When the road curves around to the right continue straight on along a track, which soon curves slightly to the left to reach the River Piddle once more. Again I listened to podcasts as the walk was fairly uninteresting, and soon I found myself entering Tolpuddle. Landranger number 194 (Dorchester & Weymouth, Cerne Abbas & Bere Regis), A circular walk from Shapwick to Stourpaine, A circular walk from Durweston to Woolland Hill and Milton Abbas. Turn left along this and follow it eastwards until it ends at a T-junction with another road in Puddletown; a pub is a few yards away on the left. The museum commemorates the lives of the six men, although unfortunately it was shut as I passed, due to a burst water main. Here continue straight on and join a road that heads steeply uphill. A footbridge led over the brook, and then a road took me south into Dewlish. Earlier in the year I had walked through Milton Abbas on another walk, and I found the village to be sublimely beautiful. Turn right to head south along this road for a short distance until it crosses a bridge over the River Piddle, then turn left to head eastwards with the river on the left. There was still a couple of miles to be walked, but finally I felt like I was on the home stretch; the road rose to a junction with another one, then a long ascent northwards followed, heading over a hill before descending down into the outskirts of Bere Regis. Published in October ’10. All in all it was a lovely day for a stroll. This exclusive school has around 225 pupils. A handy ramp led up onto the bridge, and I stopped on top to take a few photographs. Park considerately on the road near the Post Office, map reference ST 807 018, DT11 0BP. Pretty Milton Abbas is often referred to as Dorset’s ‘chocolate box’ village and has an interesting history, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_Abbas. He was a fascinating man, and I hope that things go well for him. On the other side of the trees continue on downhill, and then a track heads uphill, still heading northwards. Cross the A35(T) and then continue on along the track northwards. These are generally very entertaining, and it would have been good to have had them available when I did my year-long walk back in 2002/3. Some of the house names give a clue to their previous use including a All the time my right ankle was complaining, so much so that I was tempted to call the walk off for the day. A stream, somewhat amusingly called the River Piddle, ran through the centre of the town. The Jubilee Trail took me northwestwards along a series of field boundaries, and I settled down to listen to a series of EscapePod science fiction podcasts as I strolled along. It was wide and there was little choice but to put one boot in the middle, but fortunately my feet did not get wet again. Register for free. It soon goes through the hedge, and continues on eastwards with the hedge on the right. Ford the stream, and then turn left along a track that heads south, just inside the trees. A road took me eastwards from Pudletown, passing the entrance to Athelhampton House on the left and then entering Burleston. This meant that the walk would be even longer, but road walking seemed to be kinder on my feet. It is surprising how easy it is to make such mistakes; a moment's inattentiveness at a stile can easily send you off in the wrong direction. After Milton Abbas a road led uphill towards Fishmore Hill Farm. Yet again this proved my old adage that I could walk through a place on two separate occasions and have two very different opinions of them, depending on weather, mood and so on. Turn right and start following this road eastwards along this road for a kilometre; when it ends at a T-junction with another road turn left.


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