I read a Roman-style version of the Odyssey in school. Work Cited The writing style of The Iliad is clear and poetic in the sense that most of the descriptions of the words are very clear and direct which is written in his own distinctive language. 1996. Actual history? 05 Dec. Summarystory.com provides students with professional writing and editing assistance. I always loved how the Iliad went into detail about everything, which really appeals to me, with the lists of the combatants and how many people came from where being of particular interest. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is a moderated subreddit. His unified sensibility, originality and the consistent use of themes, imagery, and symbols throughout the poem are also useful techniques that a writer can employ in his/ her writing. His similes are simple and deal with the natural world in a direct manner, “…Gasping out his life as he writhed along the ground / like an earthworm stretched out in death, blood pooling, / soaking the earth dark red…” (Homers Iliad and Odyssey Page). You must log in or register to reply here. The Odyssey is a crowd-pleaser for its fantastic trials and romantic plot, but I think The Iliad is a more interesting lens for Bronze Age and Hellenistic culture, and lends itself to more layers of interpretation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Almost every named character is a total bad-ass. Like there probably was a city around the area of Troy that got sacked? “It has influenced the literature of the entire world and continues to do so to a remarkable extent—both in the high culture and in popular culture” (Johnston para. 1). In the poem, we can see the mastery of Homer’s epic similes. Apart from the similes, many elements hold constant throughout the poem which makes the poem “formulaic”. Lecture on the Odyssey. These similes are featured throughout the poem and it can be said that they are indeed the central themes in almost all the chapters and scenes. But personally I prefer the prevelance of Gods and monsters, and the standard Hero's journey of The Odyssey. The Iliad is cool because of the actual history in it. The most significant symbolism used in the poem is the great bow which symbolizes strength, Laertess Shroud which symbolizes female deceptions and the sea which symbolizes life. Castiel Retired Staff. The Iliad. The Odyssey and the Iliad are called epic poems, a term which is derived from the Greek words of poetry. The Illiad to me was more entertaining and had a better overall plot and theme, and the characters intregued me much more. His writing technique can be used not only in poetry but in fiction writing as well. From both the epic poems it can be seen that the hallmarks of the Homeric style are the epithet, which is a combination of a descriptive phrase and a noun. Welcome to the forums! The Iliad. The Iliad is about the incident of the famous tenth war of the Trojan wars, concentrating on the great warrior known as Achilles. It's a more entertaining read. The Iliad vs The Odyssey Discussion in 'Reader's Corner' started by Castiel, Jan 19, 2008. illiad had more brutal violence and mayhem, it wins. The Odyssey is good, but the Iliad is next level. Yup, this is me as well. The Odyssey although a classic and a good piece of literature by any means, it didn't really captivate my interest all that much. It's not a qualitative judgment, just a judgment on the preference between ages. Homers Iliad and Odyssey Page. Homer relies heavily on the use of symbolism, imagery, and allegory to describe in detail about the journey. The Illiad is pretty good, but it's a bit dry in places, and it goes on too long. Meh...The Odessy seemed to be a little more magical and adventrous. The use of a simple, yet powerful simile can be used in fiction writing to enhance the descriptions. Iliad vs Odyssey Khi nói đến thơ ca sử thi, Iliad và Odyssey là hai cái tên bắt đầu nghĩ đến. The Iliad is much better in my opinion, the scope of time is minimized significantly but this makes for a much more thorough look into the characters and plot development. The way Homer gives a mini synopsis of a warriors life before he gets his brains shattered is especially gut wrenching. I've found that a lot of people who study both deeply follow this trend -- and that it begins to reverse itself as people get even older (into marriage and middle age), with a return to a preference for the Odyssey. Oracle Think Quest. There's the struggle of the younger generation trying to find themselves by doing something similar to their fathers (the sack of Thebes) but on a much larger scale.


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