[99] As consumers approach the actual purchase, they may turn to other types of promotion such as personal selling or direct marketing. People associate the 'look' of the brand's marketing communication with the brand itself. [35] The brand is in control of the platform, message content, frequency and repetition of the communication message. The rapid growth of communication due to interactive media, particularly the internet have caused the changes in the use of communication through media, with businesses preferring to use modern media over more traditional media methods. Professor Neil H. Borden of the Harvard School of Business coined the concept of the marketing mix in the 1950s, and in 1960, his ideas were distilled by E. Jerome McCarthy into the simple-to-remember four Ps. But make sure that you plan your sales promotion rather than simply hanging an X% discount next to the products whose sales you want to boost. For starters, it's about the value of the product and how much it costs to produce or perform. Integrating the communications disciplines addresses the question of how the strengths of one discipline can be used to overcome the weaknesses of a different discipline. [33] There are various platforms by which communication is transmitted,[23] and these can be categorised as paid, owned, earned and shared, formally named as the integrated communication triangle by Grönroos and Lindberg-Repo. However, the money spent on advertising is worth the return on investment in advertising is quite high. You can send them a discount coupon, catalog, postcard, or letters. The meaning of product launch is to introduce a new or upgraded version of a new product in the market. Television, radio, magazines, and newspapers are becoming more fragmented and reaching smaller and more selective audiences. [56] The introduction of new technology broadens the boundaries for advertising elements to endeavor with such avenues like the internet. The marketing plan identifies key opportunities, threats, weaknesses and strengths, sets objectives and develops an action plan to achieve marketing goals. It is important though that the message you give in one medium should tally with the message provided in other medium. Kotler Chapter 16 Skeptics point out that the more experienced commmunications managers, especially national brand managers, have always practised integration. Both of these terms are essentially about the same thing. Online media is the most preferred type of marketing communication nowadays. Without branding, consumers wouldn't be able to decipher between products and decide which one they like most. One is nowadays, almost 90% of the total population spends their most time online. However, you can also spend a little to get your customers to promote your products. [108] Higher levels of the business need to coincide with the efforts of staff in the strategic planning to grasp that IMC's program is valuable. Consistent executions are more of a 'feeling' that ties everything together; a unique look or feel so that the target audience recognizes a brand's marketing communication even before they see the brand name. Once the corresponding audiences and messages have been ascertained, the actual communicating begins. It has grown manifolds in recent years due to several shifts in the advertising and media industry. The marketing mix defines the 4Ps of marketing and Promotion is what marketing communications is all about. [32] Modern technology has expanded the use of platforms and ways in which consumers and the brand can interact. [73] The 4As originally coined the term the "new advertising"; however, this title did not appropriately incorporate many other aspects included in the term "IMC" – most notably, those beyond traditional advertising process aside from simply advertising. Brand associations are made to encourage linkages with places, personalities or even emotions which creates a sophisticated brand personality in the minds of the consumers. This communication is most effective when the recipient has shown interest in or has previously purchased from the organization. What is the role of marketing communications, Major Steps in Developing Effective Communication, SMART LEARNING -SEE YOUR WORLD IN DIFFRENT WAY, No public clipboards found for this slide. [10] The communication process was once thought of as having the source of the message, which is then encoded, put through the chosen communication channel, which is then decoded by the recipient and then received. Some of the key definitions that have been advanced during IMC's evolution are outlined here: Today, there is general agreement amongst both practitioners and scholars that the emergence of IMC represents "a significant example of development in the marketing discipline... [that] has influenced thinking and acting among all types of companies and organizations facing the realities of competition in an open economy. Who is the Receiver? Every marketing communications strategy can be boiled down to just three things: It can be a mistake to blindly leap into product messaging before analyzing the brand's identity. [56] In spite of that, the purpose of some organizations have not adopted the framework and are still task orientated. [47], Direct-response advertising is partially direct marketing. The process of IMC through communication-based marketing goes through a sequential three stage process. It is the message your organization is going to convey to your market. [47], Direct mail is a letter, card, catalogue, or sample sent through post, email, fax, or courier. Relationship marketing aids in building up a history of frequent conversation between organisations and stakeholders which contributes to trust. This is an example of "Integrated Marketing Communications", in which multiple marketing channels are simultaneously utilized to increase the strength and reach of the marketing message. Doesn’t everyone love a healthy, convenient and affordable meal? Now there can be a larger range in catalogue, delivery is faster, and complaints are dealt with professionally. [75] The study focused around understanding the concept and the importance of IMC and also to analyse the extent in which IMC was practiced in all major U.S advertising agencies. How Do Marketing Some companies such as advertising agencies could possibly take advantage of the integrated marketing communications model, due to the stress they receive from clients and budgets being reduced. Businesses are now having to take into consideration that both opinion leaders and opinion formers who have a great influence over today's society and their perceptions. Belch & Belch as of 2012[update] explained that the internet is mostly a non-personal form of communication as consumers absorb information online with no personal contact between the consumer and the organizations that are providing the information on their websites. For the above reason, people controlling the marketing communication process are very important for the company. In a world with no internet and the vast world of social media, roots of advertising and promotion lie within traditional media, where there is a more direct, physical way of advertising. This is so much more than the price for which to sell something. [20][36] Market-generated media remain an important communication platform and information source. [19] If a brand is specializing in the sale and manufacturing of makeup products, the business would want to look at someone who is both known for their knowledge about makeup and also someone who they know is popular within that community, so that the message is as widespread throughout their target market as possible. Businesses will usually place a billboard in areas where it can be easily seen and where the target audience will spend their daily activities.


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