the behavior of all participants, in the educational process. ing provides better interaction with students, better reception of information because the, students receive knowledge visual, auditory, educational technology motivates students to, work independently where the student is more, motivated to return to learning and working, because modern technical equipment is wide-, is growing in the classroom. In fact, with the onset of computers in education, it has become easier for teachers to impart knowledge and for students to acquire it. Based on the results gained, specific conclusions and implications are put forward. School district administrators implement 1:1 programs into classrooms with the expectation to enhance students’ academic abilities and promote 21st-century skills. The study did not find characteristics related to effectiveness for sixth grade math or algebra. Educational technology is a design science, a club of various kinds of research area dealing with basic, fundamental and key issues of learning, teaching and social organization. The results show that teachers easily and smoothly implement innovations in their educational work and the knowledge gained by applying innovation far better in terms of practical application and durability of the knowledge acquired without the use of innovation. Most respondents emphasize that using ICT in education is necessary and this trend is irreversible. fective depending on the ways they are used. 4. THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IN TE, THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING.pdf, All content in this area was uploaded by Lazar Stosic on Jun 21, 2015, (IJCRSEE) International Journal of Cognitive Research in Science, Engineering and Education, educational technology in teaching is of great importance, because of the use of information and communication, technologies. techniques. The main The present study centres on teachers’ educational beliefs (constructivist beliefs, traditional beliefs) as antecedent of computer use, while controlling for the impact of technology-related variables (computer experience, general computer attitudes) and demographical variables (sex, age). The major goal of the FTL initiative was to help students to gain 21st century knowledge and skills while increasing their learning and achievement through the integration of over 20,000 laptop computers with comprehensive teacher professional development. The second-year study will also report results separately for the various products. The data were collected in the first half of 2019 as part of the international project SELI. In addition, pre-service teachers’ perceptions of computer self-efficacy and attitudes towards web-based instruction differed by gender and year of study. In this response, we will not address all of the lacunae and misrepresenta-tions in the report, as this would require an extensive revisiting of research already available in several sources (Behrmann, 2000; Clements & Nastasi, 1992; Clements & Sarama, 1997). Teachers are also aware that students learn the most in independent work and not from receiving frontal teaching. Their perceptions of computer self-efficacy and attitudes towards web-based instruction were compared by the variables of gender, class and academic success based on causal comparison method. Teachers utilized 1:1 laptop devices in different ways and expressed a need for teachers’ voices, ongoing professional development, quality devices, and experienced technology support personals for the success of the implementation. However, it should also be noted that almost half of the interviewees states that using smartphones at school should be banned. Modern school needs modern ICT-based solutions, ... Educational technologies play a vital role in a student's learning and cognitive knowledge. cognitive processing, and motivational beliefs. The findings showed that the pre-service visual arts teachers’ perceptions of computer self-efficacy and attitudes towards web-based instruction were high. The intelligent tutoring system is designed to aid teachers in multidisciplinary constructions of teaching materials. This article presents findings from an investigation of the overall effec-tiveness of Michigan's Freedom to Learn (FTL) One-to-One initiative. The use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in education and training has been a priority in most European countries during the last decade, but progress has been uneven (Pelgrum, 2004). In relation to this, one of the facets in the teaching practice is educational technology which refers to the systematic and organized process of using and applying technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning. For many years, we tried, to give answers to the question of advantages, and disadvantages between traditional and, modern teaching where the prevailing educa-, 1972. is considered to be a period of consoli-, become the most commonly used term in the, science of pedagogy and the educational pro-, pendently progress in mastering teaching ma-, terials, to choose the pace of work, to repeat, after tests performed immediately get results, and track their progress. In this paper, the authors look at a real-world problem by proposing a system that helps high school students do multiple-choice examination better. One of the primary uses of computers in education is ‘the Access to the Internet’ for information search about any topic. Se presenta una metodología sencilla, que únicamente hace uso de un teléfono móvil, una aplicación fotográfica gratuita para captura de imágenes en ráfaga y herramientas de código abierto (GIMP y OpenOffice Calc) para el procesado de los datos. Instead, we address several major problems with this particular report and, using it as a case, draw implications for reports in this genre. The term “teach-, ing resources” is commonly used, although, the willingness, skills, knowledge of the way, rule, skill, tools and “logos” which means sci-, ence, word, learning, mental state.


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