click on it and you can sort/show/hide rows based on each column's values. the damage number they have used for the headshot/Bodyshot is different. You never get a 2 burst from them and that third burst takes forever to come out. your lowest stk is 12 mine is 11. If you’re new to Destiny 2, you can check out our Forsaken guide here as well as how to find Lost Sectors and cache codes. here is the link to another post, explaining the concepts generally. within that many shots-to-kill scenario, achieving the relative time-to-kill. View the top Destiny 2 players on our leaderboards and how you perform by comparison. so excuse me I'll just have to repeat myself. No reason why I can use an HMG with better handling and accuracy than a tiny peashooter. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But only women will be getting their moneys worth. I would never use any SMG other than Huckleberry and Recluse in PvP. Alternative: Your other option is, uh, Out of Options. The data below is up to date with Season of Arrivals and will be updated as soon as Beyond Light has been released and properly tested: Excellent aim assist & handling, low range, Excellent aim assist, low stability & handling, High aim assist, low stability & handling, Excellent range, low handling and stability, Excellent range & aim assist, low handling. What's the general opinion on swords right now in terms of viability over other power weapons and between each other? is it better than using either 13 or 14? exceeding the max dmg output will make you jump into the previous, lower ttk (if possible) in other words,if you don't get at least, the mentioned minimum Headshots or get more than the allowed max Bodyshots, you will miss that TTK scenario, and fall into the next one. When these bonuses are active it is by far the best and most powerful SMG in the game in terms of damage output, and should always be in your backpack for situations you know include Arc. Auto-Loading Holster and Disruption Break make this weapon a quickfire launcher that can debuff a target by 50% for 5 seconds if they break the target's shields. Based on some light testing I did this afternoon, there are a lot of weapons where the threshold between one TTK and another is specifically between 6 and 7 Resilience. to counter a Stormcaller during Stormtrance, it has limited PvP application. The Riskrunner Exotic SMG is a fucking beast. Already very stable with manageable recoil, a counterbalance Kinetic weapon mod turns Antiope-D into a super accurate beast at short to medium range – even when you’re under fire. I just wanted to highlight some features. Mercules has done an impressive job at testing and calculating TTK values for every weapon in Destiny 2. “Why do these exist,” you … The only one's I'll use are Recluse, Huckleberry and sometimes Riskrunner. so any of these two reasons could change the shots to kill and therefore time to kill. or you can check the "Notes, terms, examples" sheet/page within the document for a detailed tutorial. with no disrespect to anybody, with so many different charts and numbers available recently, I thought I better address this issue in case anybody wondered. Crown Splitter seems garbage in ttk, yet its wide swings have gotten me huge sprees. You can read more about it in our Destiny 2 TTK guide. And then, of course, if you’re a fan of MIDA Multi-tool, its Exotic big brother, you’ll be even zippier. Loading, please wait. On this page, we’ll run down the best SMGs for PvE and PvP. SMG ttk should range between.6 and.7 in order to give them an edge over ARs and compete with sidearms. so if you saw any different numbers from others, this could happen for 3 reasons: they have used a different number for total health+shield like 201 or other values. Its almost Rifle or HC all the time. so most of the time the actual ttk that happens in the game is neither the best nor the worst one. there are other limiting factors that I have taken into account... short answer: obviously our shots to kill are different(and therefore ttk). So I'm just gonna ask the question we're all wondering - what's the best gun(s)? The 600 RPM SMGs are by far the easiest and most comfortable to use of the whole weapons category thanks to decent range and impact, and of this very small family, the Precision paradigm models are best. Riskrunner has the Arc Conductor Intrinsic Perk, where taking Arc damage increases weapon power and Arc resistance. Okay, here are the best SMGs in Destiny 2. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. so I don't mean to sound cocky, but the numbers here are as accurate as it can get without in game tests for each gun individually. Im still figuring out how to use SMG in D2. and I'd obviously stand by my numbers. All autos needed to be good was a FORGIVING time to kill, not a fast one. Rob's 10 Best Games of 2017 - A Purrfect Year for ... 'Minecraft' Getting Adorable Turtles In the Near F... 'Ninja Attack! I have a few noob questions if anyone in here is willing ti help me understand these numbers a bit better. I went for 13.4 in this scenario for example. all shots to kill are different by 1 and would've otherwise resulted in the same ttk according to your own chart. so having tested the formulas, there is no room for error as long I haven't messed up in the pasting process. Iv'e been busy these days but I spent some time for this. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. I want a submachine gun that performs like a braced frame, counterbalance Unbent Tree. Combine this with our advice on the best armour attributes in Destiny 2 and our lists of armour sets and where to find them, and you have everything you need to craft a perfect Destiny 2 build. For more Destiny 2 guides, check out our pages on how to find the Pit of Heresy Dungeon, Nightmare Essence Cleansing and how to get Phantasmal Fragments, Cores, and access Nightmare Hunts. Truthteller is the new Mountaintop of Destiny 2 that is, arguably, even stronger than the infamous Pinnacle Grenade Launcher. Minor damage buff Destiny 2 Escalation Protocol armor: Get it before it’s too late, Destiny 2 Bright Dust guide: How to best farm it. Minor magazine buff, Recoil on console is horrible esp on recluse. Auto rifles, submachine guns, and pulse rifles may sometimes take one or two extra shots to kill someone, depending on rounding errors in the displayed numbers. SMGs have one of the fastest TTK stats in the Destiny 2 meta and are worth mastering, even if you only get one kill in before you need to back off and reload. Mod your gear for stability on your Energy or Kinetic weapon as appropriate and target your foes one by one; sub machine guns have one of the fastest TTK stats in the Destiny 2 meta. By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. for example 150 RPM hand cannons last ttk(1.60s) combo is 3B2B instead of a useless 5B. Cold Denial, a perfect example of a “Meta weapon” that combines both fast TTKs and ease of use.


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