This Instructable will describe a very simple process for increasing the range of a wireless BBQ thermometer. After completing the xmit mod my range did improve about 2X. Just make sure you end up with a nice solid connection. Tighten all 6 screws on the back of case and we're ready to test! What is the reflection of the story the mats by francisco arcellana? on Introduction, silicanghost...Did the mod and it works, but I'd really like to find a retractable antenna. b.) I'm not sure if that would help or hinder the range though. ), 9 years ago I'm very happy! With both mods, 50 ft and a couple of walls still makes it iffy. Now a 1% increase in temperature again gives a 1%increase in volume but this doubles the amount in the tube and so gives a change in the height of 100% not 1%. If you are 13 years old when were you born? If you need to buy something I would look for 22 gauge non-coated copper wire, something like this should work great: Derek. Cut a piece of your 22awg wire to exactly 6.7". 6.7" of 22 gauge copper or steel wire on Introduction. on Introduction. Were done! When this happens it's worth while to search on the FCC ID of the product. Thanks!! If you're the one designing the thermometer, you could make it How will understanding of attitudes and predisposition enhance teaching? How do you increase the range of a thermometer. I'm not a chef, but love to cook. Not finding anything, I re-soldered my antenna and ran enough solder between the gap. You still may get improved performance with a longer or even shorter antenna, but it won't be maximum efficiency. Reply It now easily goes through walls (within reason) and you should receive a much stronger signal while in your house (pretty much anywhere). One way to increase the range of a walkie talkie is to increase the elevation of the set. Would this be feasible? Very informative and practical. The case halves can now be safely pulled apart and the PCB removed (again, be careful you don't drop that LCD when pulling apart. Materialsa.) 22 gauge is perfect because it will bend and stay in place. What is the conflict of the story sinigang by marby villaceran? If you want to purchase a thermometer I highly recommend the same one I used (Maverick RediChk Model ET-73) here: Thanks for this instructable. Since that didn't work, I thought there may be a copper wire running under the silver. Reply If you're having trouble and want to try modding the receiver too, open up the receiver, and you'll see a small circle of (about the size of a dime) on the PCB near the top of the board. Remove the 6 screws on the back of the transmitter. Thanks for the feedback! It would probably require the use of a microcontroller (like an Arduino) to hijack and re-interpret the LCD output to drive LEDs. on Introduction. After I researched it a bit, I learned that the antenna length should be matched with the frequency of the crystal for best performance (and in some cases, for it to work at all). It works like a charm!!! When done, carefully thread the antenna through the hole. Before the mod, mine had a range of about 15 feet (through one sliding glass door), after the mod I tested at least 100 feet through 3 or 4 walls. Carefully bend wire as needed and align so the on/off switch fits back in hole. Blue arrow is what I believe to be the receiver antenna. Oh well, it works great for me now as-is! I would not have attempted this without your instruction. Tools Needed I tried this mod, but was really bummed when it didn't work for me. Be careful not to lose the screws or rubber washers. Double check wires (make sure nothing broke...which happened to me more than once). Why such an exact length? It can be seen and ordered here: Flip case over (so face is up) and insert TX push button (see pic below). Try finding a retractable antenna that meets those specs and see how it works. More to come in the near future! Reply You should continue to conduct a full test with both probes to confirm connectivity on their internal wires. Gently bend to adjust if necessary. It worked so well that I didn't bother looking into the retractable antenna again. Red arrow is where I soldered my wire. (See image. Put the thermometer near a light and wait a few seconds until it reaches a temperature of 38°C or 39° C (100 °F or 102°F), approximately. Because antenna length is directly tied to the operating frequency (433.92Mhz) in which the device was designed for. My house has Hardy cement siding, I think that really is a block to this device. Re-attach PCB using 4 screws (carefully align LED). Thanks for any help! I did it EXACTLY how it's posted here, checked it 3 times, and I know I didn't make any mistakes. Now I can read my grill temp through a 3 course brick wall, two interior plaster walls, all about 35 ft away. Secure the 6 back case screws with rubber washers (if not done already). One Antenna Tube Also apply a small drop to the inside of the antenna tube cap. If it is coated (as mine was) you will just have to sand the paint off one end for soldering. Set the PCB in place where it is going to be (when reassembled) and eyeball where the hole needs to go. Glad it worked out well for you! This is all public information but not typically indexed by search engines. To increase the range, you would have … Do you have any other comments where I might have messed up? Glad it worked out well for you. This operates at 433MHz (again, info I extracted from the FCC search). Sandpaper or some type of file (an emery board would even work) on Introduction. Climbing a tree or a hill can increase the range significantly. Bends and spikes in a cold solder joint can affect the overall impedance and as a result, the overall performance.I say give it a try and report back on how it works! While one could argue that the antenna tube isn't necessary, I really think it is after going through one revision of this project without it. Thanks a lot for this instructable! Apply small amount of super glue to outside top of antenna. 2 years ago. There is a specific formula used to calculate the length which is what I used to derive 6.7". Thanks for this information! That was actually in my original plans for the mod (I still have the antennas which I bought from Radio Shack). If I had better equipment (such as an oscilloscope) I could probably figure out the exact length that would be ideal for this device. on Introduction. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Some antennas are designed to work at specific frequencies. Increase the temperature by 1% would increase volume by 1% and the height in the tube by 1% But suppose there is a large bulb containing 99% of the mercury and the tube only holds 1%. This was the case for for me. If you've got an existing thermometer, there's not much you can This will also void your warranty! on Introduction. Push into hole. I walked around my entire house without loosing signal at all. 10 years ago 11 years ago You won't need the very small rubber piece that is used to secure small wire antennas with RC cars. Question- can you give a resource or formula for figuring out appropriate antenna length in relation to the mhz value in a given device? 6 years ago WARNING!!!! 3.) I realize adittional power would be required. While the process should be similar for almost all RF thermometers, the specific model I'm hacking is a … Radio Shack sell replacement antennas for radios and remote control toy controllers. It is pretty tight inside the case. Now it's time to extend your antenna. Ideally the wire should be non-coated. Alas it did not work for me so I am trying to figure where I went wrong.


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