1. While most won’t eat a spinach salad, I find that blending it … You can find these recipes in the cookbook \"Aromas of Aleppo. The whole family loves them. Comments. I followed the recipe to the letter as I do with all Weelicious recipes (I depend on them being accurate) and the batch came out perfectly. 1 Package thawed chopped frozen spinach. And it turned out weelicious as usual! Thanks for sharing. ), but they still are very good! Frank, They came up AMAZING! Home 21 Lunch Ideas For Every Toddler Cheesy Spinach Bites. Very tasty. :D And added a couple of things! Recipe was easy enough to rattle off to anyone (everyone) who asked. Do you have any other egg substitute in mind? In the spirit of making him try things more than once, I froze the rest. Mini Spinach and Cheese Pizza Rolls by Yummy Toddler Food. Steel Cut Oats and Quinoa Granola Oats: Super Healthy Breakfast! As for my my initial doubts about the kid appeal of this recipe, after watching Kenya repeatedly walk by the cooling rack to grab three of them within 15 minutes and Chloe scarfing down four at dinner, I realized these could be one of the all time greatest kid and parent friendly recipes I've ever made. 1 Cup Ricotta Cheese (low or full fat ricotta will work), 1 10 Oz Pkg Frozen Chopped Spinach, defrosted and drained WELL (I use my hands to squeeze as much liquid out of the spinach as possible). You can also freeze these. [...] http://b12.ba4.myftpupload.com/2010/07/29/spinach-ricotta-bites/ [...]. Love this recipe and for fun I substituted finely chopped steamed broccoli for the spinach and a cheddar/gruyere blend for the mozzarella. :). And Frank, you should try them again - these turn out fine for me, and even my very picky 15 month old twins will eat them! Melt the butter in a sauté pan over medium heat and cook the onions for 4 minutes until tender.3. 1. Although I sometimes find statements like that hard to believe when we're talking about green foods and highly independent little boys, I’m always game for recipes that defy the odds. I used a little broccoli as well as spinach and they turned out great. 2. Well, I had high hopes after reading all the comments, but unfortunately my 19 month old son was not impressed. Article by Healthy Little Mama. Lifesaver with my 11 month old, who is going through a picky phase! Sign up for my weekly email full of crafts, diys, knitting and inspirations! Boost Your Immune System with this Hearty Mushroom Soup! How would you reheat after being in the freezer? I didn't even measure the Ricotta, Mozzarella or Parmesan Cheeses & this recipe worked great! My in-laws are visiting and they ate them all up. We take your privacy seriously, see our privacy policy here! I made these tonight for my 10.5 month old but used broccoli and cheddar instead of spinach and mozzarella because that is what I had on hand. Any suggestions to make these not stick? Written by Poopa Dweck. You Won’t Believe How Easy it is to Make! The egg is the main binder so not sure how it would hold if you used the flax/water sub. We make it with ricotta or low fat cottage cheese with some Munster cheese. 6,650 Subscribers Subscribe. The Very Best Iron Rich Foods for Kids, Pregnancy and the... Let’s Challenge America’s Kids to Eat Healthier for 30 days, 25 of the Best Pressure Cooker Recipes for an Easy Dinner. Thanks Caterine! While my 5 year old has decided he does not want to eat these, I make them for the adults! Had to keep my family (and myself) from eating everything before the party. « Healthier Coconut Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. thanks!! Of course I had to try a couple and they were great. Laura. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Made a double batch for a party. Thx!!! Hoping the rest freezes well! Push Present Ideas for Every Type of Mom. Hope there is still some left when the baby wakes up hahahah. Spinach Potato Bites . Crockpot Lasagna. thanks. Melt the butter in a sauté pan over medium heat and cook the onions for 4 minutes until tender. Mushrooms are one of those foods that people either love or hate. I'm using mini muffin tin. Overall, a little salty ......next time I will only use a pinch of salt. (which was a lot! The Best Big Kid…, You Might be Passing Along Your Relationship with Food to Your…, Sugar: the Elephant in the Kitchen: Robert Lustig at TEDx [Video]. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Quick and easy Trader Joe's copycat spinach bite recipe. I decided to take my cousin’s original recipe, make a few tweaks to the ingredients and then cook them in mini muffin cups instead of a pie dish, because it cooks faster (and after all, what kid doesn't like something mini?). Anyone know what the cook time or temperature difference would be if I wanted to make it in a large casserole dish instead of muffin tin? Great recipe. Can you use fresh baby spinach instead of frozen? A Delicious Family Dinner. 1 clove garlic. And she ate 2 of the minis!!! Go Healthy with all These Added Veggies! Thank you! Fill the muffin cups all the way up! What is the best way to reheat these? Usually served with a dish call Mujedrah. Sign up for our newsletter and get our latest updates! Wash and cook your potatoes in the microwave until they are soft. Tons of Easy Recipes, 20 Air Fryer Recipes from Appetizers, Lunch, Snacks to Dinners. I would use 1 cup of cooked spinach that is packed and drained :), OMGosh Delicious! I'm making them tomorrow and am wondering how many days of daycare snacks I'll have before they get yucky. The kids love it and I love it for a nice quick lunch - especially the leftovers! They were much appreciated by some low-carbers and a gluten-intolerant guest. This recipe (without the onion and a little less parm) got the \"happy hands\" wave of approval. THANKS CATHERINE! Gosh, so not true for me and many other who have definitely tried the recipe! Can't wait to try! First, these are DELICIOUS! Just saw this recipe in Parenting magazine, complete with the same picture. I just cut my fresh spinach up and stirred it in the batter. Spinach Banana Mini Muffins by Family Food on the Table. Savory Quinoa Muffins by Rachel Cooks. https://www.superhealthykids.com/recipes/spinach-quiche-bites My daughter didnt like these but I love them! I live in B'klyn ny. Toddler Recipe: Spinach Bites. Pour the mixture into lightly greased mini muffin cups.7. If they go in the microwave do they come out rubbery? :), Easy recipe and super yummy!! Once combined, stir in spinach, salt and cooled onion and garlic mixture.6. Maria Tresgallos-June 23, 2017 0. 20 Crock Pot Soup Recipes for Feeding a Crowd or to... Make-Ahead Breakfast Cookies. Serve. Tried these after watching your Facebook live, and my daughter loved them. PERFECT!! They were a huge hit. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the filling is set and golden on top.8. I have some fresh spinach I need to use up - any idea how much to use in place of the frozen? Do these rise at all? I've made these at least a half dozen times over the last 6 months and never had an issue - give them another try Frank, they are WORTH it! [...] next day I made the Spinach Ricotta Bites with my 3-year-old for [...]. When Liz told us how easy they were to make and that Brooke loved them, I knew I’d be making them for Audrey the next day. Since we started eating low carb 15 years ago, we don't use our ricer for potatoes anymore, however we've found that it does an amazing job with thawed frozen spinach and canned tuna. ), 1 egg, shredded mozzarella cheese, cornmeal, Parmesan, roasted sunflower seeds (OR thawed frozen peas OR almonds—so you can pick based on what you have in the house), and a little seasoning. Ingredients in Baked Kale Bites. These were delicious. Get Gift Ideas for…, Top Picks: Gift Guide for 4 Year-Olds. Thanks for this recipe - easy & super YUM!!!!!! Sorry, but this is a horrible recipe, and certainly a far cry from anything healthy!To begin with, the recipe does not \"gel\" in the mini-muffin tins, even after cooking an extra 1/2 hour!Anyone who actually followed this recipe, would know this. At a recent gathering these cheesy spinach bites were brought to us by Liz, mother to 20 month-old Brooke. Thank you! So glad that I didn't give up and just eat them myself. These were so yummy using my fresh goat-milk ricotta! :). Also, I only used half a box of frozen spinach (as we don't work in oz here in Australia) & all turned out great. He loves them! A friend of mine who doesn't even cook wanted to try out this recipe and she was successful as well. My daughter's in a serious teething phase with 8 teeth coming out so she wasn't eating ANYTHING. Start Here, Recipe: Balsamic and Honey Brussels Sprouts, Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan, Garlic and Lemon, Video: Brussels Sprouts 4 Delicious Ways to Roast These Veggies, Teach Your Kids About Hanukkah with These Fun Gift Ideas. Preparation. Spinach and Arugula Lasagna Roll-Ups by Mom to Mom Nutrition.


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