"Jumping Cracker" recreates the madcap feel of Carl Stalling's classic Warner Bros. I actually owned the Napple Tale game(I might still have it somewhere), but this OST is just beautiful! And "Snowball" is the most incantatory evocation of snowfall and the wistful joy it inspires I've heard outside Debussy's piano piece "The snow is dancing". Squiggly lines and childish drawings seem to set the theme for the music to come. We previously gave her props for her work on Koei’s Uncharted Waters; and any anime fan will recognize her work from Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, and other high-profile titles. Album Information Catalogue No: MJCG-80043 (reprint VTCL-60158) Released On: November 22, 2000 Composed By: Yoko Kanno Arranged By: Yoko Kanno Published By: Marvelous Entertainment (reprint Victor Entertainment) Recorded At: Forum Music Village (Rome), … Buy at Play-Asia; Artists. And you know what it reminds me of? I promise you, though, there are no “stinkers” across the two albums. But it’s “Paffet Room”’s consciously old-timey piano that more clearly crystallises the music’s concern with the past and our relationship to it. Yoko Kanno’s ability to diversify is insane. RPGFan is a gaming website focused on roleplaying games and related genres such as graphic adventures, visual novels, and roguelikes. It also helps that most of the instruments used are real, and the songs are performed by professional musicians. All that being said, fans of Kanno’s trademark orchestral lavishness will still find much to enjoy on the, Of course, Kanno also has some fun with the creative license that the game’s dream-like scenario grants her. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Occasionally legend is indeed more intriguing than reality. Start the wiki, Do you know what kind of music this is? The music that I'm getting all gushy about is this album, the first of two for Napple Tale, a game which unfortunately never did get an international release. Music Review. (Note: They should have been packaged together, but the two volumes of Napple Tale OST are actually sold separately. I can’t do the music justice, and I’m not interested in going track-by-track through both albums. A fast 3/4 tempo with some beautiful synthesized instruments, a wonderful chord progression: all the right ingredients to lull you to sleep, or into some sort of trance. While not particularly challenging, the game created a wonderfully whimsical, dreamlike 2.5D world that mixed platforming with RPG elements. "The Snow Princess" has a fast-paced Spanish feel to it, with the guitar and clackers in the background, as does "Dual Tango." This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These aren't one-minute loops with fadeouts, but fully developed, complete pieces with proper endings; this alone is a rare enough luxury among game soundtracks. This marks the first time the soundtrack of Fatal Fury will be made available on vinyl! Maaya Sakamoto’s vocals lead a track that switches between genres at a drop of a hat while maintaining its sense of child-like wonder and energy. I am always mesmerized when I hear this song. Kanno's work with Koei was only the beginning. NoRank Recommended for you. It still sounds elegant; the sax’s timbre is very close to an oboe in this situation. Both have tons of styles and instruments packed in them. Unlike Kanno's anime scores, Napple Tale is not a cinematic or particularly motivic work. "Cheap" or "gamey" are not conceivably applicable adjectives to music of this caliber. “Summer’s Squid”’s salsa rhythms further energise the Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream soundtrack and allow Kanno to craft another one of her ingenious genre-benders when she adds a jazz-inspired saxophone solo. Great stuff. I was pretty ignorant to her more whimsical side until mid last-year, having found her through Escaflowne (when *she* found Sakamoto Maaya). That’s not to say that there are no surprises to be found on the Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream soundtrack. 2 by HELL GIRL published on 2015-11-30T03:14:22Z. You will find many things to love on both discs. Having said in interviews that she had little interest in writing music for games anymore, there was scarce reason to think that Yoko Kanno, celebrated master of the anime scoring field, would rescind her Koei issued valediction. Returning to the past thus remains a resolutely futile undertaking, but ultimately melancholia is swept aside by the life-affirming optimism of “Wild Wind” and the beguiling Celtic lilt of its flute leads. “Jumping Cracker” feels like an homage to Carl Stalling’s frantic Warner Bros. cartoon scores, while “Snow Queen” and “Dual Tango” see Kanno write a more than convincing flamenco and tango respectively. That’s what much of the album is. Stephen Sondheim’s timeless musical “Into The Woods.” The impressionist style is not unlike Masashi Hamauzu’s compositions, but there’s something *even lighter* about Tail Song. Soundtrack Central requires JavaScript for album images and full site funtionality. Admittedly, there are a couple overly eccentric tracks, namely "Money-loving Dragon" and "Dove Clock", which probably achieve an effect in the game but don't offer much outside its context. “Dreams in a Pie,” track 17, is my favorite song across both discs. Listen to music from Napple Tale OST like Wild wind, Usagi bed & more. Ultimately, Napple Tale didn’t need these sorts of urban myths to stand apart from the competition. If you can purchase the game and own a functioning dreamcast you’ll be able to listen to the missing song titles in the Napple Tale rewards collection. Want more details as to the nature of the music? 95.6k members in the gamemusic community. Napple Tale Vol. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Although Kanno uses synth textures to add spice to some tracks, and a couple on both discs are all electronic, there's no chip generated music anywhere, and no synthesis of acoustic instruments. There are also sweeping orchestral compositions that are either weird in flavor, or stunningly beautiful.


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