He's way stronger and faster. I mean, Odin and Galactus probably use galactic level explosions for back rubs and feet massages. Secondly if you actually know anything about the Dragon Ball series, their powers pretty much alter physics. No opinion here, actual data. Okay I worded myself wrong. How about you resign your account, because I find it really annoying how morons post troll comments. Post crisis Pre crisis Prime one mil God of strength Kingdom come Galactus Herald Captain Adam Staringe visitor Cosmic armor Boy prime Man prime. @sirneko: Your lack of knowledge is saddening. http://dragonballarena.gamesurf.it/immagini/info/landmark/landmark_03.jpg. Secondly there's tons of these, so why don't you cry in some other post, k thanks. @lumpybread: it's people like you who keep dragonball from being discussed without the danger of being locked because of the rules. No one who is unbiased is denying that. Goku wrecks most versions if not all. The combined energy of every being in DB won't affect superman even if he were evil. Granted that Superman had time to prep to become Superman Prime 1,000,000, so should Goku. I know you are a troll account, I just gave the info to other people who actually wonder about this topic. no he did not.. thats just pure wank dude. Lol. newbies ignorant of the rules keep setting back dragonball, not to mention a certain personality appearing from you that is prevalent among fanatics. Superman wins this. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Spite is spite, lockiddy lock lock. Don't think he could beat Superman prime one million in thought robot Superman but yes to the rest of them. Ontop of Goku able to channel power from the Sun too, because he can absorb energy from water, air, etc, in his Spirit Bomb. Classic editor History Comments Share. @michaeljulius: Where do you get the idea of four galaxies in DB-verse. Wow, look at all the damage Spirit Bomb did, it's mainly good against Evil, pretty useless otherwise. Press J to jump to the feed. And no, it isn't quadrants with multiple galaxies in each. http://i35.mangareader.net/dragon-ball/518/dragon-ball-72476.jpg. Tired of Superman fanboys thinking he's invincible. Goku's Spirit Bomb is way too overpowered for Superman. That amount of energy is beyond Superman's. There ARE only four galaxies in the dbz verse, so if there are 12 universe, there are only 48 galaxies total. Four galaxies, north south east and west with space in between. Also for the evidence of Goku absorbing the Spirit Bomb, I posted a link on OP, if you even bother reading anything, if you can even read at all... Judging by the amount of intelligence you presented on this post. He probably can absorb all of that energy tossed at him anyway, or teleport the energy away if it were harmful. It is FOUR GALAXIES. ... Don't think he could beat Superman prime one million in thought robot Superman but yes to the rest of them. Goku is given enough time to call upon the universe's energy into his spirit bomb, and absorbing it in his Super Saiyan God form. Beyond that space is the after life, which is bridged by a wall of clouds. @sirneko: It was my counter argument to your claim of SB being used in cannon once, which is false, and the fact you brought up cannon is irrelevant since Superman Prime isn't. Just because there are 4 Kai's that control a certain area they call , East, West, North, South. And there's someone like Superman Blue who Goku can't hit. Hey robot Superman is not a super he is robot. We're talking about the infinite power of the universe here, and being thousands of time multiplied by his Super Saiyan God form. The entire universe of energy might not be nearly enough to stop him. And Superman Prime 1 million is a reality warper. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Otherworld is actually not another dimension and is actually just the container for the four galaxies. 18 + 6 would be 22. This Superman is exaggerated to ridiculous levels, his actual feats are noting too dazzling. But it isn't, since the spirit bomb can't harm positive beings. DBZ vs other are banned, SP1M is featless and SSJ God Goku is weak in feats. Dragon Ball, Goku's battle with Piccolo engulfs a landscape with their energy blast, DBZ Vegeta's Galick Gun destroys planets.


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