Use this ender if you are looking to set up some tricky setups involving double jump crossups or instinct mode webs. Style: Aerial Rushdown. Its main use is for extra deceptive mixups, such as extra forward momentum to turn a front attack into a crossup, or to reverse your jumping direction and stay in the front. Just make sure you get the close version, and not the far version which launches the opponent into the air. You will land in time to pick up the combo with any normal attack, too. The direction change happens very fast, making it virtually impossible to react to, and the cooldown on Bird Fling is also short at only 3 seconds, so it is not too costly to use. Also continuous patches make it hard for a tier list. It is useful to cover this space while Eagle is, for example, shooting arrows in an upward direction while zoning, and it is the most useful bird attack when Eagle is at long range, but you should prioritize Eagle's other bird commands from close range. Eagle's gameplan is quite dominant on the ground, so you can focus your efforts there instead. Rain Shot is the other primary mid-screen ender to use, especially if you've spent some time researching mixups. It can be a little overwhelming to realize that you can asynchronously control another character to do five different actions, so what's the best way to handle using the bird in real matches? At the start of playing Eagle, you can more or less rely entirely on Sonic Screech. Now isn't a great time because cinder is new and Spinal, TJ, and Fulgore were recently nerfed. Eagle has two linkers, but it's hard to recommend Wingspan over Ankle Breaker in almost any situation. Explaining Everything About Killer Instinct. Spend some meter on shadow Arrow Retrieval if necessary. Killer Instinct is pretty cool, but learning a new fighting game can be overwhelming. Eagle is not limited to only calling the bird on the ground. The longest range of the bird attacks is Swoop Attack, done with forward + three kicks; Eagle sends the bird in a horizontal direction, attacking the length of the screen fairly quickly. character, and it requires a bit of practice and lab time to find new Sadira setups or implement those found by other players, but once it is part of your gameplan, it is very difficult to escape. If your timing is correct, your air special move will come out very close to the ground. While Scatter Shot knocks the opponent down, Rain Shot acts similarly to other projectiles in KI where you are free to manual after they land and pick up the combo. But the good outweighs the bad when playing Eagle, since his ranged and pressure games are so strong when used together. There are some downsides to this instinct, however. Eagle's crossup attack is jumping LK, not the more common jumping MK. The main reason you'd want to use the special moves is because they fire at different speeds and have a larger spread. If they start to guess crossup, just hit them from the front. Hold back to lob them at your opponent's head. This is a fairly advanced technique, so it's likely best to avoid this bird command entirely while you are starting out, but if you like to discover dirty setups, you should investigate this move more. brief cooldownThe times below measure from when the move is launched until when the bird can attack again: Eagle. Wingspan is great for mobility. Especially in Rank Mode, the difference between characters ten ranks apart is often razor-thin and highly subjective. I'd like to see KI tier list with a difficulty of use on characters - the game has auto combos that define effectiveness inside combo with high damage characters. before emitting a spark, which indicates it's ready for the next command. You should probably find a way to slither either closer or farther away, or prepare for some very good anti-air reactions or whiff punishes with shadow Ankle Breaker. Use Widow's Bite if you're looking to save a bit of meter. set playSet play is used to describe offensive sequences (usually after a knockdown) that have been studied in training mode meticulously and force your opponent to take highly unfavorable risks to avoid. Even if you correctly block a web, Sadira will put another one down on top of your body, forcing you to stay in block stun until you finally get opened up. And if you get caught by your opponent and knocked down here, Eagle's atrocious wakeup game will mean you will take more damage on average than with any other character. Here is a sample of some mixups, courtesy of KI veteran Leo Ferreis, that you can perform with Retrieve Arrows to get those creative juices flowing. In particular, do not use the "Total" rankings as a tier list. Maybe you're … KI is tough since the characters were released so far apart it hard to fully evaluate the newer ones. Shadow Recluse is fast but not fully invincible before the freeze, but if you manage to hit one in neutral, as an anti-air, or as a combo ender, you can perform follow-up juggle hits. This means it's easy to convert hits into combos, but by far the most important use of this move is making Eagle safe at all times. For starters, it takes a long time for the bird to come back, especially if the arrows are across the screen, and shadow Arrow Retrieval, which picks up all the arrows quickly at the cost of one shadow bar, might be the best option if you can't go pick them up yourself. This ability coupled with Sadira's multiple jump arcs and double jumps make her mixup game incredibly strong. It is the longest cooldown command at 6 seconds, meaning that even if you do manage to reverse the situation, Eagle has to fight on his own for a while. He can also use Bird Fling by being in the air (either from jumping or using Wingspan) and pressing any direction + three kicks while touching the bird. Both the neutral version and the target combo that starts with standing MP will lead to more juggles. If your opponent tries to use this move without Sonic Screech (for example, if the bird is in cooldown), you don't have to shadow counter it to punish it. It's important to not use the 3K macro when performing shadow Ankle Breaker, because it will make the bird do Swoop Attack at the same time. Fortunately for Eagle, he can rewrite the frame data books almost any time he wants by calling Sonic Screech from his bird amigo. If you like to explore tricky mixups in training mode, you will be finding lots of uses for Rain Shot. She can pester with a decently long-range, low-hitting crouching MK, cover the space well in front of her with standing MK, or make her hitbox less susceptible to lows with crouching LK. Sonic Screech: 3.5 seconds However, because Eagle does not really use juggles too often in his gameplan, it's difficult to plan mixups around flipping your opponent out. The main use for this tool is to try and squeeze a Divebomb between your opponent's pressure, so he gets hit if he continues to attack, or to use it as a preventative move if you're scared that your opponent is going to come close. If your opponent is crouching and Eagle is attacking with normals as close as possible, the bird might whiff over the opponent's head, so keep that in mind and make sure you're a half-step away from the opponent while attacking. Very noteworthy, if Eagle gets counter-hit on the first frame, Divebomb will not come out, which means you can't use this as a reversal against true meaties.


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