. Stay well. Boy was I surprised. Heck, you’ve got the mustard so you’re all set. It sounds absolutely amazing. Ahh poor Chloe. John – I ‘came back’ to compare food and wine at the excellent meal and found your comment and smiled ! Just like David in the comments I have to figure out how much powdered gelatin to use when making it. I’ve never had Maitre’d Sauce, and it sounds so incredibly fresh and delicious, I’ll definitely be making it! Tasting Notes: This was a very interesting and earthy dish, which played well as we had rain, sleet, and snow flying that night. Plus, I bet you had a lot of fun recreating this unique dish back home. A super easy French-style country paté packed with hazelnuts and brandy, the flavours of Christmas. To the cream mixture add your lemon zest, persillade and pepper. Three was a perfect consistency but was difficult to remove from the pan and plate. (As always, adorable photo of your pup!) A winning terrine recipe! It makes a great starter if you have a group of friends coming for dinner, and can also be served as a canapé with drinks. Serve with mayonnaise or aioli (or even a cocktail sauce) and thin baguette toasts or crisp breads. As you well know I am a total purist regarding gravlax and usually do not agree with any addenda bar the very necessary mustard sauce, which, I laughingly admit, I make a little differently . It was our favorite because, as we mentioned in the tasting notes,  we’ve never experienced such a dish and found the layers of flavor and texture amazing. it gets sunny at 6.46 am and we sadly have to draw the blinds at 5416 pm !! The housemade sorbet was a favorite of her’s as well as the creamy pannacotta and chocolate brittle. Culinary Fine Dinning Recipes Salmon Terrine Food Inspiration Food Fine Dining Appetizers Gourmet Appetizers Food Presentation Starters Recipes @chefsofinstagram posted on Instagram • … Thanks for your thoughts…. (I didn’t say yuk!) Thanks for stopping by. The meal, with the wine pairings, must’ve been exquisite. This Valentine's Day impress your special someone with a gourmet dish, thanks to Superior Gold Smoked Salmon. Thanks for having a read…. Also, should you have a source for procuring (IKEA) premade gravlax, I say go for it. Stir and let the flavors meld while you soak your gelatin sheets in cold water for at least five minutes. It has a beautiful smoked salmon flavour, it's soft and creamy, with a fabulous fresh lemon and dill flavour. Stay well. All the heaters are on full blast ! Cheers. (Don’t overdo it, you can always serve more sauce on the side.) Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ron Smith and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Serve with a green salad. 3)  Lightly butter 2 ramekins and place them in a small baking dish. I love the thought of pairing cauliflower terrine with cured salmon. But, no matter what gelatin level you use, make sure to line your loaf pan with plastic wrap as it makes de-molding the terrine much easier. For this dish, you’ll be replacing the gravlax, cauliflower shavings, dill, and sauce. Thanks, Juliana! Thanks for stopping by! Finish by garnishing with fresh dill tips. So let’s get this terrine/savory panna cotta made. If it’s not available at your Ikea, you should be able to find it online or make up some gravlax using that fine Australian salmon. Authors note – The above image is from our favorite Danish blue cheesemaker, Castello Cheese’s website. I’m thinking savory panna cotta as the gelled cream mixture of the terrine has a similar creamy consistency of a panna cotta. tsp ground black pepper, 100 , world foodie & wild traveler (laughter’ And we all are rugged up in our winter woollies, complaining !! I am with you on the Kenwood chardonnay, too much oak for my taste. For whatever reason, it seems quite a few chefs put a lot more energy and creativity into creating starters then mains. So thanks for sharing. Swedish cuisine looks very intriguining, certainly the dishes you showcase here. We’ll leave the Kenwood chardonnay for Eva.


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