Cradle cap in babies is nothing to panic about, but it isn’t pleasant and as parents we just want it to go away. At our salon, we created a scalp treatment for use after performing Mundan Cermeonies ( A Hindu ritual at around one years old, which involves shaving the entire head and collecting the hair as an offering to the Gods. On this page, we will share with you some tips on how to treat cradle cap. What cradle cap looks like. Since this condition is due to over-activity of sebaceous gland. If your baby’s cradle cap is severe, doesn’t respond to home treatments, or spreads to your baby’s face or body then see a pediatrician. At best, you may try and keep your baby’s scalp clean. Allow the oil to stay on the area for ten minutes. Cradle Cap Cautions. But no worries – There are a few options you can choose from to cure cradle cap in your baby fast. However, there are ways to treat cradle cap. Once cradle cap is treated, it rarely comes back. You can treat the symptoms (the flaky skin), but it may take a while for the condition to completely disappear. Those big chunky yellow flakes that appear on your baby’s scalp can be pretty stubborn. For my son, I have tried … Even if you don’t treat the cradle cap, it usually clears up on its own after 8 months. The first step in treating cradle cap is applying oil. it usually corrects itself once the glands settle down to normal activity. It also helps soothe any discomfort your little one might be experiencing. When massaging or brushing your baby’s scalp to remove scales, make sure you do so very gently so you do not further inflame the problem areas. This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through these links (at no extra cost to you). The solution to dealing with cradle cap is gently massage baby’s scalp with oil and then scrape off gently with soft bristles comb. Thanks for your support. Although the cradle cap is harmless it may seem uncomfortable for the baby. It may get itchy. Apply Oil to Scalp. The cradle cap cream works to prevent and eliminate cradle cap. In other words, it’s more of an aesthetic nuisance that stresses mom out more that the little one. Treatment of cradle cap. Looking for a way to treat cradle cap is an issue many new moms have to deal with when their infant is only a few months old. Cradle Cap Treatment: How to Treat and Get Rid of Cradle Cap with Pure Coconut Oil Doctors agree that any number of ointments, oils and lotions can be used to treat cradle cap. The oil should be gently rubbed in a circular motion, to the affected areas. If your baby still has soft spots, you must take extra care in these areas to not push down. There is no proven treatment for cradle cap. How to treat cradle cap fast . The good news is, in many cases cradle cap is gone within a few months even If you leave it on its own. Not only that, but it normally doesn’t bother the baby at all. 9) Be Patient Remember that cradle cap is the manifestation of an imbalance inside your baby’s body.


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