Etherian In the film, her eyes are dark blue instead of green. She was last seen in the Item Shop on December 23rd, 2019. She and Bow went to check up on his dads after Prime's invasion of the planet. In the Tribute Guide, Glimmer is the only Career tribute to not have a favored weapon, though she carries a bow and arrows in the films. Her magic seems to increase when she is experiencing strong emotions like fear and anger. Light Fury | Hobby During the final battle, she trusted Catra completely by taking care of Adora while she and Bow went off to save the rest of their friends. Queen Glimmer George and Lance attended Glimmer's coronation, they were visibly emotional with Lance coming to tears. Later, when Horde Prime contemplates killing Glimmer, Catra, who was also brought up with some rubble, intervenes on her behalf. Baby Tooth | The Hunger Games Hobby Using the fight as a distraction Adora entered and accepted the fail-safe. After Glimmer destroyed the final bot, everyone returned to Bright Moon, where Bow and Adora weren't happy that Glimmer used Adora as a decoy. Starlight Glimmer reuniting with Sunburst in The Crystalling - Part 1. Glimmer and Bow agreed to check up on his dads as Bow was really worried about them. Glimmer used a location spell and joined Catra who learned that the stranger, who had taken a cat form, responds to emotions. Ugga Crood | Occupation She is the commander of Bright Moon and one of the leaders in The Rebellion. King Harold | Type of Hero Although it is unclear when or how Bow and Glimmer met, they are very clearly best friends, finding comfort in each other as well as having similar interests and goals. Misha Belenkoff | Adora piloted Darla to Prime's space station with Glimmer, Bow, and Entrapta hidden outside the ship in space suits. In Season Four, her hair is now in an asymmetric style bob, she wears a pink legless, sleeveless bodysuit/leotard with light blue stockings, taller boots, a long cape with a slightly darker shade of blue than the previous one and a new hairstyle.. Douxie Casperan | Family Together, they walk through the arena, killing other tributes. Melog agreed to join Adora and the crew, go to Etheria and defeat Prime. At a morning war council, Glimmer leads the relief effort and the assault on the Horde soldiers attacking Plumeria. However, Glimmer is not always confident in their relationship. She has difficulty teleporting more than two people and will pass out if she overused her magic. Unfortunately for Glimmer, her death is very slow. They exchange glances, which seems to show that they've struck an uneasy alliance in order to survive on Velvet Glove. Bisexual Glimmer is the District 1 female tribute in the 74th Hunger Games. Branch | On the battlefield, the princesses are beleaguered by Mermista, Scorpia, and the rest of Prime's forces. Glimmer appeared once again towards the end of the Hunger Games to kill the remaining tributes as a mutt. However, they work through their problems, as in "The Frozen Forest", Angella is shown to respect her daughter's authority and exercise her trust in her skill. On Horde Prime's ship Glimmer struggles to use her powers while imprisoned. In Season Four, her hair is now in an asymmetric style bob, she wears a pink legless, sleeveless bodysuit/leotard with light blue stockings, taller boots, a long cape with a slightly darker shade of blue than the previous one and a new hairstyle. She is tied with the. Catra visited Glimmer in her cell again and the two began talking and shared a laugh and some fond memories of Adora. Both Bow and Glimmer come after her and assure her that they will accompany her to the Heart, which cheers her enough to be able to recall the She-Ra form once again. Kolivan | Glimmer is initially distrusting of Shadow Weaver, who arrived in Bright Moon, and for once agrees with her mother that Adora should not go see her lest she is manipulated. Portrayed by During the training, Glimmer soon joins the other Career Tributes - Marvel, Cato and Clove, and spends much time with them. Bow lashed out at Glimmer for activating the Heart of Etheria. She sometimes makes impulsive decisions without thinking everything through, which can many times land her in some serious trouble (either from her mom or behind enemy lines). Astrid Hofferson | The Hunger Games Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. We never saw Glimmer's reaction to the sorcerer's death. In "The Battle of Bright Moon" and "The Valley of the Lost", she dons an armor suit. Glimmer and Bow teleported to the Library, which was trashed and abandoned. Beneath fringe/bangs she also wears an old gold soft curved tiara with white crystal in tear shape/droplet, as well as a crystal white polished droplet as an earring, just as her mother did. Later, she and Bow accept her as another best friend, forming the Best Friends Squad. This appears to be the driving force behind their conflict, as according to Glimmer, Angella is 'paralyzed by fear' and holds her back, not giving her real missions or respecting her title as Commander of Bright Moon. Toby Domzalski | There, they find Catra, Scorpia and Entrapta looking for First Ones' tech. Gromit | Entrapta | Tigress | In White Out, Glimmer leads the heroes to the northern reaches of Etheria. Glimmer's coronation. While Micah was chipped he and Glimmer battled each other on more than one occasion, during these fights he said very hurtful things to her because of Prime's influence. When she was temporarily disconnected from The Moonstone, she began to Glitch. Soon enough, Glimmer had forgiven Catra for all her previous actions and had become really good friends with her. King Peppy | Furious, Glimmer agrees with Peeta that the pack should wait for Katniss to come down on her own, as she won't be able to get away without them knowing, so they sleep under the tree, a decision which would ultimately lead to her death. Coran | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Frosta | Using the secret phrase "friends of Mara", the default hologram acknowledges them and grants them access deeper into the Castle - to the Heart of Etheria. Home Planet Glimmer often worries about Bow in a comical and irrational matter, such as in "Reunion". and go to hug a relieved Glimmer. Unfortunately, Frosta saw Catra and downed her with an ice-haymaker before being told that she'd switched sides. When they reached the Luminarium Catra broke stealth mode alerting the sorcerer's to their presence and a brief fight ensued with one sorcerer. Glimmer also has a pair of wings, but they are too small to lift her off the ground. Glimmer describes her to Bow and Adora as 'a bit intense.' Minion | Classified | Phil Betterman | She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Together they helped plan a way to deactivate the Heart of Etheria. Bridget | Crane | Later Catra returned to Glimmer's cell, attacked and paralyzed Hordak who was serving the Queen her dinner. Sandy Crood | Because of her past actions, Starlight is very nervous about seeing Sunburst again. Glimmer shows a dark and devious side she never showed beforehand as she hires Double Trouble to have them double-cross the Horde. In season 5, Glimmer learns from her mistakes and strives to become a better person. Perfuma suggests retreat, but they are totally surrounded by clones powering up their ray guns. She is 17-year-old tribute from District 1, alongside with her district partner Marvel. Later, Glimmer along with the Career pack found Katniss and chased her up a tree. Castaspella then joins her, and together they reshape the magic to completely encapsulate the rushing waters in a sorcerers bubble, which they launch at Mermista and the clones, briefly halting the fight once more. Age She used her looks to her advantage, trying to gain sponsors. Chet | Her rebellious personality has manifested itself in the form of impulsiveness as she often acts without thinking, which lands her in trouble with her mother or on the battlefield. She successfully recruited many of the Princesses, but there appear to be others she has yet to contact. Glimmer tries to steal the District 6 female's sleeping bag, but she is able to run away. Glimmer and Entrapta had a bumpy start due to Entrapta's constant neglect to the dangerous situation they were in while at Dryl (when her caused her robots to become evil). Her tribute token, a ring, is confiscated before she enters the arena, as it has a hidden poisoned spike. Frosta is shown to idolize Glimmer and seek her approval, specifically in "The Frozen Forest". Probably her most developed relationship with another princess, Frosta, and Glimmer have a sister-like bond, though having started off rather rocky. Glimmer and Scorpia relate to each other. Glimmer was born to Queen Angella and King Micah, and sometime before the start of the series King Micah falls in an unnamed battle. Angella compares Glimmer to her presumed late husband, Micah, often, and laments over how similar they are in "The Portal".


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