Answer: Potassium after combustion will form (acidic oxide/basic oxide). (a) Generally, non-metals react with acids. All metals exist in solid form at room temperature. [DAV2008]. How does phosphorus occur in nature ? Suppose copper was high up in the reactivity series? What happens when [KVS 2008] The reaction causes silver to tarnish, therefore, Answer: Question 9. William Morrow and Company, 1981. Ans: When aluminium reacts with oxygen or water, it forms aluminium oxide which gets deposited as a thin layer on aluminium and presents further oxidation. As electricity Most reactive metal is K and least reactive metal is Au. Metals are …….. conductors of heat and ………. Complete the following equation : 2K(s) + 2H2O(l) → 2KOH(aq) + H2(g) + heat energy. A protective coating reduces silver's tendency to tarnish but the coating still performs best in low humidity environments. Name the element commonly used for converting edible vegetable oils into vanaspati ghee. (d) aluminium Question 13. In beaker ‘A’ zinc (Zn) replaces copper (Cu) from copper sulphate (CuS04) solution. Thus, it will not replace zinc. Answer: (c) a homogeneous mixture (ii) to extract metals such as copper, lead and tin. thin sheets used for wrapping of food items, medicines, etc. Mg + H2O ——>MgO + H2 (iii) Zinc reacts only with steam.Zn + H2O —> ZnO + H2 ↑. Sodium has low ignition temperature. Answer: It is also soft and does not react with food items. (c) PVC Answer: Why are musical instrument and bell made up of metal? When sulphuric acid is poured on copper plate, copper sulphate and hydrogen gas are produced. Question 12. Join now. List different uses of metals that you come across in everyday life. When iron nails are placed in copper sulphate solution, iron sulphate and copper are formed. Identify the most reactive and least reactive metal amongst the followings : An iron knife kept dipped in blue copper sulphate solution changes to light green. Question 13. But all metals do not react in the same way with water. Beat the iron nail with a hammer (Fig. applications, and the United States is the leading consumer. a positive electrode, or anode, and a negative electrode, or cathode, in The process developed into its present Also write the equation of the reaction. making accurate laboratory balances f. making bodies of ships, Ans. It is used as a catalyst in the manufacture of sulphuric and nitric acid. Used for Names Composition(a) Making statues bronze copper, tin(b) Joining wires in electronic equipment solder lead, tin(c) Making surgical instrument stainless steel Iron, chromium, nickel(d) Making bodies of aircraft duralumin aluminium, copper, magnesium, manganese(e) Making accurate laboratory balances magnalium aluminium, magnesium(f) Making bodies of ships steel iron, carbon. Answer: Answer: carbon, and the addition of a sodium sulfide solution, which forms a Purity of gold is 15 carat. Mirror-making later evolved into backing panes of glass with a reflective metal. (i) in the electronic and computer industries to make devices like transistors, microchips and solar cells. Around 1800, production began in the United States on the east coast and ( ), Copper displaces zinc from zinc sulphate solution. Solution: (b) good, electricity Give reasons for the following : [NCT 2010], Question 9. (d) an element (c) Dullness make it useful in a variety of industries. Aluminium is a good conductor of electricity, so, it is used for making electrical wires. (c) One metal which will displace copper from copper sulphate solution. (But take care that you don’t hurt yourself in the process). Thus, it will replace copper.Zn + CuSO4 –> ZnSO4 + Cu, (b) Copper sulphate and Iron: A displacement reaction will occur because iron is placed above copper. Describe any three properties of metal with suitable example? Taking examples of magnesium and sulphur explain how metals and non-metals produce oxides with different characteristics. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. process is used. Lower. Copyright © 2020 Manhattan Gold & Silver. Required fields are marked *. Question 9. Now carefully cut a small piece of sodium metal. Galvanisation is a method qf protecting iron from rusting by coating with a thin layer of Answer: Silver is the best conductor of electricity Can you say why electric wires are not made of silver? (b) A metal that displaces silver from silver nitrate solution. Close the test tube with a cork.In test tube B, take some pure (distilled) water. 4. (d) zinc has a higher melting point than tin Let us check the nature of rust formed as a result of the reaction between iron, oxygen and water. (a) The nature of gas can be found by passing it lime water, which will turn milky. Give two uses of platinum. and silverware. Noble gases are found in (free state/compound forms). Why silver is used in making mirrors? 24 carat purity of gold =100 The reaction can be represented as follows: ... Chapter 3 Why do we need a Parliament, Class 8 Civics Explanation, Question and Answers;


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