Only after that will you be able to make other plans on how to pack and move a mattress. Take a measuring tape and determine the size of your mattress. Lift one end while your partner slides the mattress bag over the mattress. Only after that will you be able to make other plans on how to pack and move a mattress. If you can afford it, we also suggest hiring movers due to a lot of benefits of professional packing services. Even better, if you own a steam cleaner, you can use it instead. This rule is not without exceptions but we will not talk about those here. Take a closer look at your bed mattress – do you see any soiled, worn, torn or caved-in areas? Excellent service.We moved across town last week and these guys did a great job. For single mattresses that is not the issue, but for king size beds, it can be challenging. If it’s 10 years old or you don’t have the faintest idea, it may be the right time to get rid of the old mattress and purchase a new one after moving into the new home. Just to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to place it in a spot with direct sunlight for a few hours. This is why moving companies like Gibraltar Van Lines are here, to make your life easier. Make sure you secure the help of at least one other helper, preferably two. Remember that mattresses are rather expensive and you should view them as investments for a healthier and happier you. What is really important is that you under no circumstances fold your mattress. Using a mattress bag - Find a mattress bag for moving that fits the size of your mattress and the box spring either from moving company or from a store that sells packing supplies. Try carrying your mattress in sideways or at an angle to make it fit. Drag Your Mattress. See also: Is it better to move furniture or buy new after the move? How to prevent accidents and injuries when moving house, Self Moving Tips for Do-It-Yourself Moves, How to pack stuffed animals (plush toys) for moving. Interested in learning how to move a mattress on the top of your car? You can probably move the mattress with the fitted sheet and … Your back will be grateful for a comfortable surface to lay and sleep on. Before you begin to package and move the mattress, it needs to be lifted off of the bed frame or box spring it’s been resting on. Make sure the path is absolutely clear of clutter and obstacles, and that there are no dusty or wet areas on the ground along the pathway. Copyright 2014-2020 Carry the mattress to the moving vehicle Position the protected mattress sideways on its longer side. In order to take it out of your apartment or a house, you need to know if it will actually go through your door. Without a doubt, the easiest way to have your bed mattress packed and transported to the new residence is to hire professional movers to do it for you. If you just moved to a new house or apartment with a baby or toddler,... Good planning is essential for the success of any project – especially so when it... Do you have to tip movers? Also, in some places, it is illegal to transport a mattress on the top of your car so if you get stopped by the police, you will most likely be fined for unsafe driving. The quality of your sleep is very important for your general health. Make sure that the mattress doesn't touch the floor as you place it inside the carton/bag as it might damage the mattress. With king-size mattresses it can be hard to navigate due to their size and weight, that is why you need friends helping you out. Before you can even start worrying about how to pack your mattress for moving and how to transport it safely to the new home, you need to know that you’re not making a mistake. Use all the manpower you’ve got to load the protected mattress into the moving vehicle. Start walking slowly and cautiously in the direction of the moving vehicle as each of you keeping their free hand on the mattress for extra stability. Once sealed, look for … This might take all day with all the phases, but it will be worth it. Spring mattresses can be positioned flat or sideways. Follow the steps below to pack your mattress for a move: Step 1. My movers cancelled last minute. You need to keep it flat, or maybe on the side with nothing on top of it. If you have sunny weather outside, by all means, take it outside, to breathe and soak some sunbeams. Also, if you’ve been having unexplainable backaches lately, they may be directly linked to the deteriorated state of your old mattress. What can also serve its purpose is a van. What you need is a cover and a bag for the mattress. When you pack and move a king size mattress, buy a mattress cover, it is not too expensive (about 10 dollars or even less). The bigger the mattress, the bigger the problem to pack and move it. As soon as you start unpacking the boxes, prioritize unpacking the mattress. But before you’re ready to learn the best way to move a mattress, the initial step is to assess the condition of your valuable bed accessory and decide if it’s worth moving it in the first place. If you’re using a rented moving van or a (borrowed) pick-up truck, then place the bed mattress against the side and secure it with pieces of rope to immobilize it. Cover completely your bed mattress with blankets, then use packing tape, stretch wrap or pieces of twine or rope to secure those protective blankets. Regardless of the size of your mattress (queen-size mattress or king-size mattress), you’ll definitely be able to fit it into a rented moving truck. Put the plastic cover over the mattress. So, if you’ve made up your mind NOT to hire experienced furniture movers, then you’re going to have to rely on your good pals for assistance on the day of the move. Now that you’ve packed your mattress for moving, it’s time to move it to the new home. If your mattress has handles, then use those instead of straps or rope. A plastic cover will protect the mattress from dirt and some damages. All removable parts can be packed separately for easier transport. This rule is not without exceptions but we will not talk about those here. If you have a quality bed frame by all means take with you. Even with disassembling, some pieces of furniture will still be large and odd in shape in a way that you need to be extra careful. After that, some vacuuming will be preferable. This very question seems to worry millions of Americans... Moving is a physically and emotionally exhausting process that can take its toll on your body and your nerves. In most cases, furniture is disassembled as much as possible. The back of the van can be wide and long enough for a mattress if you take down the back seats. Mattresses should be an investment, but you should never be cheap when it comes to them. Take a measuring tape and determine the size of your mattress. You need to use special covers or blankets in order to safely move it from one place to another. Make an assessment of what is it that you cannot do without, and which things are in a good shape. It does leave your mattress exposed, but if you are moving during dry weather and pack your mattress properly, should be fine. First of all, get someone to help you. Which type of vehicle you will use will definitely depend on the size of your mattress. Place a moving strap or a piece of rope under one of its corners, then have your helper do the same on the other side. One obvious reason is that you cannot just pack it in a box and move on. Important: How to prevent accidents and injuries when moving house. If the big and heavy mattress falls off the car roof, it can easily get damaged or worse – it can cause a serious car accident in which other people may get injured. If you are moving house, no need to bring absolutely everything. Be smart and don’t take any unnecessary risks. Also remove any blankets or quilts. The fourth option is hiring professionals who will use their vehicle and transport the mattress safely to a new location. Unwritten rules state that mattresses should be examined for signs of damage and decrease in quality every 5-7 years. Unpacking will not be as complex as packing and moving a mattress. Max, Qua, Rob and Tito were professional and courteous and above all very careful with all our belongings. You’ll want to use blankets that you can part with if they get … If you can’t find a suitable moving vehicle or if no friend is available to offer you the help you need, get a cost estimate from a moving company to move your mattress to the new home and thus stay on the safe side of things. Put the cover over the mattress and then place it in the plastic mattress bag. Would be great if you can find one of those. The best vehicles for transporting mattresses are rentals DIY moving trucks. As mentioned above, try to fit your mattress into your SUV vehicle by folding its back seats. Slowly, all the air will be sucked out, and then after that, you’ll see the mattress compress to a fraction of its original height. The bigger the mattress, the bigger the problem to pack and move it. You and your friend should lift the heavy mattress simultaneously and check whether the weight is distributed evenly so that the load stays balanced at all times. How to pack a mattress for moving. Memory foam mattresses and gel mattresses should always be transported flat to avoid damage. And since we’ve already explained in detail how to pack a mattress for moving, here we’ll turn your attention to a piece of packing material that you just need to have to make it all work.


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