Fecha de nacimiento It is the 31st entry in the Kamen Rider series and the second series of the Reiwa period. Like when the characters get surprised, they don’t blatantly widen their eyes. While transformed, he gains electrokinesis and the use of a djinn-like familiar for combat assistance. Hatanaka: I had a tough time learning his dialect. After you finish watching the episode 2, there will surely be something left within your heart. [22] Like Rintaro, he also owns a magical cellphone capable of transforming into a Ride Gatriker. He is currently affiliated with Gekidan Himawari. I try to speak his dialect as properly and naturally as possible. Desast (デザスト, Dezasuto) is a Fenrir/Japanese tiger beetle/"The Singing Bone"-themed hybrid Megid. Los roles de importancia están en negritas. I felt quite upset about Takumi. Interview with Kouki Uchiyama & Tasuku Hatanaka, the main voice actors for TV animation Battery! Japonés When the Megids invaded Earth, Touma lost Luna and much of his childhood memories, but was apparently saved by Daichi, who told him he can decide stories' endings. As Touma's predecessor, Daichi maintains a connection to him and desires to get his powers back so he can reach the mysterious land of Avalon, developing an obsession with him.[7][8][10]. While transformed, he gains sonokinesis and enhanced hearing. Take a visual walk through her career and see 88 images of the characters she's voiced and listen to 1 clip that showcases her performance. 15 years prior to the series' beginning, he saved Touma while facing the original Kamen Rider Calibur, Hayato Fukamiya. - Dive to the Future. Puedes añadirlas así o avisar …   Wikipedia Español, Characters of Kingdom Hearts — A piece of promotional artwork for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ that showcases the main characters of the series; Sora appears twice in the center in two different outfit …   Wikipedia, List of Soul Eater albums — This is a list of albums attributed to the series Soul Eater .inglesResonanceInfobox Single Name = Resonance Caption = CD+Blu ray Disc format cover Artist = T.M.Revolution from Album = Released = June 11 2008 Format = CD onlyCD+DVDCD+Blu ray Disc …   Wikipedia, Kingdom Hearts — This article is about the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Although at this moment, I can’t see what it will be like at the end, with music and sounds added, I am pretty sure it won’t go against everyone’s expectations. Apparently sacrificing himself during the battle, his Brave Dragon Wonder Ride Book eventually fell into Touma's hands. The studio is filled with the passion from Battery. nihongo|Kōki Uchiyama|内山 昂輝|Uchiyama Kōki (August 16, 1990 - ) is a Japanese actor and seiyū from Saitama Prefecture. From left to right: Demyx, Luxord, Xaldin, Xigbar, Axel, Roxas, Xemnas, Xion, Saïx, Marluxia, Lexaeus, Zexion, Larxene, and Vexen. In the present, Daichi released Desast so the latter could rejoin the fight against the Sword of Logos. Unlike the other Megids, he fights the Sword of Logos for pleasure rather than to recreate the world. Kouki Uchiyama: I actually own the original series at home and have memories of reading them in my childhood but I took this opportunity to read them over again. [1][2] Amidst his battles against the Megids, Touma discovers a strange connection to the mysterious Kamen Rider Calibur before discovering Daichi had become Calibur and betrayed the Sword of Logos.[5][8][10]. Today has been Battery’s 20th anniversary since its first issue. Battery will go on air really soon. To me, you seem to be a person who doesn’t bluff while you’re acting. While transformed, he gains aquakinesis and the use of a lion-like familiar for combat assistance. While he’s in an important period when he needs to study for his future, he can’t resist to his true feelings to know more about Takumi. on Ice, Yuu OTOSAKA from Charlotte, Soul EVANS from Soul Eater, and Gin from Hotarubi no … Rintaro utilizes the Lion Senki (ライオン戦記, Raion Senki, Lion War Chronicle) Wonder Ride Book in conjunction with the Seiken SworDriver and unsheathes his main weapon, the Suiseiken Nagare (水勢剣流水, Water Current Sword Flowing Water) transformation sword, from the Seiken SworDriver to transform into Kamen Rider Blades (仮面ライダーブレイズ, Kamen Raidā Bureizu).


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