Small business, gas stations with medium traffic, home theatres. Pressure builds inside the shell and continues to build to well over 100 pounds per square inch! ( if your popcorn maker came with a measuring cup like the one in the picture, make sure to place the measuring cup over the hole on top of the popcorn maker.) whirly pop kits are the exact formulation for movie popcorn. But there is a reason why Scotch is blended. Thanks again. Love your passion for popcorn! The Popper If you are using Coco-Pop to pop your corn, you’re already getting a dose of butter flavor, so flavored salt is somewhat less important, but if you’re using natural coconut oil, you might want the extra flavor shot from the salt. I am happy that there is a popper on the market . Popcorn Machines for Fun and Profit features a great variety of popcorn machines for home theaters, party-fun, and for commercial use. If that turns you on, eat away, but again, let’s not sully the good name of a good snack by calling this rubbish “popcorn.”. Salt Listen for popping sound to stop. This doesn't mean that you can't use a 12-ounce machine in a home theatre to impress friends and family, the numbers are merely a guide for how many ounces the machine will pop. Your email address will not be published. Making popcorn at home as a kid always frustrated me, because the one thing I could never get right was the salt. Before a marketing company decided it should carry the Redenbacher name, it was called RedBow Popcorn: Red for Orville Redenbacher, and Bow for Charlie Bowman, the man you’ve never heard of.). Just hook your thumb over the top while you hold the handle with the rest of your hand. - 20oz. Of all the oils I’ve used, coconut oil makes the very best corn. Popcorn does not come in pre-popped bags. If we use a pot with a heavy metal bottom, it’s not going to be easy to cool it down quickly. You got everything exactly right! Also have your oil and salt ready. I will try your slightly different techniques and products and see what I come up with. It is without a doubt the best inexpensive industrial design I’ve ever seen, and it makes perfect popcorn. In fact, it’s inexpensive, simple, and human-powered. If you ever make it over here I’ll do you a good Roast. I've had wonderful results with the Presto Poplite, Ghee, and flavacol. One more secret though! This is the tried - and - true original popcorn salt! On LouAna website they are selling Pop-lite, have you used this oil? As an aside, the crows are smart. popcorn machines are good for school concession stands and areas with high volume traffic, such as busy bank lobbies. I have an air popper that makes the toughest, chewiest popcorn I’ve ever attempted to eat (the birds and squirrels will eat anything). I learned so much, and now know why I haven’t had a decent bowl of popcorn in forty years. Real butter wouldn't give you the movie theatre flavor though. Here is a link to their tutorial videos where you can watch how the magic happens: However, popcorn, in addition to having a nice, savory, salty taste, is even better with butter. If you take popcorn seriously buy this. The pure salt is white, and the flavored products generally have a yellow (annatto) color. 26% OFF. Key Features: Size: 992 Grams Finer flake, not a crystal More of a salt sensat Don’t burn yourself — the kettle will be very steamy and the popcorn quite hot. On an electric range, you will want between 3/4 and full heat. It needs to have either no flavor or a flavor that complements the corn’s taste. Generally, the Scots usually get it right . I’m talking about the Whirley-Pop, made by Wabash Valley Farms and available everywhere (even on for about twenty bucks. I just pop it in bacon fat (or duck fat if I have it on hand), salt it, and it's good to go. Add premeasured corn into the kettle. But since the salt isn’t oil-soluble, it pretty much stays out of the cooking equation. Flavacol can be your secret ingredient to great tasting popcorn. When you hear the first pop, continue agitating, giving a quick side to side shaking motion every few seconds to keep the kernels evened out on the bottom. I happen to be a huge popcorn fan. It’s also pretty expensive when compared with bulk popcorn, and it’s the only widely available high-end popcorn. It must be thin enough at high temperature to evenly coat the kernels as they pop, but firm enough at room temperature that it doesn’t make a gooey mess when you’re eating. The crank will get harder to turn under the weight of the popped corn. popcorn machines and 16 oz. What a find? If we heat the kernel unevenly, we’ll burn one side of the shell. A company called LouAna has the answer in the form of a product called Coco-Pop. You should consider yourself a professional! Fill a 1/2 cup measuring cup with popcorn kernels until they’re level with the top of the cup. I’ve been looking for some kind of guidance on making good popcorn. Such wonderful information! Oil for popping popcorn needs to have some very specific properties. It’s consistently mediocre. The “Stir-Crazy” popper from West Bend has a rotating wire that keeps the kernels rolling around until they pop. Bought one online. To the cup with the popcorn, add 1 level teaspoon of popcorn salt or Flavacol. Close lid and allow to pop. 2. Plus we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest deals! We’ve got to keep the kernels moving so that they’ll heat evenly on all sides and not burn or scorch. My 3 kids LOVE their popcorn and they all agreed it was the best they’ve had. – Fold over the top of the bad. Box 5291, Poland, OH 44514. I store my popcorn in ziploc bags, sealed tightly after squeezing out as much air as possible. Popcorn tastes best when eaten just minutes after it’s popped, before it’s had a chance to absorb moisture from the air and become chewy and stale, and while it’s still slightly warm. Make sure the popcorn maker is unplugged before you do any of the following. When in doubt, choose the larger of the two machines because you can always pop less, but you don't want to overfill your kettle to pop more as this damages the gear block and internal kettle mechanisms of the machine over time. people are currently looking at this product. It’s less expensive that way, and if stored properly, popcorn has a wonderfully long shelf life. I feel all enlightened now (and peckish!) I have never used “test kernals”, but you can bet I will next time! When I click on the web address for I’m redirected to a website called “” Is their popcorn the same as Ellis Blue Ribbon popcorn? Redenbacher had been working on developing the ideal popping corn since high school. Ellis Blue Ribbon Popcorn Company Popcorn is everywhere. Wait until you hear the first of the three kernels pop. I always thought cooking with salt in the kettle with the corn made the corn tough or chewy. After reading this blog, I went on a hunt for the Whirley Pop popcorn popper (I live in Vancouver, BC Canada). – Add 1/4 cup popcorn. A bowl of the good stuff once every week or two is infinitely preferable to a bowl of microwave-irradiated sponges daily, for me. It’ll still have excellent popping properties, but you’ll have to drizzle on real melted butter after popping. Thanks! If you're going to make popcorn often this makes it so much easier. I still have 5 gallon metal Lou anns buckets i use till this day for lugging stuff around. Blue Ribbon corn is the best. Copyright © 2020 My Life, h4cK3D!. Buy an oil sprayer like this and then fill it with liquid coconut oil. Popcorn Popcorn salt is different from table salt. High quality ingredients and the proper equipment are the key to perfect popcorn. Regular price This is in homage to the original name of the strain of popcorn he and his partner developed. The moisture does not evaporate over time because the shell is, for all practical purposes, hermetically sealed. What’s left behind is a puff formed by the foamed, then cooled starch. Single Malts taste awful. Powered by WordPress and Stargazer. If you pop yourself right into your first heart attack, consider this my disclaimer: I accept no responsibility for any ill effects you may experience through the use of my popcorn knowledge. Shop our range now. For the health-conscious, this simply means that a harm reduction strategy needs to be employed: don’t eat popcorn every day.


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