During 7th and 8th grades, students must also participate in the school's science fair; the fair is optional for older students. New York State Resident © All Rights Reserved. It includes the tuition & fees, books & supplies costs, room & board charges, and other living expenses. Registration InformationStudent can view registration and payment dates as well as other basic important information by semester. 63 students (0.37% of the enrolled undergraduate students) have received grant or scholarships aid and the average amount is $8,109. During the 1998–2001 era, an unusual concentration of athletic talent led the basketball team deep into the PSAL playoffs for 3 consecutive seasons. Hunter's sports teams are extremely competitive given the school's size; several, including both Girls' and Boys' Volleyball, Swimming, Wrestling, Fencing, Golf, Tennis, and Lacrosse are usually among the top 10 in the city. Hunter is publicly funded, and there is no tuition fee. In the 2019 season, the Boys' Middle School Soccer Team won the City Championships, and in the 2020 season, the Boys' Varsity Soccer Team reached the Manhattan Championships, but lost to Middle College High School in penalty kicks, 4-3. The Hunter Chess Team has won numerous tournaments and championships. Prospective students must take an exam before kindergarten and pass in order to be eligible for HCES. The Hunter theater program is an active one, often with a season of four main-stage productions and many other showcase productions. According to the school, "students accepted to Hunter represent the top one-quarter of 1% of students in New York City, based on test scores." Both teams made deep playoff runs, with basketball losing in the second round, and baseball upsetting the second seeded team and losing in the quarterfinals. Full-time Students. [34], In the 2012 season, the Boys' Middle School Soccer Team were the Citywide PSAL Champions winning the finals against Salk. Undergraduate Minor in Community Organizing. All Rights Reserved. Although most of the armory building was demolished, the armory's facade, including two empty towers, was left partly standing on Madison Avenue. Girls all the way from fourteen to twenty years of age, from the farther edge of childhood to the farther limit of maidenhood; girls with every shade of complexion and degree of beauty; girls in such variety that it was amazing to contemplate the reduction of their individuality to the simple uniformity of their well-drilled movements. The graduate 2020-2021 estimated tuition & fees at Hunter College is $11,727 for New York residents and $21,446 for out-of-state students. Enrollment is approximately 1200 students. The Hunter College High School Collection highlights the establishment and growth of a highly prestigious high school in New York City from 1911 to 2010. Students may also audition for Junior Orchestra (grades 7–8, except in special cases) or Senior Orchestra (grades 9–12, except in special cases), which perform in the two semi-annual concerts at Hunter, the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert. Theatre Review (theater), "Food For Thought" (recipes, restaurant reviews, and food-interest stories), and Polyglot (foreign language literature). There is more to the cost of education than just tuition and fees. 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In addition to these, the hall of the graduating class becomes off limits to all but members of said graduating class. 1 Tuition based on taking 15 credits per semester. [27][28] These sports are cross-country (boys' and girls' varsity), soccer (boys' varsity, junior varsity and middle school and girls' varsity and middle school), swimming (boys' and girls' varsity and co-ed middle school), volleyball (boys' varsity and girls' varsity, junior varsity and middle school), golf (coed and girls' varsity), basketball (boys have two middle school teams, one junior varsity team, and one varsity team, while the girls' have one middle school and one varsity team), indoor track (boys' and girls' varsity, middle school, and recently it was extended to the elementary school as well), outdoor track (boys' and girls' varsity, middle school and elementary), baseball (boys' middle school and varsity), softball (girls' middle school and varsity), lacrosse (boys' and girls' varsity and junior varsity), tennis (boys' and girls' varsity), ultimate (boys' and girls' varsity), bowling (Co-Ed varsity), fencing (boys' and girls' varsity), badminton (boys' and girls' varsity), handball (coed varsity) and wrestling (boys' and girls' varsity and co-ed middle school). represents the student body. ***The estimated 2020-2021 costs are based on the costs change rate of last year. Click here to learn more. But, concerns remain about the lack of diversity at the school where only 6.3 percent of the student body is Hispanic and 2.2 percent African American (67% of NYC public school children are black or Hispanic). [2][3][4] The New York Times called Hunter "the prestigious Upper East Side school known for its Ivy League-bound students" and "the fast track to law, medicine and academia. The middle school team also won first place at the 2019 Middle School National Championship Tournaments.


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