The Left in Burdwan will not step back in the face of these attacks; we are already preparing to unleash higher levels of struggle and mass movements. Many TMC minded officials also do not know where to hide these sins. Recently in village Rampur, Block Galsi, not only were many homes vandalised and looted, but even the cattle were not given a drop of water for days. [14], Large villages (with 4,000+ population) in Manteswar CD Block are (2011 census figures in brackets): Monteswar (9,331), Baghasan (4,974), Bamunpara (4,314), Putsuri (6,806), Denur (4,082), Kusumgram (11,707), Kulut (7,104), Raigram (7,185) and Bhagra (4,086). [12] Decadal growth in West Bengal was 17.84 per cent. Panchayat Samiti (3) Name of the local self-government rural level. Terrorised Left candidates were not allowed to file their nominations in 310 seats. �������� When we listen intently, we are often surprised to learn from grassroot workers how they are doggedly fighting back the atrocious attacks, keeping their head high. Most election observers were not to be seen, the sector offices were silent and the presiding officers were forced to remain unconcerned. 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Chairpersonship of atleast 1/3rd panchayat Samities is reserved for women members. Election Dates: In 4 Phases 27 Nov, 14 Dec, 18 Dec and 08 Jan Read More. In Raina-1 block, the counting ID cards were snatched in the BDO office itself. Ghastly incidents of the means used are now coming to our knowledge: especially about attacks on candidates’ parents and wives. In 6 Gram Panchayat seats here, however, elections could be held. A total of 1078 booths were thus captured. Panchayat Samiti Higher Secondary School, erstwhile Panchayat Samiti College, established in 1986 by the people of the locality, has been striving hard to cater to the educational needs of the young buds at the Higher Secondary level and Read more… Complaints of attacks on womenfolk triggered more attacks on the poorest localities at night, intimidating and actually assaulting women. In rural as well as industrial areas thousands are participating in massive protest actions against misdeeds of the TMC party and inaction of it’s government. Our mission is to achieve academic excellence and to build up the future of our students. [15], See also – List of West Bengal districts ranked by literacy rate, As per census definition, mother-tongue is the language spoken in childhood by the person's mother to the person. Instead of investigations and corrective measures, the attacks have actually intensified. >> �@���R�t C���X��CP�%[email protected]�R����f�[�(t� C��Qh�z#0 ��Z�l�`O8�����28.����p|�O×�X However, when canal tax was imposed opposition developed in Memari, Manteswar, Bhatar, the Ausgram community blocks and other irrigated areas. © Provided by Indiatimes Quality education along with discipline has been our motto . [24] In 2013–14, the total area irrigated in Manteswar CD Block was 29,266.87 hectares, out of which 26,808.20 hectares were irrigated by canal water, 984.34 hectares were irrigated by river lift irrigation and 1,474.33 hectares by deep tube wells. This is striking fear in the hearts of the ruling classes. After an hour and a half of counting, the Left was leading comfortably in Raina-1, whence 19 Left counting agents and the women candidate were then mercilessly beaten up, once again in the presence of the police and five of them had to hospitalised with serious injuries. It also identifies and prioritizes the issues that should be addressed at the block level. The whole samiti usually meets atleast six times in one year. [3] In 1938–40 the Congress organisation was strengthened by Gopen Kundu, Narayan Choudhury and Abdur Rahman. Many other Left leaders and activists like Nirgun Dubey, Arpan Mukherji, Bhimraj Tewari, Madan Soren and Sheikh Hasmat have also been murdered during this period, while the number of severely injured Left members and activists has touched three hundred. /Filter /FlateDecode In all such booths the armed central forces were not to be seen and the local police were dumb spectators as per instructions from their superiors, playing no role except to stand and watch. << ?���:��0�FB�x$ !���[email protected]ڐ���H���[EE1PL���⢖�V�6��QP��>�U�(j [8], Manteswar CD Block has 4 ferry services and 10 originating/ terminating bus routes. panchayat samiti krishi yojana . Some functions are entrusted to them like agriculture, land improvement, watershed development, social and farm forestry, technical and vocational education, etc. He expressed his agony with the words, “Have experienced the severest shame of democracy…. Wikipedia. Headquarters of this CD Block is at Monteswar. Government employees long associated with vote counting are forced to admit that out of total 67 Zilla Parishad seats as many as 42 to 43 would have gone to the Left if counting was done correctly. Name of Sub-Division Name of Panchayat Samiti Name of Gram Panchayat Name of Pradhan 165 SADAR (S) JAMALPUR ABUJHATI-II Golam Nabi Sarkar 166 SADAR (S) MEMARI-I DALUIBAZAR-I Bhabani Banerjee 167 SADAR (S) MEMARI-I DALUIBAZAR-II Minati Patra 168 SADAR (S) MEMARI-I DEBIPUR Azizul Islam Munshi 169 SADAR (S) … [8], In 2003-04 net cropped area in Manteswar CD Block was 25.502 hectares and the area in which more than one crop was grown was 15,850 hectares. The whole samiti usually meets atleast six times in one year. 11 villages (8.09%) have banks. DURING Public works (especially water and roads), land and water use taxes, professional taxes, liquor taxes and others, grants-in-aid and loans from the state government and the local zila parishad, This page was last edited on 15 November 2020, at 10:17.


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