This clever mini dessert recipe uses fresh fruit chunks, chopped nuts, and melted chocolate to create the essence of the ice cream sundae without all of the calories. Feel free to use any of your favorite fruits or keep it traditional with bananas and cherries. Be careful when eating these - if you get some of the filling on your face, your tongue may beat you to death trying to get to it! Easy . I came up with the idea for my mini pie recipes while snacking on applesauce one night and thought it would make a quick and delicious pie filling. Here, we're sharing some of our favorite one-pot dessert recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make. Make a batch and freeze these mini dessert pots for when you need a sweet hit. See more great Italian dessert recipes here. It uses light vanilla yogurt instead of whipped cream and ripe papaya, banana and passionfruit for a tropical twist. A meal just doesn't seem complete without a little something sweet to wrap things up. Try serving warm with vanilla ice cream. It doesn't have to be an elaborate cake or pie.Instead of opening a pint of ice cream (though there's nothing wrong with that! Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best and you only … The use of light corn syrup lets the pecan goodness shine through, rather than overwhelming with sugary sweetness. They were a total hit and what's better than a mini pie that you can actually hold … They may be small in size but are big on flavor, and you probably won’t be able to eat just one. White chocolate and raspberry pots. Find more crumble recipes here. Topped with crumbled amaretti and grated chocolate, this delicious make-ahead dessert takes only 20 minutes to assemble. 20 minute tiramisu. The Spruce / Diana Rattray. Hand-Held Apple Pies. 05 of 14. Sweet and salty, this decadent dessert is served in individual pots, with a caramel puddle at the base and a creamy panna cotta topping 25 mins . ), try making a fast, easy, low-maintenance dessert instead. If you’re itching for cute, little, irresistible desserts, these 20 recipes have you covered. Continue to 5 of 14 below. Apple-Cinnamon Mini Pies. These tasty, pecan-filled mini pies are great for the holidays or an easy, elegant dessert anytime. This recipe from Slimming World is a clever take on the classic Eton Mess dessert.


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