Get Your Custom Essay They learn to conduct themselves in school, using school of conduct. As these jobs are highly paid, many students try to compete for them in school. To running the education services, the government use the taxes income from the family of children, which in pays taxes. • Talcott Parsons used Durkheim’s theory, considered education is a key component of the social body. However there are flaws in many of these theories. This shows how the education system, works in teaching children. “White like Me” The film, “White Like me” is presented by author Tim Wise. In addition to this there is a lot of evidence that suggests that students don’t have an equal chance of succeeding. Functionalist Perspective on Education • Emile Durkheim established functionalist theories. Sociological Theories on Education We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Historically speaking, education was very informal; formal education was only for the elite. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Talcott Parsons suggests that due to industrialization in societies, people’s status can change and be achievable. This gave them the work experience they needed to maintain a job. People in society will feel more involved in society, having more of a sense of belonging. The role of education in society has an important effect on society by way of transmitting cultural values and contributing to the social stratification or class system. Durkheim believed that in order This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Emile Durkheim(1858-1917) suggests that education is very important in teaching children the society’s norms, values and roles. They learn to accept authority and how to socialise with other people, known as secondary socialisation. When children reach primary or secondary schools, they are treated equally. If a part of society, does not function properly then it can affect the rest of society. (Haralambos & Holborn,2008). What is functionalist theory? However there are flaws in many of these theories. Basically, the government provides an education for the students through the public school system. All work is written to order. A society is a complex unit, made up of interrelated parts. The first type of vocational course was the Youth Training Scheme (YTS) which was formed in the 1980s which unemployed young people had to enrol. Unlike, the functionalist theory it focuses on the conflict of education. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. (Haralambos & Holborn,2008). However in school and work, children are judged by universalistic standards (rules that apply to everyone equally), which means their status is achieved through passing exams or working towards a promotion. Sociology Economic factors, are important in every society. After observing and analyzing my field placement classroom. Schools, learn children norms and values, suitable for working in a Capitalist society. They will learn to develop a sense of belonging and commitment, to a certain social group that they belong to. Children learn to conform to authority in schools. The Marxist perspective, is a conflict approach. Functionalist perspective, looks at structural theories. Functionalists first see education in its manifest role: conveying basic knowledge and skills to the next generation. Because parents rely on this system to educate their children so that they can become successful adults, they pay taxes to the government. Sociologists Davis and Moore argue the main function of education is ‘role allocation`. Value Consensus is an agreement between society members, to conform to certain values. He states that how we are treated in the family is different to how we are treated at work. Also, vocational training can be seen as having a lower status and being less academic than courses such as A-levels and Degrees. Education plays an important part in everyone’s success in life. Ella Clarke, Remember. Retrieved from As Wrong states, functionalists ignore the fact that students may reject norms and values, thus the functionalist view on education is too deterministic. This is known as “Particularistic standards” ( Harlambos & Holborn, 2008). Sociologists usually begin their sociological analysis with the following questions; The Functionalist Explanation of the Role of Education in Modern Society


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