In order to provide a high quality professional counselling service to its clients and in the interests of accountability and transparency ACCORD has a range of policies which set out the terms and conditions under which its services are provided. All Rights Reserved. Start by finding a counselor who specializes in marriage or couples therapy. In addition, the other partner, as the sole provider, may feel resentment, anger, and stress. And while creating a strong relationship involves pain, struggle, and suffering, the joy, connection, camaraderie, support, and love are worth the efforts. Think about the most effective way to position the couple in the office setting. Esther Perel offers a provocative take on intimacy and sex. Couples must agree on the frequency of sex and specific sexual preferences to have intimate compatibility. Gottman (2020) estimates that it takes most couples six years before seeking therapy to restore a relationship. As the couple unpacks the reasons behind the affair and reestablishes goals for the future, healing can begin. Ongoing substance abuse and mental illness ― If one of the partners has untreated substance abuse or mental illness issues, then that partner must adhere to a treatment plan to resolve relationship issues successfully. Premarital therapy, another type of couples counseling, helps engaged couples address relationship issues — before the couple marries — that may arise during the union. (2019). The article Codependency: What Are the Signs & How to Overcome It is a good read for someone struggling in an unhealthy relationship, as the article clarifies what codependency is and provides useful worksheets, books, and assessments. Development of treatment objectives — The therapist works with the couple to develop treatment goals and to establish the overall objectives for therapy. While tensions might be high and the couple may want to dive into what they see as the critical problems (or start blaming the other person for being in therapy to begin with), getting background information is essential. American Psychological Association. Job loss — Loss of a job can make the partner experience guilt, anxiety, and depression, all of which affect the relationship. Esther Perel works with real couples who reveal the most intimate, personal, and complicated details of their conflicts. The Gottman approach helps couples form stronger relationships using a model called the Sound Relationship House. Having couples “mirror” each other’s messages is another effective way to set up communication within the session. Couples need to be on the same page with finances, no matter how much money is involved or who the “breadwinner” is. These subtle messages sent from one person to the other can play a large role in how much the couple benefits from each session. It can be applied to more than just romantic relationships as it emphasizes the importance of social bonds and support across the lifespan. Getting to know your partner well and developing realistic expectations of one another is one of the most essential things any couple can do. In any style of couples counseling, the first session is often spent learning more about each individual person and the relationship in general. Although marriage therapy is sometimes called “couples counseling,” couples counseling can benefit couples of all types, including gay and lesbian couples. Therapists may have couples face each other and practice different types of body language and eye contact. When couples can learn to listen before responding and learn to hear what the other person is saying, the actual conflict can be identified and dealt with. Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a legitimate mental health condition that must be diagnosed by a mental health professional. Emotion-Focused Therapy focuses on emotions and creating secure attachment, resilience, and healthy relationships (Nakonezny & Denton, 2008). Marriage and other committed monogamous relationships involve imperfect, flawed humans trying to navigate an imperfect, complex world together. Many have degrees in marriage and family therapy, although other types of therapists can provide couples counseling as well. ACCORD has a Complaints Procedure which is available on request from ACCORD centres. Marriage is a culturally recognized union involving a legal, economic, emotional, and physical partnership. A therapist provides a safe space to express issues that arise in any relationship. It is a systematic approach to change patterns of interactions between distressed couples (Robles, Slatcher, Trombello, & McGinn, 2014). Personalities and personal interests can change over time. It can include anything from one-night stands to long-term physical or emotional affairs. Couples can either grow apart or grow closer by sharing interests and keeping communication lines open as interests and attitudes change. Marital relationships: A social exchange theory perspective. But they are also hard work. Working with couples and individuals ACCORD counsellors provide a safe environment where spouses and partners can express thoughts and feelings, that may be very difficult to express in the home or may lead to conflict and further difficulties at home, in a calm, measured and safe environment.


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