‍Whether used for commercial purposes or personal use, our video maker app allows you to create professionally designed animated videos online in just minutes, straight from your web browser. A professional whiteboard animation video of 30 seconds – 1 minute sells for around $75 – $150 They take you probably an hour to knock up and they require virtually no extra effort once you've uploaded them. It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty As animation filmmaking is also growing day by day you can draw the attention towards your animated video. In my opinion, selling stock imagery is one of the easiest ways for a 3d artist to make money online. When we launch our next short Tasteful it will be much easier for us to sell it (since we’ve been talking about it for such a long time and have been building a following for the past 3 years) compared to someone who simply releases their short out of thin air. Sites like Society6 let you upload designs and then sell a large verity of products with those designs. How Much Money Can You Make for Animation?. Here’s why it’s not the most effective method, though: Let’s say you make 2 animated shorts per year, which is INCREDIBLY hard to do. The more popular YouTube animators often resort to a limited animation style, more similar to an animatic, and almost always in 2D. Here is the list of some of our favorite YouTube animation channels. Post your animated videos at settled (well established) channels which will enable you to get viewers and supporters in extensive numbers. This will give you acknowledgement in the film business. This is what I’ve done since the beginning. Having said that, there are ways to monetize making films, and here are a few you can consider. Anything from mugs to posters to hoodies. Get lifetime access to our entire course library including any future releases. Your total revenue for that year will then be around $10,ooo. Speaking of, have you seen our Tasteful mug? ‍ It doesn't have to be.‍ The days of struggling with Adobe After Effects editing software are over. Just like selling on Amazon, the big advantage here is the exposure to a large pool of primed viewers, willing to pay to watch quality films. Participate in film celebrations. Then, let’s say each short gets 5 Million views by some stroke of luck from the virality God. Best way is to use it as a stepping stone and gain some additional freelance animation project that pays you. Get 30 Second Animated Video for Only $199! much the same layout and design. Say you sell it for $5, you will only need 2000 views to get to that $10,000 figure we talked about earlier. So, you get the traffic and cash from pre-roll and banner ads inside your videos. All that subscription in large number through a known site. Animation Software: Which One Should You Use? For example: When we release Tasteful we will be selling an art-of book with concept art, character designs etc. In the event that you don’t have your own audience, adding yourself to an extensive accessible site (Searchable source) of movies may be a decent method to discover your clients or your target audience. Uploading making-of videos, tutorials and production-vlogs. They pay via Payoneer and PayPal. Yet, this by itself isn’t sufficient. This method is the simplest one, but probably the least effective. Get started before it’s too late! Make your own YouTube channel and viral your video. Selling your animated short directly to your audience can be much more profitable. Surely, there's no way to make money from anime. A professional whiteboard animation video of 5 minutes sells for around $200 – $300. And again, that’s with the unlikely scenario of managing to produce 2 very popular animated shorts in one year. You make money from your videos uploaded to DailyMotion and videos embed on your website. For those who have absolutely no idea what I have been rambling on about, check these out: Rurouni Kenshin, Attack on Titan, Naruto, and Sailor Moon. Toon Boom Harmony vs Flash (Adobe Animate): Which…, 10 Top YouTube Animation Channels (2016 Edition), 3 Animation Books Every Animator Should Own. You only need a computer system and an internet connection to start earning money right from your home by providing Whiteboard Animation Video Services Online. Without expecting a budgetary advantage, why you want to know? You require no less than 80 people into your channel before you begin earning. While we chose to compose something about this point, one thing that we write about is– Never compose something that is not understandable. Copyright © 2020 Bloop Animation Studios LLC, Animation for Beginners (Where do I start? Where to start. Generally, advertising industry offers goood freelance animation projects. These two factors create a lot of difficulty for animators, since it takes such a long time to create a short animation, and it’s usually pretty short. So, I don’t like to … Fill out this brief form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your project. What’s more, why you didn’t use the accessible business possibilities for gaining cash from your animated videos. If you only upload your shorts you will have a hard time getting traction, but if you create some momentum around it with other content, you will have an easier time growing on YouTube. Developing short film industry now offers a bigger number of choices than it did a couple of years back. Here are some of the ways you can sell your short directly to your audience: Probably the easiest and cheapest solution for the less tech-savvy people, or for those who does not have a large audience.


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