Anyway, it only took me about five months to share this photo of the young Vesper Sparrow that I have been meaning to share since my trip up to southwest Montana this past summer. A gray junco with gray back, white belly. 5V* in. (16 cm). Sometimes a faint trill. I went birding today around the…, Thank you for your wonderful photos and informative stories. Their loud, trilling songs are one of the most common sounds of spring woodlands and suburbs. Polymorphic; some adults have black and white head stripes, others brown and tan. Calls a hard tik and buzzy zzzeeet. Some particularly brownish young birds may be confused with "Oregon" Junco. Large; size of Fox Sparrow. 6'/4 in. Otherwise suggests slightly largish Savannah Sparrow or grayish Song Sparrow, but has whitish eye-ring. (19 cm). A somewhat skulking species, prefers to be near cover. Some of its well-marked local forms, such as the pale "Ipswich" Sparrow of Atlantic beaches and the blackish "Belding's" Sparrow of western salt marshes, were once regarded as separate species. Chipping Sparrows are common across North America wherever trees are interspersed with grassy openings. Small, short-tailed, flat-headed sparrow found in weedy grasslands. …, I'm sure we all like the idea of 2020 being an anomaly....and…, Happy Thanksgiving! 7 in. 7'A in. "White-winged" Junco breeds in Black Hills region. WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW Common in West, uncommon in East M622. Female and immature duller gray tinged brownish. voice: Song throatier than Song Sparrow's; usually begins with two clear minor notes, followed by two higher ones, similar species: Savannah Sparrow lacks white outer tail feathers and distinct eye-ring. Although its most characteristic feature is a small chestnut patch on the shoulder, it's often hidden from view. Male may have dark hood; female and immature duller. Nice image. Easy to see when singing atop a shrub, but can be very secretive much of the year. 6-6'/i in. Copyright Mia McPherson | All Rights Reserved. voice: Song brilliant and musical; a varied arrangement of short clear notes and sliding whistles. A small, streaky bird of open fields, the Savannah Sparrow often causes confusion for birders because it is so variable. voice: Song a variable series of notes, some musical, some buzzy; usually starts with three or four bright repetitious notes, sweet sweet sweet, etc. This common midsized sparrow has a long rounded tail and heavy breast streaks that merge into a large central spot. Note: Until 1970s this species was divided into four full species in N. America. Breeders in Southwest have bicolored bill. similar species: Hermit Thrush has reddish tail but lacks streaks on back, is thin-billed, spotted, not striped. (16 cm). "Pink-sided" Junco is found from the Rockies westward, south of AK. Nonbreeding: Somewhat duller; darker head stripes varying shades of black, brown, tan. Bill grayish. I have seen very few juvenile Vesper Sparrows and I have just a handful of images of them so when I spot one in good light I certainly want to do my best to photograph it. voice: Song has quavering quality of WTiite-throated Sparrow-clear whistles on same pitch, or one or two at one pitch, the rest slightly-lower; general effect minor. Breeding adult: Black crown, face, and bib encircling pink bill. Other sparrowlike field birds with white tail-sides or corners include pipits, longspurs, ¡uncos, and Lark Sparrow. voice: Song several clear pensive whistles, easily imitated; one or two clear notes, followed by three quavering notes on a different pitch. In summer, its clear musical song may be heard at any time of day; but the naturalist John Burroughs, feeling that it sang most impressively … A very, very Happy Thanksgiving…, How apt that your descriptive-of-2020 image is also a butt shot. voice: Song musical, unjunco-like; more complicated, three-part: chip chip chip, wheedle wheedle, che che che che che. Vesper Sparrows are large grayish brown sparrows with streaked backs and chests, white eye rings and white outer tail feathers. (15-17 cm). habitat: Coniferous forests, pine-oak woods; in winter, some come down to slightly lower elevations in canyons, including at feeders. It also helped that I saw and photographed adult Vesper Sparrows nearby so I knew that they were in the area. In-tergrades are known. Similar to Song Sparrow, but smaller and trimmer, side of face grayer, sharp breast streaks much finer and overlay band of creamy buff'that contrasts with whitish belly and throat; also has narrow whitish eye-ring and buffy mustache. Sometimes I take hundreds or even more than a thousand images in a day and I generally share just a few of those in blog posts the day after I take them. Alarm call wink, habitat: Stunted boreal forests; in winter, brush, hedgerows, open woods. Nonbreeding adult: Black crown scaled with gray, cheeks mostly tan-brown. Call a low, nasal tchep. similar species: Immature Swamp Sparrow has duller breast, with blurry streaks and rustier wing, habitat: Willow and alder thickets, muskeg, brushy bogs; in winter, thickets, bushes, gardens, sometimes feeders. In fall and winter, some of these types intermingle. habitat: Boreal and subalpine scrub, willow thickets, stunted spruces; in winter, similar to that of White-crowned (with which it is often found in mixed flocks), but Golden-crowned favors denser shrubs, particularly chaparral. Walks rather than hops. Immature: Head stripes dark red-brown and light buff. Treated separately, the main subspecies groups are known as follows. They are now lumped as one highly complex species. Beautiful photos are better late than never. Dusky bill. Breeding: A gray-breasted sparrow with white throat and yellow above the lores. Call a sharp pink, similar species: White-throated Sparrow browner, has well-defined white throat, yellow spot before eye, grayish bill. habitat: Wooded undergrowth, brush, feeders. (18 cm). The young sparrow was fluffed up because of the chilly morning temperatures and it was most likely waiting for an adult to bring it food. Sparrow identification can be difficult plus the identification of juvenile sparrows can tax even those very proficient at sparrow ID. 5%-6Vi in. Song Sparrows vary widely in color and size, as shown opposite. Vesper Sparrows are migratory. Immature Golden-crowned Sparrow slightly larger, has duskier bill and underparts, more muted head pattern, dull yellowish forehead. Perched juvenile Vesper Sparrow – Nikon D500, f9, 1/1250, ISO 500, Nikkor 500mm VR with 1.4x TC, natural light. May mix with White-crowned Sparrows in nonbreeding season. Some have gray sides, others rust)' or pinkish. Do not download, display, PIN, print, hotlink, reproduce or use my images without my permission. Call varies by type, a sharp chink (type 4) to flatter chup. Even though I can’t see the rufous lesser coverts in this photo I can see the white eyering, the white outer tail feathers, longish tail plus the streaked back and chest found in Vesper Sparrow adults which aided me in my identification of this juvenile sparrow. Many subspecies; can be roughly divided into four basic types, with breeding range noted: (1) "Red" subspecies: bright rusty with rusty back stripes (northern and eastern); (2) "Sooty" subspecies: dusky or sooty head, back (unstreaked), and upper breast (Northwest coast); (3) "Slate-colored" subspecies: gray-headed and gray-backed (unstreaked), yellowish-based bill (Rockies, Great Basin); and (4) "Thick-billed" subspecies: similar to 3 but large-billed (southern Cascades, CA mountains). Rufous patch on back of otherwise pale to medium gray plumage, with gray sides and gray head, dark lores. Many different subspecies are recognized by taxonomists. WHITE-THROATED SPARROW Common in East, rare in West M620. Bend of wing chestnut (often difficult to see). After hatching, a young bird’s first plumage is called “natal down”. (17 cm). They have orange bills and pale lores. HARRIS'S SPARROW Zonotrichia querula Uncommon M621. Broad grayish eyebrow. This species comprises multiple subspecies, which exhibit variation in color of lores (whitish or black) and bill (orangey, pinkish, or yellowish). Beautiful photo! voice: Song a loose trill, suggestive of Chipping Sparrow but more musical.


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