What happens when an organisation treats accessibility like user experience, and builds a transformation around it from the word ‘go’? Source: BrightEdge (Disclosure: BrightEdge is my employer), Ninety-four percent of marketers are focusing on their data and analytics capabilities, personalization technologies and customer profile data management capabilities to deliver personalized customer experiences. Although the word ‘Personalization’ looks to be a normal term, the wonder it creates in the marketing field is mesmerizing. Edelman Digital describes this process as experience planning that helps to build content and messages from the customer’s perspective. [CMSWire Webinar] The Future of Work is Here: Is Your IT Help Desk Ready? What Makes XLPE Insulation so Special for Users? Impressing each one in the target group is significant to increase profitability. Personalization makes your marketing useful There is an overload of content, products and services out there. Source: Gartner, Eighty-one percent of consumers want brands to understand them better and know when and when not to approach them. As an industry we need to really accept the current consumer behaviors that exist and the drivers behind this. ensure that content and messages reach the right customer at the right time in the right format and on the right channel. These days with the wealth of implicit and explicit customer data available to marketers, the opportunities afforded by personalisation have changed beyond recognition. The concept of personalization falls into multiple categories: customer service, sales and marketing. Advancing technology can now facilitate a much more unique approach online, enabling hotels to collect and analyse vast amounts of guest data in order to tailor their offering. After it’s joint venture switchover in 2011, Co-operative Travel has seen a 95% increase in visitors and 217% increase in revenue once it started implementing personalisation onitsr website. This is hardly surprising. ||, Create a great impact among the target audience. Personalization goes beyond brand awareness, and organizations should think deeply about how they approach persona marketing. Marketing automation offers deep personalisation and dynamic content. It’s the perfect win-win — if executed correctly. As customers use connected devices more and more, it develops new ways to connect and engage with customers – which all ties into personalised digital marketing. Guests need to be given proper incentives to book with a hotel direct, whether through special deals or bonus services limited to direct bookings. Do share your thoughts and observations here, I’d love to write a second article with a broader set of views. Yes, it’s important and will be increasingly important in the future. Anita is a long time tech start-up marketer and has had the great fortune of driving marketing programs through the early stages of a startup all the way to IPO and acquisition. The end user will absolutely enjoy the service hence the user experience improves talking your business to the positive direction. There is a heavy competition prevailing out in the world in almost every field. Monthly Editorial Calendar Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily MarTech Today. Generalised content can be promoted to customers at the beginning of the funnel, with more specific content based upon their behaviour or chosen products being sent to them further down the line. Below are some statistics to highlight this point and the importance of personalization: Five years ago, the most you could expect was a messages that made a website visitor feel like they were being spoken to, with phrases like ‘Glad to have you back’ being used to develop a ‘relationship’.


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