Did you show work for every mathematical step that you took? Keeping up is easier than catching up, so try to stay on top of things the best you can. On the AP® Chem exam, it’s recommended to use a scientific calculator during the free-response question section, but not during the Multiple-Choice Section. Premature rounding was also a common mistake on the 2017 and 2018 FRQs. This strategy is even more important for question sets like the one question 14 belongs in. This will help you move quickly through wordy answers. Know how AP® Chemistry exam FRQ points are rewarded. These questions are great for AP® Chemistry review. What is the symbol of the ion having 17 protons and 18 electrons? There are also specific sets that are dedicated to word problems and two-step word problems too. The act of writing out detailed and informative flashcards is helpful because using your own words, drawing diagrams, and using mnemonic devices that only you know, cements the ideas in your mind. Thanks to Mrs. B. at Edwardsville High School for the tip! Hybridization can be unexpectedly tricky, and students often miss this easy point that usually occurs in the first part of a question. Try the chemistry problem of the day. Use. In the last three years of FRQs, another common suggestion from readers for students was to ensure that they learn and use the correct terminology. This includes the correct use of superscripts and subscripts, parentheses versus brackets, mol versus m, etc. Give a chemical property of the element sodium: It reacts very vigorously with water to form hydrogen as (H2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Just follow these easy steps to take away the mystery: Read the problem. You might make a typing mistake you don’t notice and come up with a completely wrong answer. Expand your study supports to include social media and virtual groups. These problems are available from September 3 – May 3. You will need to get assistance from your school if you are having problems entering the answers into your online assignment. Educators looking for AP® exam prep: Try Albert free for 30 days! They will help you know whether to write a paragraph or a sentence. Oxygen should be crossed out almost immediately and subsequently neon as they exist in lower electron shells. Always double check your calculations, and make sure they make scientific sense. If not, you may not receive full points. If the question does not specify, write your answer to the same number of sig figs as the weakest piece of data. If you’re ready to be studying, it might help you to answer this question first on your own and then read the tips below to see if you made any of the mistakes the readers point out. This means you have nothing to lose. The fabulous thing about watching videos is that you have the ability to rewind if you missed something or need it explained again, pause if you need to digest something before moving on, and even fast-forward if you already have an understanding of a certain topic. Take frequent study breaks to prevent burnout. to round until you’ve reached the very last step of any mathematical operations you are going to conduct. Usually, there is no need for an explanation. Reading all the questions first helps you determine which questions you’re the most comfortable and confident answering. When you see the math that needs to be done, you probably know a common math formula to use for the computation. You can also find more AP® practice questions on Albert’s website. These questions are where your graph writing, bond drawing, and equation balancing are essential! Water is a pure substance. You will find that you use some special formulas again and again.


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