having your gathering classes at 50 and melded really helps you save money in the long run. It can be used by the calculation time. Here's an alternative rotation that's easy to macro. Guess I'll have to eat some Boulbaisse or however you spell it. (Durability: 80, Difficulty: 801, Quality: 8965) These "Monsters" are currently the most difficult item in this game to HQ. If you're on Midgard I have some I will share with ya. Info on all the Ingredients items in FFXIV: Stormblood. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. * Notifications for PvP team formations are shared for all languages. The above tooltip code may be used when posting comments in the Eorzea Database, creating blog entries, or accessing the Event & Party Recruitment page. waste of cp with that pbp. If the quality is Normal (or Poor) go Ing2, BB, CS2 x4. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For details, visit the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit page.Please note tooltip codes can only be used on compatible websites. Personally, I just run it as two macros to reduce the thinking involved and watch Netflix. Please help us, such as when viewing in PC environments.Registration from here. the price is 5k a tomato on my server just not as worth it, right now i am using the i55 main hand, i have the new acc's meld already. Culinarian Lv. Let's keep confidential membership information and password. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. If the quality is Good/Excellent go BB, Ing2, CS2 x4. ", Cadenza Lavatrice (Belias) posted a new blog entry, "【身内向け】長期人狼募集要項. I don't like the early wasted Steady Hand on two PbPs in the earlier post - so I adapted to be a little more efficient: Should need 352 CP for this and enough control for PbP + CS2 + 2x Ing2 w/ CS2 to be enough. We don't have a database entry for where this item is obtained but it could be the product of a craft, a drop from a monster/chest or a quest reward. In addition, the display portion of the ad will reduce. Intricate Silver Brocade (WVR), Rich Tomato Relish (CUL), Concentrated Spirits of Salt (ALC), Water-Hardened Hippogryph Strap (LTW), Balanced Darksteel Hook (ARM), Reinforced Darksteel Wire (BSM), Calibrated Rose Gold Cog (GSM), Reinforced Sprice Plywood (CRP). ※ You must enter the correct case a space character name, etc. That's a good bit of CP. There are also possible, such as the ability to instantly post information. mining as well. Tooltip code copied to clipboard. To prevent others from access to information and communication record your, always, so always try to close the browser after you log out after accessing the site. Pretty proud of this Dancer costume I made so I wanted to show it off! It also does not take responsibility for any damage at any time for any reason, caused by the suspension or termination of the operation of this web site and change the information. The above tooltip code may be used when posting comments in the Eorzea Database, creating blog entries, or accessing the Event & Party Recruitment page. This rotation doesn't add the absolute greatest amount of quality (that's a different rotation previously mentioned), however it is around 90-95% HQ on average with 3-star level melds and only requires 371 CP, meaning you can use food that is much cheaper or less tedious to craft than Bouillabaisse. Which server? * Notifications for free company formations are shared for all languages. I'm late, but thanks so much for this!! Tooltip code copied to clipboard. "PlayStation", the "PS" family logo, the PlayStation Network logo and "PS4" are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.ESRB and the ESRB rating icon are registered trademarks of the Entertainment Software Association. Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts, https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/index.php?title=Rich_Tomato_Relish&oldid=1443985, Desynth resulting in Fieldcraft Demimateria I, Desynth resulting in Fieldcraft Demimateria II, Desynth resulting in Fieldcraft Demimateria III, Desynth resulting in Clear Demimateria III. * Please note that not all database entries include a tooltip code. Aetheryte Radio (FFXIV) Twitter; Lorecast (FFXIV) Pet Food Beta (FFXI) Twitter; Discord; Merch; Home; General; ... A zesty Near Eastern relish made by stewing tomatoes with select spices and seasoning. Calculation has not yet been this item. Copy to clipboard failed. Operation check environment We support different browsers, Firefox strong>, Google Chrome strong>, IE, Opera, in Safari. my stats are 358 craftsmanship and 355 control, with 386 cp with bouillabaisse. With new melds, you'll hit about 90-100% every time. NOTE: If you want to improve your results, split the last half into two additional macros after Innovation. I am using a part of the system by Cookie. Recommended monitor resolution is ordered and 1024x768 or higher. ERIONES is a database information site for FFXIV. MAC is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. The administrator does not assume the responsibility of trouble, such as generated by use of this site. Please help us not to, such as when viewing in PC environments. If you have been disclosed in any personal information, please do not forget that there is that it is collected and used by others. i get a minimum of 10 hq volcanic rock salt and dzameal tomatoes every hour. An extra turn of the sun over a cookfire has boiled off excess water, leaving a remarkably rich … The item or items received in this exchange, The merchant selling this item; certain merchants have multiple shop lists, The item or items you must exchange to receive the desired item, Some exhange NPCs offer multiple menus of items for trade, each with a different list of items, The number of items created by successful completion of this recipe; this column links to the item being created, The materials required to create this recipe, not including crystals or shards, The crystals or shards required to create this recipe, The amount of progress needed to complete this recipe successfully, The starting durability for this recipe; most crafting actions consume 10 durability, The maximum quality of this recipe; recipes start at 0 quality, and the chance to obtain a high-quality result increases with quality; at the maximum quality value, a high-quality result is guaranteed; using high-quality materials increases the starting quality proportionally to the number used, to a maximum of half the maximum quality; numbers in, The required Craftsmanship score necessary to attempt this recipe, The required Control score necessary to attempt this recipe.


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