We know that the growing global population needs a sustainable diet that is also healthy. Gardein, owned by Conagra. Sweet Earth makes some products that contain dairy and cheese. Yves is owned by Hains Celestial group which also owns a number of brands that manufacture or use animal products. Mintz is still part of the company, which is located in New Jersey. No. The company is now a subsidiary of Kraft Foods. The owners are vegan and they are a fully sustainable company. PHOTO 1: The family who owns and operates Maple Hill Creamery includes (left to right): Tim Joseph, Thomas Joseph, Will Joseph, John Joseph, Laura Joseph, Julia Meck, Molly Meck, Petey Meck and Peter Meck. Foods produced by Just are plant-based and vegan. Some of the products made by Boca are vegan and plant-based. For over forty years, we’ve been committed to sharing our love for plant-based food and leading a balanced life. Yes. “We’re proud of our roots. Gründer Tim Joseph hatte den Büroalltag satt. Worthington’s products are sold at several grocery store chains across the U.S. “Not just ice cream anymore! They are also available in Norway, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. And right by our Earth. But back at the very beginning, there was only one family and one farm—Stone Creek Farm—a 250 acre dairy farm that Tim and Laura Joseph purchased in 2003. Yes. All products made by Eden Foods are plant-based and vegan. Since day one, Maple Hill has stood by their conviction that 100% grass-fed organic dairy farming is better for everyone from cows to consumers. Get free programs and let us express our Gratitude today! It’s famous for its line of organic soy milk, Edensoy and its line of Japanese foods. But consumers are actually more focused on the increased animal welfare of grass-fed cows. Lightlife is owned by Maple Leaf Foods, a major Canadian slaughterhouse and meat processor. Many of Quorn’s products contain egg and are not vegan. “Our mission is to be the gold standard and most trusted grass-fed organic dairy brand in America,” Tim says. The company is now owned by Otsuka Pharmaceutical. In many ways, we need to re-energize the heritage that was so strong and continue that heritage to a new generation and a waiting world!”Heritage Health Foods. Violife, owned by Upfield (vegan), which is owned by KKR. Yes. Maple Hill Creamery is a farm-family owned dairy manufacturer founded in 2009, and is widely recognized as the preeminent leader in the emerging 100% grass-fed dairy category. Uncertain. Award-winning cheeses made with love and pride in Cabot and Middlebury, Vermont and Chateaugay, NY. Yeah, we get it. Linda McCartney foods does make some vegan products. He notes there is very little “middle ground” in dairy marketing. Differences in government policies and climate make Progressive Dairy – Canada useful to subscribers up north. It’s a vegan food company that started with Vegenaise, an egg-free mayonnaise. Learn more here. “Linda McCartney embraced kindness and compassion in everything she did and this continues to run through what we do today. Miyoko’s products are widely available in grocery stores. Plamil Foods was founded in 1956 by the owner Lesli Cross as the Plantmilk Society and was named Plamil Foods in 1965. It is now owned by Conagra Brands which is not a vegan company. co-operative to achieve B Corp Certification. Und das wissen unsere Kunden auch. Your purchases mean the world to our future. To be blunt, the world can’t sustain our eating habits as they are now. Yes. And save the best planet in the known universe.”Impossible Foods. No corn or grain fed to our girls, ever. Earth Grown is an Aldi brand, and their products are available from Aldi grocery stores. The company is still family-owned. Tim says to be sure what you are doing makes you happy, and you need to be willing to work with consumers and the general public. WATCH VIDEO PRODUCTS CERTIFIED 100% GRASS-FED ORGANIC NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING – NO ANTIBIOTICS,ADDED HORMONES, GMOS OR ADDITIVES. Vegan curries and ethnic foods (Loma Linda). Missionary Chocolate was founded and is owned by Melissa Berry in 2008 and produces dairy-free truffles that are handmade in Portland, Oregon. Here is what they said in an email: “Mung bean, the primary ingredient in our JUST Egg, has been in the food system and digested safely by human beings and other species for thousands of years. By 2012, the two families sold their herd and their farm and moved to a much larger facility in New York to keep up with demand. Über einen freigegebenen Ordner können die Verkaufsmitarbeiter auf die neuesten Verkaufsunterlagen, Produktbroschüren und andere Materialien zugreifen – egal ob aus dem Büro oder am Messestand. No. This leaves a high-protein, low-sugar ingredient for their products. We’re here to change the world through plantiful living. Gardein products are widely available in grocery stores and online. Tofutti’s ice cream-like pint size desserts have been available around the country for years. Good farmers may or may not also be good marketers, he said, and there are a great many other things to take into consideration if you are considering value-added products or expanding into niche markets.


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