The University is recognized by University Grants Commission, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council and the National Board of Accreditation. A vibrant campus, housing over 28 000 students from all … Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20 | Re-assessment : 05.02.2020, M.Sc. (Hom) Supplementary Exam, Year-1, August 2020, Exam_Schedule_BHMS_Regular_ Supple. (commerce) Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, B.Com(Hons) Semester-1 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Com(Hons) Semester-2 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Com(Hons) Semester-3 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Com(Hons) Semester-4 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Com(Hons) Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, B.Com(Hons) Semester-5 Regular, Winter 2019-20, LL.M., Semester-2 Supple., Winter 2019-20, LL.M., Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, LL.B., Semester-2 Supple., Winter 2019-20, LL.B., Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20, Semester-1 Supple., Winter 2019-20, Semester-2 Supple., Winter 2019-20, Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-5 Regular, Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-1 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-2 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-3 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-4 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Arts., Semester-6 Supple., Winter 2019-20. Subscribe and stay up to date. LL.B. Parul University- Gujarat’s leading private university having the foundation of its first Institution laid in 1993, and later on established and incorporated under Gujarat Private Universities (Second Amendment ) Act of 2015. I truly appreciate the opportunities which they facilitated, thus leading me to my dream job. (Hons) Agriculture Semester-2 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Sc. A reflection of the most enriching blend of cultural and academic events. Semester-4 Supple., Winter 2019-20, M.Pharm., Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20 | Reassessment : 28.01.2020, I-B.A. A copy of challan for having registered With the help of doctors and nurses of Parul Sevashram Hospital, PU has been providing free of cost COVID-19 testing and treatment for all its students and staff members. Semester-9 Regular, winter 2020-21, B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture Semester-5 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Sc. a complaint of loss with the police, Name Correction in Grade Card / Marks Card. The faculties in PU provided the highest form of guidance throughout my entire learning process. Med. The cell helped me in shaping my professional ethics and mannerism towards a path of employability. I will always be grateful for this learning experience which focused on my overall growth. * A disciplinary action will be taken against the candidate who disobeys the instructions of the supervisor or misbehaves or violates the code of conduct of examination of Parul University. To offer relief to daily wage labourers, a total of 10 lakhs was donated in funds and further converted into food relief packages which contained rice, aata, tuver dal, oil, potatoes, haldi powder, sugar amongst other essentials. Exchange Programs, Exchange Programs with 50+ Foreign Universities. Students and Parents who have already booked their tickets or are already travelling towards vadodara, can choose to stay at the in-campus Hostel. Semester-3 Regular, winter 2020-21, I-B.Com.LL.B. (Hons), Semester-6 Regular, Summer 2019-20, B.Lib.I.Sc, Semester – 1 Supple., Summer 2019-20, B.Lib.I.Sc, Semester – 2 Regular, Summer 2019-20, M.Lib.I.Sc, Semester – 1 Supple., Summer 2019-20, M.Lib.I.Sc, Semester – 2 Regular, Summer 2019-20, M.Lib.I.Sc, Semester – 4 Regular, Summer 2019-20, Diploma Design, Semester – 1 Supple., Summer 2019-20, Diploma Design, Semester – 2 Regular, Summer 2019-20, B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture Semester-4 Supple., Winter 2019-20, B.Sc. Sci., Year-1 Supple., September-2020, B.Sc. LL.B. Thank you for showing interest in Parul University, our counselors will get in touch with you shortly. Being an international, from Africa to be particular, cultural shock was one of the elements which made me hesitant of my entire learning venture. LL.B. Considering this, offline teaching will resume for all FINAL YEAR STUDENTS in bachelor programs for above mentioned courses from Nov 23, 2020 with all precautionary and safety measures. I had always desired to explore new worlds, meet new cultures and create new networks, but coupled with this desire was my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. Exam, Year – 3, July 2021, BPT Regular_supple. LL.B. Regular Exam, Semester – 6, Summer 2019-20, B.Pharm. Semester-5 Regular, Winter 2019-20, I-B.B.A. (Hons), Semester-6 Supple., Summer 2019-20, B.Com. LL.B. Semester-7 Regular, winter 2020-21, I-B.A.LL.B. Semester-5 Regular, Winter 2019-20 | Re-assessment : 05.02.2020, M.Sc. * If any examinee is violating university rules, he/she is liable to be punished under the provisions of the University rules. LL.B. [email protected] Faculty of Library and Information Sciences, Department of Paramedical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, WAC Online Practice Session Schedule, Winter 2020-21, Revised Circular - Conducting Weekly Tests in all diploma, degree prog. One University, One State with Three Campuses spread across Three Cities, offerinag 250 programs at Diploma, Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Levels, in engineering, economics, I always searched for a University, that would provide me with the best academic experience, while at the same time offer me with a platform to express my passion for creativity. LL.B. I am more than grateful for this guided learning experience at PU. A vibrant campus, housing over 28 000 students from all the states of India and 50 Nationalities. * Please read the instructions at the top of your paper, and make sure you understand and follow them. Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, I-B.Com. Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20, I-B.A. Exam, Year – 4, July 2021, BPT Regular-Supple. Semester-6 Supple., Winter 2019-20, I-B.B.A. D. (P.B) Regular Exam, Year – 2, April 2020, PHARM. Semester-6 Supple., Winter 2019-20 | Re-assessment : 05.02.2020, B.Sc. * Hollow sticker should be pasted after warning bell on appropriate space on the front page of the answer book, covering the information filled up by the candidate and the bar-code label. Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20, I-B.Com. When I joined Parul University, I got exposed to the overwhelming international atmosphere, which gave me the chance to take part in various exchange programs across Europe and America. D. Regular Exam, Year – 1, April 2020, PHARM. Exam, Year – 1, July 2021, BPT Regular_supple. Nursing (Basic) Year-4 Regular, September-2020, B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture Semester-7 Regular, Winter 2019-20, M.Plan., Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20, M.Plan., Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20, MBA Semester-3 Supplementary, Winter 2019-20, MBA Semester-1 Regular, Winter 2019-20 | Reassessment : 28.01.2020, MBA Semester-3 Regular, Winter 2019-20 | Rechecking : 28.01.2020 | Reassessment : 28.01.2020, B.Sc. Being in Parul University gave me just that, I got to pursue the best applied science education, while at the same time follow my passion in music and drama.


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