Meghan Markle's 'Sexy' Pasta. (As long as the way to his heart is through his stomach.) Though I don’t have the coin to copy her every Givenchy-clad move, I do have the internet and a zucchini pasta sauce recipe that she raved about in her Pre-Harry days. Basically, if Meghan Markle does it, I’m down to try it too. She’s also my everything idol. Tolles Rezept für Meghan Markles Zucchini-Bolognese. Meghan Markle's recipe for zucchini sauce completely altered my perception of zucchinis. After breaking down for 4 hours with onions and broth, this veggie was totally transformed from the icky green squash I refused to eat as a kid into an incredible pasta sauce. Okay so Meghan Markle is my fashion idol. The first thing that put me off about this recipe is that you’re supposed to cook it on the stove for FOUR HOURS and stir it all the time. Dieses Rezept war vor einiger Zeit in aller Munde: Meghan Markle hat es in einem Interview beschrieben und alle wollten es nachkochen Vorweg: Nach Bolognese schmeckt diese Sauce wirklich nicht. Taking a page from Meghan Markle's (cook)book! Liebe geht durch den Magen, das haben beweist uns auch hier die Lovestory von Meghan und ihrem Harry.. Anfangs war ich überrascht, als ich gesehen habe, dass die Duchess of Sussex auf ihrem früheren Lifestyle-Blog „The Tig“ (der Blog ist seit 2017 geschlossen) verkündete, ein riesiger Pasta-Lover zu sein. I made this one when I was mowing the lawn, so I’d come in every 10-15 minutes to give it a stir and get a drink of water (it was all an ordeal). And so my journey with the Meghan Markle zucchini bolognese had begun. FEMAIL reporter puts the royal's 'zucchini bolognese' recipe to the test - as she makes the 'filthy, sexy, mush' for the prince in her life This recipe is frighteningly simple. La Dolce Vita steckt in der Zucchini-Bolognese. So come on, give Meghan Markle's pasta sauce a try, who knows, maybe it'll help you land a prince of your own?


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