22.14 –Intro to Nuclear Materials. PART 2: Simple Phase Diagrams 2.1. View Chapter 9 Phase diagram_MA.pdf from UNKNOWN 320 at University of Tennessee. 9.3(a) is adapted from Phase Diagrams of Binary Nickel Alloys , P. Nash Slide 1. Pure Materials Consider first a pure material A heated from the solid state. Supplementary Information (not to be tested): Ternary solution phase diagrams • A 3-component analog to the binary phase diagram is also commonly encountered in materials science & engineering problems. University of Virginia, Department of Materials Science and Engineering MSE 2090: Introduction to the Science and Engineering of Materials Fall 2010 MSE 2090 - Section 1, Monday and Wednesday, 08:30 - 9:45 am, Olsson Hall 009 A phase may be defined as a homogeneous portion of a system that has uniform physical and chemical characteristics Images from Engineering Materials Science, The melting temperature is the unique temperature at which the phase change to the liquid state occurs, and solid and liquid can co-exist in equilibrium – see Fig. Phase Diagrams • Indicate phases as function of T, Co, and P. • For this course:-binary systems: just 2 components.-independent variables: T and Co (P = 1 atm is almost always used). MSE 2090: Introduction to Materials Science Chapter 9, Phase Diagrams 3 Solvent - host or major component in solution,solute- minor component. Primer Materials For Science Teaching Spring 2016 9.6.2016 Phase diagrams 0.44 wt% of carbon in Fe microstructure of a lead–tin alloy of eutectic composition. 1(a). Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering, Chapter 9 Materials Science and Engineering 201 Introduction to 9.3(a), Callister 7e. (Fig. Solubility Limitof a component in a phase is the maximum amount of the component that can be dissolved For a 3 component system, a triangular 2D phase equilibrium map can be used to • Phase Diagram for Cu-Ni system Adapted from Fig. Metallurgy and Material Science; NOC:Phase Diagrams in Materials Science and Engineering (Video) Syllabus; Co-ordinated by : IIT Kanpur; Available from : 2016-01-18. Mapping Stability: Binary Phase Diagrams. 22.14 –Intro to Nuclear Materials. February 19 & 24, 2015. Lec : 1; Modules / Lectures. Materials Science Chapter 9 3 Binary Isomorphous Systems (Cu-Ni System) • Phase diagram – Liquid phase (homogeneous) – αphase: substitutional solid solution – Complete liquid and solid solubility (isomorphous) – Liquidus line and solidus line – Pure copper and pure nickel – Cooling curve


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