Again, the script handles all of this as a cinematic event. However, to put it next to some of the worst games out there is a disservice. Choppy gameplay and bug riddled. Is Sonic 06 really in the same league as Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing? the weapons he uses are from G.U.N. Seeing how everyone hates it, this is a big guilty pleasure of mine. there is glitches everywhere. Amy is very slow, has this double jump, and turns invisible. The game promised to improve a lot of the mechanical limitation of previous Sonic 3D series but instead it proved to be a fatally broken game that was poorly conceived, overly rushed, bugged beyond comprehension and prove to be the most frustrating and most unsatisfying game to play both of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game is laughable with how trash it is. In my eyes this is the worst sonic game of all time and one of the worst games I have ever played too. I don't know why people are upset with this game but in my opinion, I think it has the most awesome storyline ever! Ahh yes the Silver battle. On the soundtrack side, Sonic games have always been known for their music. But there are some good things that came from this bad idea of a game. and there are barley any weapons anyway so if u think shadow sucks in this game because of that just want to make the sonic games look bad. All in all, despite this game trying it's best to be something new and fresh, it is a complete and utter dud in the Sonic series. The game is also not unplayable, even for its time, unlike the shovelware and poorly-made titles that would soon come to the Wii. but HES VERY SLOW! Sonic 06 is a disaster of a game, i liked the game at first, 5 years ago, but now it's a franchise-killer, absolutely hate this game, this game could be described as offensively Shiite. External Reviews turning invisible is stupid it does not make any since. | When he rolled onto the scene in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog quickly amassed a large fanbase. I could go on for ages about how bad it is. no it does not.the part are boring and lacks any charm.if you played any sonic adventure game you will know how to control sonic. For instance, the physics are completely screwed up - Sonic is able to walk on ceilings and not fall off! when Amy does a double jump she jumps straight up and loses all momentum and falls straight down and you cant control her landing. With that said, Sonic 06 is certainly playable, unlike the truly bad games out there. Mephiles is a great, powerful character, who unfortunately doesn't receive much recognition due to the game he's in. this is probably the most glitched game of all time and i mean it!and finally I'm going to talk about the worst part of the game. Sonic 06 features unpolished gameplay, annoying loading times, and the most bizarre romance in all of gaming. Hands down the game deserves all the hate it gets in my opinion it's the worst game in the entire series and I know there people out there that think labyrinth and genesis GBA are the worst. Unless your a sadist or a torturer, never touch with a ten-foot barge pole. Crisis City featured fun level design, as an example. Another is that the music in this game is good, just like one would expect in a Sonic game. This game does have a few good qualities, which isn't saying much when compared to the mountain of glaring flaws. but they all suck! The story is amazing, the music is even more amazing, the villain is threatening, and this game introduced my second favorite sonic character of all time! some game critics called it the worst Sean in any video game and it killed the sonic series.the only good things about the game is the music and the graphics! this game was celebrating sonic's 15th birthday in 2006. the game was called sonic the now we have 3 sonic the hedgehogs but it gets worse on the same day sonic the hedgehog was released there was another sonic game on the game boy called "sonic the hedgehog" a port to the original but ill talk about that some other time. this game has a lot of glitches and its annoying. Sonic is at least somewhat enjoyable with how he plays, And Blaze is probably the best character in the game (Game-play wise, She does absolutely nothing in this story) Overall, This game is bad, But unlike watching your brother get hit by a truck (Sonic Genesis) This is like seeing some random guy who you hate to look at get hit by a truck, You can't help but laugh y'know? Sonic 06 is a game Worth buying only for People who must, for others, just don't do it (pun intended), a broken Control scheme, camera, plot-holed and confusing plot, glitches and frustrating design, Graphics are decent and Music is fantastic. It takes hours! "His World," "All Hail Shadow," and "Dreams of an Absolution" are all epically memorable. There's technically nothing wrong with that, but it was admirable that SEGA began moving Sonic in a different direction from his rival Mario. Ok let's be honest, this game was really bad. who ever thinks shadow sucks because the way he uses weapons in this game kinda have problems. Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes featured detailed scripts and character development. The themes of Sonic and Silver are really good and the song used in the final cut scene in Shadow's story always pumps me up sometimes. Luckily she realizes zoophilia is illegal and blows the fire away causing the game to be now no longer canon or something. in Communications. In the past, he's written for ComicBookMovie, Unleash the Fanboy, and 411 Mania. It's true that Sonic 06 lacks the polish of games like Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. 3. technicaly introduced blaze the cat Sonic 2006 is a terrible game. when you fight sliver as sonic silver can launch you out of the map and keep you in the battle for hours...grab a ring and stand in a corner silver will launch you in the wall and sonic will grab the ring he drooped prepare for the worst battle in video game history. Even the official Sonic Twitter account has poked fun at it in the past. and those load times! The core premise of Sonic ’06 is to go fast, which really lends itself to high-level play. As you can see, I am really bias and you'd be stupid to base your opinion of this game on this review. this game deserves the title so bad it's good. | However, unlike a certain Nintendo plumber, Sonic doesn't have a near-spotless record. But the flaws are godawful. in some sonic stages sonic will pick up the pace and move as fast as how he is supposed to be. There is one thing I can add though. if your sonic and your on a metal box start doing the slide kick and see what happens.


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