Rhododendron Plant Catalogue. If you have questions about the plants or how to order, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] Please do not send in your credit card information via mail. This is a NEW species recognised by Chinese authorities (Rhodos of China volume 3). Attractive white, pale rose or lilac flowers, in loose but fairly compact trusses. These are difficult times and stress levels can easily rise. Height 40-50 cm in 10 years.This is dense, compact plant that can be slow to flower. This is a choice plant that is slow to flower, but well worth the wait! Upright habit. Rhododendrons. Height and spread 1.5 metres. Height and Spread 3 metres plus. This thick soft felt graces the newly sprouting leaves, the undersides and the shoots throughout the year. Height 1.8 metres. Rhododendron groenlandicum (was known as Ledum) rounded heads of small, white flowers are carried from April to June. And of course, it's important to ensure that you’re in the correct growing zone for your selected plant. Pruning is generally not required – Although older plants can be hard pruned to rejuvenate. Please note that we need three business days to process orders. Height 75-100cm in 10 years. Height 80-100 cm in 10 years. April/May. The lithograph is by Walter Hood Fitch. Requires moist acid soil. Copyright 2020. The name means 'Honey Scent', and you can smell the lovely scent of honey from the foliage when standing several metres away from the plant. We are sorry to announce that seed and pollen shipping is temporarily unavailable. Height 40-60 cm in 10 years. This plant was selected and named by David Millais from a batch of seed kindly sent by botanist Yuji Kurashige in Japan. Search for: 0 items - View Cart. White compacted indumentum on underside of leaves. Recommended for lovely habit and foliage. Thick tawny white indumentum on new leaves. The shrubs that come to mind when you think of classic blooms without all the work: Rhododendron Shrubs make an unmatched statement. Likely... Gorgeous bell shaped fleshy crimson flowers with dark nectar pouches in March-April. Honey scented foliage. Now taking orders for Spring 2021! Genus of more than 1000 species of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs from Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America, particularly southwestern … Recommended for outstanding foliage. Height 40-50cm in 10 years. Shop for Rhododendrons. At any given time there are about 300 varieties to choose from! The leaves have a distinctive white woolly covering on top (tomentum) with stunning brilliant orange indumentum on the underside. Fax Orders: Send your completed order form via fax to 253-838-4686. Evergreen. We wish you good health and the comfort of good-will. Scientifically speaking, all azaleas are of the genus Rhododendron. Rhododendron impeditum  Funnel shaped purplish blue flowers in April and May. Evergreen. Members receive early access to the catalog and priority plant allocation. Ideal for small gardens. It is based on a sketch by Joseph Dalton Hooker whilst in... Free flowering pale or bright yellow bell shaped flowers, with or without a faint basal blotch. We will sanitize the restroom ongoing and refrain from offering snacks. You can tip prune after flowering to help maintain a bushy habit. And of … Lovely foliage. Dark green, evergreen leaves. Small green leaves, evergreen. Spread about 0.3 metres. Call 253-838-4646 to submit your credit card information over the phone. Rated 3.4 out of 5 based on 13 customer ratings. Mid green leaves. Light green scaly leaves. An attractive compact plant that is easy to grow. Recommended for fantastic foliage. Height and spread 0.6 metres. Height 150cm in 10 years.R. Slowly up to 0.75 metres. Height and spread slowly to about 1 metre. A stunning plant with compact trusses of pinky white flowers in May and June. Rhododendron ‘Albert Schweitzer’ Light pink flowers with a deeper blotch, May to June. Scented Rhododendrons suitable for conservatory or cool greenhouse are marked with an asterisk. Rhododendrons have long been a favourite flowering plant in the garden, and both species and cultivars are available for sale. (c) 2020 Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden – Where the Wild Things Grow! Rhododendron ‘Nova Zembla’ Deep red flowers with a dark blotch May to mid June. Please note your Membership number on your plant order form. Rhododendron ‘Unique’ Pale yellow flowers tinged peach in round trusses, April to May. Our ever-expanding collection of non-rhododendrons or “companion plants” provides the opportunity to acquire an outstanding range of rare treasures selected from around the world. Check out the Plants Page; most of the plants are available, but not all. Plantsman range. Flowering in April and May it has lovely glossy leaves up to 18cm long with a continuous fawn/rusty brown indumentum underneath. but from a distance! Mid-green leaves, aromatic when crushed, evergreen. Recommended for excellent foliage. We’re happy to discuss the rhodies or your rhody questions, but from a respectful 6 feet or via texts with pictures even though you are here. Dark green leaves, evergreen. Hybrids and Species Rhododendron - Hybrids Looking for a particular name of Rhododendron or your favorite color, please don't hesittate to call or email and Ask Ellie! Koichiro Wada has silvery new growth which turns dark glossy green, with dense brown indumentum underneath the leaf. Chiefly remarkable for its intense shiny green foliage with a bluish metallic bloom and an interesting silky buff indumentum on the underside. Online Shopping: Visit our online store to shop and pay for your plants online. Evergreen. (TALIENSIA H7) NEW ! Height 80-100cm in 10 years. You are welcome to pick out your plants here at the nursery. Probably natural hybrid between R. bureavii and R. sikangense. Evergreen. We will greet you with “namaste” and direct you to the woodland garden. April - May. Coming soon in January 2021 – the Spring Catalog. Epithet: Cherry coloured (but this form is not! Height 50-75 cm in 10 years. Rhododendron ‘Horizon Monarch’ Red buds open to pale yellow in May. Height and Spread 1.5 metres. It has large freely produced rich or dark red bell shaped flowers during April-May. Evergreen. A new selection of R. taliense, 'Woolly Dane' has dense woolly felted indumentum in a cognac colour. The National flower of Nepal that will become a large tree in time. Evergreen. Slow growing to a height of 90 cm. Evergreen. This plant has interesting dark green narrow leaves and outstanding young foliage. Dark green leaves. Shop at the UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC These range from those in the Tender section at lower elevations around 2500 metres. Rhododendron Yellow Hammer Group Small, deep yellow, flowers in April and often again in the autumn. Height 80-100 cm in 10 years. Planting in the Fall Brings Healthier, Better-Developed Roots that Deliver Explosive Growth for Your Landscape Next Spring! Height 80-100 cm in 10 years. Bayview Farm and Garden, Langley Height 1.5 metres. Dense compact foliage shrub, with bristly stems, and thick woolly indumentum on leaves. Rhododendron ‘Furnivall’s Daughter’ AGM Tall trusses of pink flowers with a cherry pink blotch in May. Height 80-120cm in 10 years.Named after G.W. Group: Species Rhododendron. This plant has shiny rugulose (wrinkled) leaves with a lovely wooly brown indumentum on the underside. Evergreen. Mid green leaves, evergreen. A rare plant with superb foliage that has dense rufous indumentum on the lower leaf surface and sometimes on the upper surface. This is a rare plant recently introduced from Sichuan and Yunnan where it grows in thickets, forest, cliffs and on boulders. AGM Pastel yellow shaded apricot and pink.


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