The procedure is generalized to three or more stages and is then termed as multistage sampling. In multistage sampling, we will only take a portion of the 9th graders at each school. It is a complex form of cluster sampling, sometimes, also known as multistage cluster sampling. endobj <> x��=ks���U�����v]�x��먗�$�b���]�>�ɕ�ɚRȕ�ݿ����i���;� �~�>�x����le:3�.�.WZ��7?>|���n\ݼ�����ჿ��?��+�9��~s����m��z�?��~s6��j���G����.����[email protected]��E� ��y:�_�/�ף�AMG�q^ �Ia�V£�TW~�%��?fa?��:8��)���ca�����n���`��;3��@�^�..����hI��|�q0�^��J�\uք���8� LmF���u��k���4��넲�����kb& R�Nd��+�;�R�v��,y|Uy��m�UBu�+�w{�8`di�9X� Q�P�`��X_w�(7�[�=G��}"��@��?��z�/?��g����L��l�o���nw���ʾ�^�� ����p���������f�tsf֗��m�w�ϘG*٩�����?|`�` �Atl��G�� Sample size Sample Cluster 20% 94554 118 25% 60514 76 20% 104484 131 25% 66870 84 Sample Cluster 20% 83018 104 25% 53132 66 20% 92949 116 25% 59487 74 Sample Cluster 20% 76529 96 25% 48979 61 20% 86460 108 25% 55334 69 0.5 0.6 Prev = 187 per 100,000 Prev = 209 per 100,000 k Precision 0.5 0.6 k Precision 0.5 0.6 k Precision Prev = 157 per 100,000 <> <>>> Multistage Random Sampling In Multistage random sampling, units are selected at various stages. What is multistage sampling? <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R 15 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> <> !/5�!1�۷`9}��)R�u�%��'^�S�� 6q$D�u�n������O�ywkqH�k������Ǎƣ�'��v_$iD��}��ӑ#&�^{~8� \b� ?���.�l8S^�=K>��ĩ폷� endobj 1. 6 0 obj The In systematic sampling, the chances of being selected are not independent of each other. bination of sampling units has an equal and independent chance of being selected. The sample is prepared as part of the process of planning and preparing the survey. 2 0 obj endobj In simple terms, in multi-stage sampling large clusters of population are divided into smaller clusters in several stages in order to make primary data collection more manageable. %���� %PDF-1.5 Multistage sampling technique is also referred to as cluster sampling, it involves the use of samples that are to some extent of clustered. Multi-stage sampling (also known as multi-stage cluster sampling) is a more complex form of cluster sampling which contains two or more stages in sample selection. stream ���I� ���Ζ ���S���uܤ8�I�/���E�a�p%��_��k鿞uL�]��J��A���=G����pX�������vw�r0�b��H1� <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 4 0 obj M. H. Alvi (2016): A Manual for Selecting Sampling Techniques in Research 4 PREFACE The Manual for Sampling Techniques used in Social Sciences is an effort to describe various types of sampling methodologies that are used in researches of social sciences in an easy ��.OUC�aણ:ec�_Ow�'�޸���7̬w�`�×7����Pl||�Z��Bc3��_ޮ���l�U�^���-u ���B��|G`;|{Xa��_c�e�A�o�=af��e�:��.�-tv��� �8P�O��/�,���>�����l�o^�f�X4�%�u�E�D]��6U9 g�6�Ԗ� �&X�kiEW������rD� (�WL�H�� <> •• It is generally easier than other probability sampling procedures (such as multistage cluster sampling) to understand and communicate to others. The chart below lists the main tasks and timeframes covered in this section. ",#(7),01444'9=82. Secondary sampling units (SSU): households/individual elements . The sampling designs may be either same or different at each stage. �9��! We may select all SSU’s for convenience or few by using a specific element sampling techniques (such as simple random sampling, The multistage sampling is a complex form of cluster sampling.The cluster sampling is yet another random sampling technique wherein the population is divided into subgroups called as clusters; then few clusters are chosen randomly for the survey. <> 2 0 obj Multi-stage sampling (also known as multi-stage cluster sampling) is a more complex form of cluster sampling which contains two or more stages in sample selection. endobj ]��p�_3��s�Mk��5�@����Q�&vo� 1 0 obj L�:!�76�D�)3���s1ս^m��cwrGK�+���u�t_��_�L��)h���I�z�5���BtF��;��� )�V����?n�� ���W�RB+�mF�MR�;���_�왞���z0讇z� �p�9�>x=c Eo�f��q!-���,K�Š�W�VcX�|��%8�ϾC�������6L�����%����į���=�+p`/Ρ�W�VO������,��sx� @o�;�0i�(����������h�?�3B-üa\��c*�m-�%� -�s>PI�q�F`n08�-�Ԋ���8�a�&,���a���! These are just a few: endobj These sampling procedures are described below. We may select the PSU’s by using a specific element sampling techniques, such as simple random sampling, systematic sampling or by PPS sampling. 1�Fν�ŷ������\w���衒u������dr���﯈�� %PDF-1.5 Simple random sampling is the most recognized probability sam-pling procedure. endobj 1 0 obj At the first stage a sample of postal districts in the UK was selected at random, with the probability of selection proportional to size. Keywords: Unequal probability sampling, Two-stage sampling, Hansen-Hurwitz estimator and Horvitz-Thompson estimator INTRODUCTION Many estimation procedures have been developed in multistage cluster sampling designs. endobj With multi-stage sampling, we will only select some of the units from the secondary stages. Systematic sampling is probably the easiest one to use, and cluster sampling is most practical for large national surveys. stream For example, in two-stage sampling: 1st stage samples n primary units; 2nd stage, for the ith primary unit, selects m i (not all) secondary units; Multistage designs are used in many practical cases. The multistage sampling consisted of three stages.


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