The door won't lock (Just had to pick up the kids leaving the door unlocked). Broken locking mechanism – A uPVC door locking mechanism is a very intricate and capricious thing. It can be easily fixed by you. If the second has already happened to you, check our in-depth article on how‌ ‌to‌ ‌get‌ ‌out‌ ‌a‌ ‌key‌ ‌stuck‌ ‌in‌ ‌the‌ ‌lock‌. Have replaced the cylinder with a new one but to no avail. A faulty multipoint lock cylinder. Seems like there's an obstruction of some sort stopping the cam (think that's the correct term?) when I raise the handle the 4 bolts go into their correct positions but the key will not turn enough to lock the door. The easiest fix for this type of problem is to take off the lock keeps on the door frame, and realign them to a better position to receive the bolt from the lock. If your lock is broken it will … A door that doesn't close correctly. Door Repairs – Alignment Problems uPVC Door. The door won't close (The door bangs against the lower metal locking system). This doesn’t usually affect the function of the lock or handle at first, but over time a misaligned door can cause stress on locking mechanisms which can make it difficult to lock or unlock the door. Loose door handle mechanism. Can you change the lock on a uPVC door? Oftentimes, lower quality locks may have a faulty cylinder or they may break due... #3. If you've noticed your door isn't locking as it should, this may be due to a problem with the locking mechanism, or the handle itself. from rotating in the cylinder. Such a problem can lead to not being able to lock the door properly or ending up with a stuck key. How To Change a UPVC Lock. This door movement can cause locking problems by the doors locks not aligning properly any more with the lock keeps on the frame. Hi, problem locking my back door - the bolting mechanism seems to work fine, ie. We stock the most popular UPVC Door Locks from over the last 30 years!. You... #2. The best way to distinguish which door your lock is fitted on would be to open your door and lock down the edge of your door. UPVC Door Locking Mechanism Problems #1. A standard upvc door and a composite/timber door. Although the problem of locks becoming misaligned isn’t unique to uPVC doors, it is the most common problem that owners of these doors face. If it isn't closing correctly, you might notice that the hinges or the frame of your door has been damaged, causing an obstruction that means your door can't close correctly. The locks in the door becoming misaligned means that the door will often be very difficult to lock or unlock due to the locking mechanism in the door not matching up to the doorframe. A loose door handle mechanism is a common problem. Multipoint locks have been primarily used on UPVC doors, although occasionally and more recently they're being fitted to timber and composite doors. A composite door may have a timber core and is likely to be 44mm thick. Have included a picture showing the position of the door (not sure if that's a factor). If your uPVC door won’t lock even when still open this is usually because of the following reasons: uPVC gearbox failure – most common Multipoint lock is damaged Door Alignment Issue Problem with Lock cylinder Door Lubrication is required As well as this, there can be problems with the lock in uPVC doors, and the deadbolt can become stuck, making it difficult to open the door. Sometimes a door can become loose on its hinges which will cause problems when trying to open or close the door. Plus a pic showing the (very light damage caused by the mechanism to the face of the door).


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