(And though it might not be “dessert” in the strictest sense, the cheese is, undoubtedly, a treat. Create an account so you'll have a place to store your favorites. This is the book that combines fabulous food and a lunch-packing system that makes it simple to pack meals FAST. These do have added sugar – just a heads up. ⁃Organic Sausages – send them in a bun, atop a salad or even just cut into pieces. ⁃Applesauce Cups  – a tried and true kid-favorite, get the unsweetened kind because – duh! It’s great!). ⁃Pumpkin Seeds – pair these up with the raisins and other seeds for a tasty trail mix; top your kids’ salads with them, or add them to soup for some additional plant-based protein. By the end of last school year, my daughter was eating a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread as part of her lunch every day. Required fields are marked *. Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. Refrigerate prepped ingredients in separate food storage containers until needed. Halve eggs. Prep Time: Are MacroBars safe for those with nut allergies? 1 bag TJ’s Organic Cut & Peeled Carrots, rinsed & dried. ⁃Cherry Tomatoes – try cutting these and pairing them with cucumber slices and dressing if you have the time; otherwise send them as-is. ⁃Dates – perfect to send pitted, or stuff them with some nut butter and/or a nut, too. Sign up today for our newsletter and get exclusive content straight to your inbox! It’s that time again … the kids are going back to school, and us moms are ready to GET ORGANIZED and make sure that we are feeding and fueling our kids well when they are at school. ⁃Nuts – if your school allows, send a mixture of nuts for some plant-based protein that’s a solid fuel for your kids. ⁃Organic Blueberries – more of a seasonal item, if you can get the large box, it’s a steal. She did love it, but this year, I’m trying to be more creative—and more sensitive to nut allergies. I’ve taken the guesswork out of what to buy and have everything you need for a healthy Trader Joe’s shopping list that will have you stocked and ready to pack healthy school lunches. Download Our FREE Daily Chore Chart for Kids. ⁃Inner Peas  – I’m often begged to buy these, and they’re another solid throw-in for lunches. Let’s take a look! Easy delicious Hearty Fall Salad for your #thanksg, Feeling grateful for my #workoutbuddy - my daughte. by Kiran | Aug 5, 2019 | Easy Fit Life | 6 comments. Great quality at great prices. Thanks Jessica! The biggest suggestion that I have in packing healthy school lunches easily is to be prepared. This is 45! > ⁃Raisins – perfect for making ants on a log, pairing with for a trail mix or simple putting right into a lunch box. We all have frozen TJ’s favorites and easy recipes to throw together for weeknight dinners. ⁃Gluten Free Norwegian Crispbread – made with a mixture of seeds and a few other ingredients, these are a solid, satiating option that can be topped like an open-face sandwich. ⁃Cauliflower Gnocchi – another one of my faves – top this with pesto or marinara for an easy, grain-free lunch. Trader Joe's Mega Crunch Salad with a BITE. ⁃Celery – another solid veggie option, pair celery with hummus, nut butter or any other dip. How to do this? ⁃GoMacro Bars – some of my favorite bars that are nut-free and therefore suitable for schools. Simply place them in the lunchbox frozen and they’ll be ready by lunchtime. Great quality at great prices. 60 Healthy Trader Joe’s Foods for Kids Lunchboxes. This article was originally published on September 8, 2019. ⁃AK-Mak Crackers – if you are okay with gluten, these are a solid real food option that’s different than bread. That's what we call value. 5 of your favorite TJ's … Making lunches is easy with the help of Trader Joe’s. Send them with hummus or as is for a crunch, clean snack. Assemble protein box: Each morning, place the following in your box: two egg halves, 6-7 carrots, 5-6 celery sticks, 5-6 cubes of cheese, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and one apple. Perfect for pairing with some fresh vegetables. Making lunches is easy with the help of Trader Joe’s. ⁃Baby Peppers – stuff these with cream cheese or send them with some hummus, which you can also get at Trader Joe’s. 1 bag TJ’s Organic Celery Hearts, rinsed & dried. And can we just talk about how much we love the staff?! Plus, Trader Joe’s really cares about their littlest customers, providing kid-sized carts (just watch out for your ankles), a stuffed animal scavenger hunt, and lollipops and stickers at checkout. ⁃Hard Boiled Eggs – while these are certainly very easy to do on your own, sometimes life happens and we need convenience. They have a ton of organic and whole wheat options, and the pre-packed options make my life easier. Halve eggs. I did a post a short while back on the best Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Foods, and today I’m sharing 60 Healthy Trader Joe’s Foods for School. Slice cheese into 1-inch cubes. That's what we call value. Place in the lunchbox as is and the frozen peas will be ready to eat at lunchtime. This Italian-style wrap is ready to eat. ⁃Carrots – rich in vitamins and minerals, carrots are a kid fave. ⁃Madras Lentils – these little packets are perfectly portable and so easy to throw into a lunch! Kiran Dodeja Smith is a participant in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. ⁃Seaweed – one of my kids’ favorite healthy Trader Joe’s snacks, I love that this is also organic. Tags: You will need food storage containers for ingredients and daily meal prep, and 5 small sauce containers for peanut butter. Here is a sneak peak for you … but don’t miss this post for the full round up of the 10 best Trader Joe’s school lunches . ⁃Fruit Strips – get the organic Trader Joe’s fruit strips. Here is a list of 60 of my favorite items to make sure to have on hand: Produce ⁃Organic Kiwis – my kids like these cut in half first and then scooped out with a spoon. ⁃Pre-cooked Baby Beets – send these atop of some romaine or other greens with some dressing for some added nutritional benefits. Refrigerate prepped ingredients in separate food storage containers until needed. Trader Joe's is a neighborhood grocery store with amazing food and drink from around the globe and around the corner. -Applegate Hotdogs – ditto on the above (sausages)! Trader Joe’s has a huge selection of prepackaged snacks, organic options, and lunchbox staples to help. ⁃Squeezable Applesauces – with 4 versions to choose from, these are a fun and healthy snack option for kids of all ages. ⁃Bags of Apples – so easy to toss these in! Protein, Lunch Loose snacks can cut down on packaging waste and work well in bento-style lunch boxes. And you also don’t want to miss these 20 Health Costco Lunch Ideas, either, complete with a shopping list! I hope to help you get meals on the table faster, and get your kids to help (and enjoy being!) ⁃Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Squeezables – made with spinach, mango and pear, these are a fun and different twist that’s a healthy option from Trader Joe’s. While they aren’t filling, they are fun! ⁃Frozen Peas – ditto on the above. What’cha got planned?? Get new recipes when they're released, invites to online events and easy, real food in your kitchen. ⁃Bags of Apples – so easy to toss these in! ⁃Frozen Sausage – heat these up the morning of and pair them with hard boiled eggs, pancakes and fruit for a fun breakfast for lunch meal. Create an account ›, Ham and Cheese in a Honey Wheat Pita Pocket, Lunchable-Style Deconstructed Sandwich (Whole Grain Crackers, Cheese Stick Cut in Cubes, Deli Meat), Mini-Salame Sticks Wrapped in Provolone Cheese Slices OR Deli Meat Wrapped Around Cheese Sticks, Sunflower Seed Butter spread on a Pretzel Roll, Organic Granola Bars (we buy these five boxes at a time), Yogurt Squishers Tubes or Yogurt Pouches (. ⁃Dried Bananas  – somehow these are almost more fun to eat than a real banana! What Is a Postpartum Doula and Should You Hire One? 44 was not my best year ... but dang a, Looking for a #glutenfreedairyfree pumpkin pie? Some of our lunchbox-appropriate winners: *Note, these snacks are polarizing. Trader Joe’s has a huge selection of prepackaged snacks, organic options, and lunchbox staples to help. What an awesome resource. Here’s What We Can Do to Help, 11 IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hacks for Kids’ Rooms and Nurseries, The Product Combo That Worked for My Newborn’s Terrible Diaper Rash, New to The Everygirl? Finger foods are key for young kids. ⁃Trader Joe’s Organic Beef Jerky – a fun meat snack that’s a protein source and organic, too. > ⁃Trader Joe’s Just Beets – just one ingredient in these dehydrated beets. ⁃Sunflower Seeds – another solid plant-based protein that can be used similarly to pumpkin seeds.


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