would give it at least 4 stars. I borrowed an H2 off a friend and used it to record rather volumey rock rehearsals and also commit some material to memory. IMO, given that you're going to be using the built-in mics when recording spontaneously most of the time, I'd advise to go with the PCM-D50 - better built in mics, better preamps, and built in storage. It is a perfect fit for my needs. This is the best portable recorder I have found along with the H4N it's big brother. I definitely recommend it--the price can't be beat for the quality it delivers. Many pro's I know carry one, just like many pro photogs carry point-and-shoot cameras, for the same reasons. It has lots of features and I believe it will work good for my application which is recording lectures with questions from the students. Also found that the optimal mic gain for preaching is about 7. While these are excellent features to have in a portable recorder, they do not set it apart from the pack. like for the venerable H4n. 4. replacing a zoom h4n with sony PCM D50. I use mine for songwriting and recording ideas. Up until our last show we used my H4. Thank you for your request. Colin, I just loaded some samples recorded with my H2, from power tools to subways to a rock drum kit to Belizean live drumming, and found that there are tones <70 Hz...but with massive attenuation. Thank you! That way I cover my bases, and can sort out the best take in the studio later. Yet when listening to the recording the volume is very low. The pattern selection dial also indicates the direction you should be facing the recorder. Also, super impressed with the folks at sweetwater. Great for field recording, 1 on 1 interviews, and incredibly easy to use. It captures a very large range of frequencies very clearly and evenly, and accurately captures subtle timbral differences between different instruments. It is a high value product worth more than every penny. The option of recording in quad is also a pretty sweet feature which most of the other recorders don't offer. Disclosure: Some of the links in my blog contain affiliate links (if you buy something I earn a commission at no additional cost to you). For the price and ease of use the unit is perfect for meetings, voice stuff ... even rehearsals. Also, battery life on the PCM is 100x better (not exaggerating) than battery life in the Zoom devices. With this positioning and the automatic level setting, I got a very clear recording with an excellent stereo sound with minimal background noise. 20 Hz . For example, if I plugged my RØDE NT4 in to the ext mic input, would I be able to record 20hz - 70hz information? I bought this recorder for my husband's Christmas present after a few dropped "hints." It's great to have on you in case something pops up whilst you're out and about but that's about it. They give you a basic version of wavelab 7, which I am certain is a very useful editing tool, except for the fact that I have no idea how to use it. The H2 rocks, It is sensitive and the patterns can be adjusted to fit any situation. i love doing business with sweetwater. I like it's quick turn-on to record and easy control features. I also use it for rehearsal and live performance. Good quality recording sound. The sound it reproduces is simply amazing without any special tweaking. I'm most likely going to buy a Zoom H2 recorder to keep with me. When using the H2 I always record in quad, even for non-atmos sfx, as it gives you a close perspective with the front pair of capsules and a diffuse, non-direct perspective with the rear pair. I dont need software. Purchased around 3 months ago .At first appeared solid but light. So far I am pleased. The pickups sound great, and offer four different patterns to work from. made of really tough plastic. I tried both mic setups with multiple sine tones. If you need a metal reinforced recorder then look beyond the $200 range. Can the President of the United States pardon proactively? How can I deal with claims of technical difficulties for an online exam? Sounds great, easy to use. Again, the goal here is convenience and versatility. I chose X-Y stereo and a high res .wav setting. I have even checked youtube, with no real help. i have the original zoom which recently went kaput but gave me many years of service. Lots of features that he's still getting familiar with. I played back to listen thru headphones. Why `bm` uparrow gives extra white space while `bm` downarrow does not? I even used it for recording a Lamborghini Gallardo, and it worked amazingly well. The sound is so clear and the setting to adjust the microphone frequency works great when I start singing extremely high! The recorder itself is a wonderful product! Some may feel it's bulky but I really like the size and shape and that it sits upright to capture the best possible sound. I really don't know just how good this device is. Is it intuitive? Questions about the Zoom H2n 4-channel Handy Recorder. I haven't found this to be necessary so far. This recorder includes five microphone capsules, capable of producing 4 different pickup patterns. The only problem is adjusting the record level. I have heard great reviews from musician friends on the H2n and thus far fulll agree with their recommendations to start my recording attempts with this unit. i dig that. it sounds like radio-ready recording with no EQing needed what-so-ever. Never liked the sound of it (it is, however, nice and tiny). The sound quality is excellent. For me, the 64kbps, MP3 format worked the best providing over 20 hours on the supplied 512MB card. Why Is an Inhomogenous Magnetic Field Used in the Stern Gerlach Experiment? Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Nifty recorder. I can't imagine how much stuff I missed in the past because I didn't have this to record with. That's where having a portable recording option available to you at a moment's notice can be handy. i'm happily experimenting with recording our band, various settings and placings. So listening to a track at 55 minutes and accidentally skipping to the next track and having to skip back then fast forward to the spot you were at got to be a pain. I have a 72 piece band in a very small rehearsal space and I set the level at 4 and used the side mics set to 120 degrees. The recorder in itself should be in the hands of any band who wants to hear how a practice session actually sounds, or any musican who needs to hear how they would sound playing out in the public's eye.


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