But how can the solid reality of our world come forth from a bunch of nothings? But notice what remains: language – verbal description of that which confounds our normal understanding. What you attract will be relevant, and there for you to learn and grow. windowHref += '? These people do not wish to wake up a see the bigger picture. By Dane Findley. I invite you to experiment with shifting your focus in those moments. The last Micro nova was around 9700 BCE. The hidden dimensionality of fractals mirrors the infinite possibilities of life. When you resist, you feel worse, and when you accept, you feel better. At the end of the book, there is a detailed technical explanation of the concepts provided in Lessons One and Two. Although many people are naturally sensitive to universal energy, others become more attuned to it the more open they are and the higher their conscious awareness is. He’s smiling in your face and stabbing you in the back. By living in the vibration that something already is determined to manifest, you will attract it. 157 – 161. Our sun (article:did our sun turn white) is going through changes periodically. But we know that there must be a powerful vibrational similarity that brings them together. Mike Murphy is bestselling author, speaker, coach and consultant committed to helping people around the world manifest their deepest dreams. The 'Hubble's constant' is actually the "frequency" of the universe or 1/time. When you are not aware of the vibrational nature of reality, or the scale of emotion / vibration, you often get sucked down the scale and find yourself becoming that which you are trying to help. The seller wants to sell, and the buyer wants to buy, and they come together. The process of learning is itself a vibrational interaction, or a relationship. } This is because language is our direct line to the universe. Although it is impossible to say where an electron is at any given moment, in general the electrons are proportionally as far away from the nucleus as the planets are from the sun. What if the best year of your life hasn’t happened yet? This is also how life works, does it not? You know, somebody says something chippy to you one morning and you can’t think of anything good in reply, so you stew a little bit. Love and hate, for example, vibrate on a higher frequency than doorknobs and salad bowls. To subscribe to blog updates and interact with our growing community of users, please enter your e-mail address below. 5) In a vibrational universe, each one of us has a vibrational footprint, and sends out vibrational signals to the universe, like a broadcasting tower. […]. Subscribe here to start your journey to inner peace. In a vibrational universe, there are no victims, only matching vibrations. The tiny dot in the center is the nucleus. When people are first exposed to the Law of Attraction, there is confusion because they say, “no wait, opposites attract, and like repels. But you’re not here to be punished about your thinking. Which one person do you know who might find this article helpful, interesting, or inspiring? There are different explanations and theories about this change. This is the sort of thing that sometimes happens at work. Even an unobservant person can feel the emotion of anger, and sadness, and joy, in another! However, they remain unhappy because they are still only getting negativity from the universe. But no explanation is more elegant and complete than what is now known as “quantum science”. By leveraging a few key concepts and using your understanding of your opponents’ playing tendencies, we’ll show you how to squeeze every cent of out of your poker sessions. Our thoughts are on a certain vibrational frequency and hence is part of the vibrating universe. One of the most powerful tools for understanding life is the scale of vibrations that compose human emotions. But these days, it is in fact a widely accepted scientific truth. […], Quantum entanglement between two particles is not something new. Even though there are 5 wavecrests of wHigh between every one for wLow, wLow cannot see them, even though they surely exist! At least not yet. Logically, it makes no sense –– if Bob likes 10 things about Jill and dislikes only one, still, that small thing can grow into something very powerful and dominant. My ebook goes into this more thoroughly, detailed concrete tips and techniques. When we understand that the world-at-large is matching our frequency, it can motivate us to reexamine our own communication skills. That is to say, 1 / (projected 'age' of our universe or 4.3547 x 10^17 seconds) gives us a universe that vibrates at a "frequency" of 2.2963 x 10^-18 Hz. These frequencies are extremely low frequencies (ELF). Every molecule and atom in this universe is vibrating at a particular frequency. Protons are in red, neutrons are in blue. The human eye, for example, only sees visible light. We are governed by our collective belief systems, created over thousands of years. Visit his website: KJ Mclean. Therefore, the atom is 99.9% space, and each atom is a little vibration. It is also what my own forthcoming movie, “The Vibrational Universe”, speaks to. The Vibrational Universe Lesson Two: Understanding the Nuts and Bolts of Vibrational Interaction 1) When vibrations are too far apart, they cannot see each other. I don't want to go into the details, but in summary, one can say that Earth has a natural frequency. In fact, as the Danish physicist Niels Bohr wrote, “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.” Then again, American physicist Richard Feynman declares that “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”. The vibrational universe is part 2 of the 5 fundamental universal principles. Many of our thoughts are habitual – negative and repetitive. Ken has written 8 books, produced 3 movies and written over 100 articles in the spirit/mind/body framework. Be honest. After a few minutes, the musicians become silent, but the air seems to still be humming—vibrating. Tesla was quoted saying: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Another world famous genius agrees: “Everything […] In other words, Earth’s natural vibration is changing. font-weight: 500; What happens? This is why ideas and language are ultimately what change the world most, even more than automatic rifles and fighter jets. In order to create the life you want, you need to learn how to tune in to the vibrations of your own thoughts and feelings, the people around you, and the world we live in, and then tune up your personal vibrations to create a more harmonious life. I’m mentioning this because it is possible for our human societies to change rapidly. var windowHref = window.location.href || ''; The solider a thing is to you, the more real it is to you, the closer you are vibrationally to it. Living a fulfilled, meaningful life involves figuring out what you want and finding a way to ask for it. And since the 5 senses of the human body are made of atoms, the human senses are also vibrational. The challenge is that, in our current culture, many of them are […], How to Create Your Healthiest Body Yet (Even After Age 50), […] hugely satisfying to know that you’re the creator of your own health-boosting […], access a positive feeling and connect it to a word, the universe around you can respond, How to Manage Time and Energy during the Second Half of Your Life, 5 Unexpected Ways to Raise Your Happiness After Age 50, the evidence-based, actionable strategies for a better life – that I share freely – are for those intrigued by personal development, there’s nothing wrong with someone being rigid in their beliefs, but if that’s you, you’ll likely not enjoy my newsletter (no hard feelings – I wish you well on your journey).


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