Penny Arcade needs to fix its Krahulik problem - Daniel Kaszor, Financial Post. The timeline is long, but it’s worth at least a skim down the whole thing. The 8-Bit Cubist’s podcast, in which he and a caller try to parse the controversy. That’s pretty much what Krahulik did. A bit amused, too, if you look at the date of 4chan’s discussion, and then go back and look at Mike/Gabe’s tweet of February 1 to @JohnnyRoyalC. A few people have even boycotted the show. Seeing the Other Side creates its own dickwolf timeline (with much of its wording and many links pulled directly from this one). "You know that I don't hold grudges, like I can be incredibly mad and then fine the next minute, as long as I get it out. Jane McGonigal, the keynote speaker at the upcoming PAX East, is asked about the dickwolves controversy, and responds: Gambit Game Lab launches the GAMBIT HateSpeech Project, motivated by the fallout from the dickwolves controversy. When I heard from a few people that the shirt would make them uncomfortable at PAX, that gave me pause," he continued. Krahulik cites “The Sixth Slave,” the comic that started this whole things rolling, as one of his favorite WoW-related Penny Arcade strips. His music selection during broadcast includes Tori Amos (a rape survivor) and "Tiny Little Mustache” by Stephen Lynch, about a woman who is a Nazi. Arthur Gies blogs about why he’s still skipping PAX East. An analysis of the dickwolf controversy and the communication (or failure thereof) between gamers and feminists, by someone who identifies as both. Mike links to this page. Mike replies: DickWolvington twitter account disappears, cause unknown. I don’t hate people for superficial shit like that," Krahulik stated in response the controversy, also revealing that going forward, he wouldn't comment on similar issues around sexuality—lining up with Khoo's assertion that Penny Arcade's new policy was simply refusing to engage on such matters. Courtney Stanton posts an analysis of one week’s worth of troll comments received on her blog during the dickwolf furor. I know we did a poor job of elaborating on that on stage, and as the guy moving the discussion along at the Q&A, I'm really sorry for that. Game Design Scrapbook feels this is a censorship issue. The Alcoholocast comments in their podcast. By the time that decision was taken, however, some of Penny Arcade's critics had undergone much harassment by some Dickwolves supporters as a result of speaking out against Dickwolves. The long-running Dickwolves controversy involving popular web-comic and convention organizers Penny Arcade took a new turn this weekend following comments from the strip's artist, Mike Krahulik. The Emperor’s Court comments in a podcast. Nicholas Bell follows up on his February 16 comment. And I feel like we got this out, so I'm not mad about it anymore, but, I think that pulling the dickwolves merchandise was a mistake," Krahulik said. Teamrape twitter account supports Penny Arcade, begins harassing those who object. Shakesville makes a new Penny Arcade open thread, because the old one got unwieldy after 1000+ comments. Please continue to Part 2. In 2010, the popular team at Penny Arcade ran an online comic where a hero is reluctant to save more slaves than a video game quest requires—even though the remaining slave mentions that every night, he is "raped to sleep by dickwolves." Here’s what’s going on, exactly. Scott Jennings recaps and comments on his blog, Broken Toys. I have spent hours pouring over this list and the materials linked in it. Same caveat as above. A Penny Arcade fan wonders whether being a man at PAX will be “awkward." Jokes that point out the horribleness and ridiculousness of rape, racism, death, etc are fine. Rock, Paper, Shotgun points to Leigh Alexander’s February 2 blog post. August 17, 2011 - The Webcomic Overlook comments. Oh No! So, yeah. TheFremen objects, and auctions off his Penny Arcade merch on eBay, donating the proceeds to charity. As a culture, we do not do enough to stop it, prevent it, or shed light on it. (See author’s comments further down in the thread. Your mother has a 25% chance of being sexually assaulted. Prettygirlhats, Inc. addresses the matter in a podcast (around 14:20). "If jokes about violence, rape, aids, pedophilia, bestiality, drugs, cancer, homosexuality, and religion bother you then I recommend reading a different webcomic," Mike Krahulik, artist behind the Penny Arcade comic (pictured on the left on the picture up top), wrote. (See February 8, 2011 for Stanton’s post on those comments.). The topic of dickwolves makes Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s “Sunday Papers” again. Inspired by Courtney Stanton’s troll data analysis (see Feb. 8, 2011), Wundergeek analyzes misogynist language on popular gaming sites for The Border House. Two months later, Penny Arcade announced that they would sell dickwolf t-shirts in the Penny Arcade store (and later, Dickwolf pennants).


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