Rev. 86, 1555–1562. Figure S2 | Rarefaction curves at a genetic distance of 3% for each sample (IM, SF, and EF). J. Genetic diversity and population structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains isolated from different grape varieties and winemaking regions. Microbiol. Relative abundance of the eukaryotic (A) and prokaryotic (B) community through the class analysis. Toit, M., and Pretorius, I. 0000074594 00000 n J. Enol. 0000038937 00000 n 75, 149–164. Regarding the prokaryotic classes, microorganisms from Gammaproteobacteria (27.9%), Betaproteobacteria (15.9%), Alphaproteobacteria (14.8%), Actinobacteria (13.2%), and Bacilli (11.5%) were identified (Figure 3B). Diagnosis and rectification of stuck and sluggish fermentations. Nutr. J. Regarding the bacterial community at IM, Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonadaceae, Microbacteriaceae, Comamonadaceae families contribuited with 52.68% for group similarity, followed by Oxalobacteraceae, Sphingomonadaceae, Xanthomonadaceae, Nocardioidaceae, Methylobacteriaceae, Halomonadaceae, Propionibacteriaceae, Rhodobacteraceae, Micrococcaceae, Acetobacteraceae, which all together contributed with 38.25%. Variovorax (Comamonadaceae); Carnimonas, Halotalea, and Zymobacter (Halomonadaceae); Massilia (Oxalobacteraceae); Pseudomonas (Pseudomonadaceae); and Sphingomonas (Sphingomonadaceae) were also extensively detected in all samples. Indeed, MLF mainly influences the organoleptic characteristics and the aging of wines (Lonvaud-Funel, 1999). Additionally, Facklamia (Aerococcaceae), Carnobacterium, Dolosigranulum, Granulicatella, and Trichococcus from Carnobacteriaceae family, Enterococcus (Enterococcaceae) and Weisella as W. cibaria (Leuconostocaceae) were also detected, but at lower abundances. Controlled mixed culture fermentation: a new perspective on the use of non-Saccharomyces yeasts in winemaking. doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2006.03.030. 0000013996 00000 n 8, 979–995. Appl. 0000009526 00000 n Clarke, K. R., and Gorley, R. N. (2006). The SIMPER analysis (Supplementary Table S2) revealed that the average of similarity within each wine appellation was higher at Minho for both bacterial (76.20%) and fungal (63.21%) communities, followed by Estremadura (50.49 and 51.99% for bacterial and fungal populations, respectively), Bairrada (40.81 and 51.77%), Douro (49.68 and 50.68%), Dão (59.74 and 45.29%), and Alentejo (51.54 and 23.98%). 0000010426 00000 n Novel yeasts in winemaking - looking to the future. Species of Metschnikowia, Candida, Hanseniaspora, Pichia, Lachancea (Kluyveromyces), and Saccharomyces are often present at the initial stages of wine fermentations and form the dominant consortium (Cocolin et al., 2000; Mills et al., 2002; Fleet, 2008). As expected, the distribution of the microbial community composition is affected by fermentation. 86, 169–180. 0000002335 00000 n doi: 10.1300/J301v01n01_08, Keywords: grape microbiology, wine spontaneous fermentation microbiome, industrial metagenomics, Citation: Pinto C, Pinho D, Cardoso R, Custódio V, Fernandes J, Sousa S, Pinheiro M, Egas C and Gomes AC (2015) Wine fermentation microbiome: a landscape from different Portuguese wine appellations. J. The wine is also kept in an airlock to prevent oxidation from occurring during this process. For both fungal (Figure 4C) and bacterial communities (Figure 4D), samples were grouped according to their similarity, where the first axis explain 21.5 and 43.4% of the total variation, respectively. D2 (A) and ITS2 (B) sequences both from the analysis of 26S rRNA and ITS regions of eukaryotic population present in the sample and V6 sequences (C) from the analysis of 16S rRNA of prokaryotic diversity. (1990). The high microbial biodiversity within IM samples was mostly due to environmental microorganisms derived from vineyard. 0000012521 00000 n (2011). 0000002779 00000 n After BLAST, the best hits were selected and subjected to another quality control.


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