As the Speculum Humanae Salvationis put it: "the throne of the true Solomon is the most Blessed Virgin Mary, In which sat Jesus Christ, the true wisdom."[7]. Renaissance Realist (Taschen Basic Art Series). His back even has wrinkles above the indentation of her hand. As I was searching, a specific painting kept catching my eye, and even though we have learned a lot about the artist this week, I felt I should use him because this painting brought up a lot of emotion in me. I completely agree with you on everything you say, but it also can even add on to that which makes it great. In much of the theme of a 'Heavenly Jerusalem van Eyck uses symbols to represent the Old Testament, the New testament and the transition through Christ between the two. I completely agree with you on everything you say, but it also can even add on to that which makes it great. Although not one of van Eyck's most stylistic or iconographic paintings, the Lucca Madonna is direct and addresses modern devotion. It looks not only beautiful but also heavy. Accessed 26 Sept. 2017. Please scroll down to read more information about this work. The Lucca Madonna is an oil painting by the Early Netherlandish master Jan van Eyck, painted in approximately 1437. One of his last works, it bears a certain resemblance to Ince Hall Madonna (see Related Paintings below).Color palette: Van Eyck clearly diverts from the international style in his use of colors; not only from his richness of color but also the fact that previous painters typically used just one color for skin tones. "Jan van Eyck: The Play of Realism". ... and your analysis of the painting makes it even better. The painting has an emphasis on spirit as food, food as spirit.The white and red cloth and the niche on the right of the painting which probably resembles a piscine where priests wash their hands, also contributes to the idea that this scene is that of a church.Iconography: Clothes: Typical for northern Renaissance, Mary is covered from head to toe in lavish clothing that does not coincide with the traditional Mary in the Bible, who gave birth to Jesus in a manger.Mary's clothes also spread out towards the bottom, invoking the image of a triangle and a structural base for Jesus.Four lion statues: A reference to the story of Solomon.Fertility: Representing motherhood and childbirth, paintings from this time often had to be optimistic because of childbirth complications. The right side wall is a mirror image to the window, while a shelf contains empty candlestick and a half-filled glass carafe, or flask. l. Abstract: The paintings of Jan van Eyck are characterized by the complexity and erudition of the iconographic program. Analysis Of Lucca Madonna 1176 Words | 5 Pages. Lucca Madonna. The majority of this work is the red cloak, but you can also see red in the rug, throne, and the woman’s hair. It is known as Lucca Madonna as it belonged to the collection of Charles II, Duke of Parma and Lucca in the early 19th century. Harbison, Craig. Jan Van Eyck: The Play of Realism. Artwork during the period was influenced by gothic traditions, exploration of the new world, individualism, realism, the formation of nation-states and religion. Not much is known of Van Eyck's socio-economic background however based on the time period one can infer what influenced his artwork. Another thing I love about this picture is the woman is breastfeeding her son, which is something that today is such a strong subject for people. The fundamental role of the idea of the beauty of the universe as the main core of the work of Jan van Eyck can also be seen in the principles of the use of color. There are so many artists who painted the Virgin and Child in many different ways and with many different mediums. The examination demonstrates how van Eyck creates the world of intricate symbolism, elaborates the mystical and many-leveled indentity of the Virgin Mother and illuminates the themes of Redemption and the eternal union of the human soul with God. This painting is proving that sometimes what everyone ideally thinks should happen in life isn’t always the case. 1176 Words 5 Pages. Here is the link to their page, and what they have to say about this oil painting-…n/collection-highlights. I think this painting has a lot of meaning, but also a lot of feeling which makes it even better for this type of post. When we started this week I searched blogs to get an idea on what artist I wanted to learn more about. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Although Catholicism was practiced in northern Europe, the end of feudalism diminished the church's power and many secular institutions began to arise. To find out more about the life and works of Jan van Eyck please refer to the following recommended sources.• Borchert, Till-Holger. First of all great post, I also found this artist and painting very interesting when we learned about it this last week.


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