Helicopter circling 40th St/Cholla - anybody know why? We've been patrolling about 145 miles of transmission pipeline (daily)," Pipeline Patrol Superintendent David Wood said.PG&E said the helicopters will continue flying through the end of August.Crews are also working on the ground conducting hydro-testing of its natural gas lines to find leaks. So — why is there a helicopter flying overhead? In these weird times, the local vigilance, the local context, the local flavor — it’s powered through your donations. If, by some miracle, you can see the N-number on the side of the helicopter, you can look it up on the FAA website here. Denver Health’s current preferred air transport provider is North Colorado Med Evac. They use high-pressure pumps to send water through five and a half miles of pipeline from Capitola to Felton. "If we see something we will circle several times trying to get a good picture. Receive daily coronavirus & public health news straight to your inbox. Here’s a question news types get a lot: “Why is there a helicopter over my city right now?” Let’s find out together. Denverite members have made the decision to financially support local journalism that matters to you. A new program allows them to sell the land under their homes into a land trust and use the cash to pay down their mortgages. Sharing our “About” page with your own personal comments could really help us out. Does anybody know why there's 3 helicopters hovering over Pacific Heights right now? You heard low-flying helicopters … So where are they from and why are they not letting you watch Netflix in peace? They do everything. What you need to know about Denver in 5 min. Helicopters Over Denver has arranged aerial lifting operations for many of the largest mining, oil & gas, utility, and salvage companies in Colorado as well as serving crane companies as a cost effective lifting solution. Become a member and be a better Denverite every day. specifically designed for transporting children, could be flying around on training exercises, Bettie Cram, a pillar of Elyria Swansea, dies at 98, Cleanup scheduled for large encampment near Crossroads shelter in RiNo, Mayor Hancock gets on a plane after advising people against traveling for Thanksgiving. As it turns out, PG&E is behind the mysterious blue and white choppers. Denver approved a new contract with the hospital authority responsible for treating the city's most vulnerable populations. Last edited by tantan1968; 09-18-2016 at 09:13 PM.. 09-18-2016, 09:00 PM. If the helicopter you’re seeing doesn’t fit the descriptions above, it might be a private helicopter for aerial photography or some other kind of mundane mission. At Helicopters Over Denver, our affiliate pilots are experienced in all facets of helicopter flying including film, photography, lifting, surveys and charters. Opportunities in the Denver area include real estate, tourism, nature and special event photography and videography. They use high-pressure pumps to send water through five and a half miles of pipeline from Capitola to Felton. (They also work with Children’s Hospital Colorado and Boulder Community Health. Flight tower staff at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport say the Army is performing flight operations in the area and the helicopters are refueling at the airport to continue to perform said operations. Is there an ocean rescue happening? With our extensive network of highly qualified and very experienced pilots & engineers in Colorado, and together with our affiliate's skilled ground crew, Helicopters Over Denver services include everything from Aerial Application, VIP Charter, Heavy Lifting & Freight, Fire Control and Aerial Photography / Videography for Surveys. ©2020, Monterey Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of KSBW-TV. Criminal on the run? What’s it like to shop for a home in “the toughest market to buy a house in Denver metro history”? And then there are private helicopter companies. "I've been hearing a helicopter for the last few weeks, every day, circling over my house back and forth. U.S. Army officials say you shouldn't freak out. 0 0 1. English (US) Because of this, Helicopters Over Denver has some of the best precision aerial crane pilots in our affiliate network. So for your next helicopter rental or ride, give Helicopters Over Denver a call! The only way to find out why we are above the competition is by giving us a call now at 1-855-445-8965 and let one of our team members give you all of the information for your helicopter needs! So folks, put on those ear plugs and rest easy because this is nothing to be alarmed about. How can I find out why a helicopter was circling my neighborhood? ), Other medically-inclined helicopters could include the orange-with-yellow-stripes helicopters of Flight For Life Colorado …. Also: You may want to scrap any plans to sleep early, as the helicopters will be flying low for the next several days across the metro. How long can you expect to hear these low-flying helicopters in your neighborhood? … including an blue-and-orange Children’s Hospital version of Flight for Life new as of May 2017, specifically designed for transporting children, as the Denver Post reported.


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