googletag.defineSlot('/34505720/ucc-2020-300x250', [300, 250], 'div-gpt-ad-1595366957144-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); WHAT ARE YOUR CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES THIS YEAR? Contact ENI | Also included are mask accessories, a pizza, and 4 sets of interchangeable hands. NECA San Diego Comic-Con Online 2020 Exclusives [UPDATE July 10]. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING CANCELLATION REQUESTS. 2020 San Diego Comic Con. Also, be aware that many popular SDCC retailers like Mezco, Super 7, and Sideshow are throwing their own shadow cons on their own websites with lots of native events (including swag!) By submitting your information, you agree to our, Batman: The Animated Series soundtrack box set. Posts: 30,582 Added placeholder links to the TMNT details. International customers please use the appropriate listings marked INTERNATIONAL ONLY LISTING. NECA had it on their website for order but every time I tried would state incorrect shipping. Puppet Master 7" Scale Action Figure -Blade & Torch 2 Pack Overview "…and now a box of little toys has … DATE: July 23, 2020 This stealthy Predator is cast in clear plastic with lightning accents to capture his appearance climbing the towering buildings in 1990 Los Angeles. See details below, and photos after the jump. This year marks the 30th anniversary of 1990’s Predator 2, so NECA has created a stealthy Predator figure cast in clear plastic, with lightning accents to capture his appearance as he climbs towering buildings in the film. From its large dome down to the feet, the Ultimate Big Chap is painted in an eerie fluorescent green that will radiate your collection when the lights go out. Those newspaper ads are pretty cool. NECA's First 2020 SDCC Exclusive Figure Revealed. Like other retailers, Sideshow is holding it's own virtual con at their corporate website that requires registration to see their whole exclusives line-up and distribution items from Hot Toys. It doesn't seem to make much sense they'd be complaining about tooling money when they already have the prototypes and then also to turn around and give us what clearly was even more tooling money a Bat gremlin *shrug* , guess Neca just didn't care any more, and maybe me and you, and a handful were the only loyal gremlins buyers (find that hard to believe), I also agree I got a bit soured on Neca as a whole awhile back with the QC, for one my Spider Gremlin's leg extension pieces never even attached, most of my Aliens are just gummy messes who won't stand, my predators are mostly missing hands, many Mogwai's heads fell off, anyways after all that I'm still ready to buy Greta and Vegetable Gremlin. Entertainment Earth has partnered with several retailers as the online resource for many SDCC 20 exclusives from several licenses. In particular, the con exclusive collectible market has been reinvented for our new reality. If anyone missed Stripe he's still available at BBTS: It's not made up though. Anyway, I don't want this to turn into a NECA bashing thread, so I'll just end for now saying that I'm curious what else they're gonna be putting out for Comic Con, and I hope if it's something cool, it's not totally impossible to get. Or it comes out 6 months to a year later then on to clearance which has been their mo. The figure, which is painted in fluorescent green that glows in the dark, stands over 9″ tall and features over 30 points of articulation (including a hinged jaw that reveals the inner mouth when opened). We may update this page in the future as we receive additional questions. The time now is 4:01 PM. It comes 5 interchangeable hands, discs, combi sticks, and a skull. Sold Out: The set will retail for $29.96 in Walmart stores beginning Thursday, July 23 — or you can get it online (both US and international addresses) for $34.99 through NECA’s online shop the same day. San Diego Comic Con Those are apparently set to go live at 4PM. They really dropped the ball in the gremlin department over there at neca, we see they can get the product out, look at the predators line 100 figures deep, and they can put out things like Bob Ross and Richard Simmonds, and even a whole set of Golden girls, which I'm sure they took a loss all on, but can't give us a puddle of goo gremlin? Stripe stands approximately 6" tall and is wearing a real fabric swimsuit and is equipped with a snorkeling mask, flippers, and torch.Packaged in collector-friendly window box with opening flap.==Available in Walmart Stores on Thursday(7/23)* - $29.96 USDAvailable online (US & International) through on Thursday(7/23) - $34.99 USDFor more details, visit the NECA site:*Some stores have begun putting inventory on shelves. Our best advice: scope out the POPs you want and see which retailers are also selling them, so you can set a reminder to buy when the con opens! NECA’s second San Diego Comic-Con Online exclusive is a Predator 2 – 7″ Scale Figure – City Demon. NECA makes the coolest consumer products based on the coolest brands and licenses ever. They're releasing new items every day on their exclusives page for pre-order, so bookmark it and remain vigilant because the items sell out quick. HOW IT WORKS: We will put a set amount of stock up for sale – once that quantity is sold out, the sale is over. 7? Based on the ad campaign from 1984 when the Summer Games took place in the US and Gremlins premiered in theaters comes the Unofficial Summer Games Gremlin! As such, the biggest con exclusives event of the year, San Diego Comic-Con, is shaping up to be quite the epicenter of competitive buying. But CineQuest is still celebrating the 15-year legacy of the show with a special box of goodies that you can only get at their official website. If you missed it, check out our Photo Gallery and Review. There were a number of popular tongue-in-cheek ads in newspapers to promote the film. Marvel Studios is showing up with Stan Lee, Whiplash and Iron Man 2. The limit is ONE PER HOUSEHOLD. Like Comic-Con. Administrator. Usually taking up a large space on the SDCC exhibit floor, Weta Workshop is scaling back their exclusives to two this year from their Mini Epics line: Gollum and Slimer. Even the best geeks have space problems, so while a full-sized Nano gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame could be challenging to take home, this desk-sized exclusive saves you on many levels. Yesterdays is offering a few extremely limited, polished gold-plated hard enamel pins including this "Hall H" piece that's giving us some teary eyes. Yes. Exclusives will also begin appearing at Target and Walmart locations across the US. All 4 turtles are dressed in real fabric, band themed apparel and come with a slew of new accessories including a saxophone, keyboard, guitar, and a one string bass!


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