During these times, sit quietly and gently rest your hands on your belly. Don’t Eat Uncooked Meat or Raw EggsMake sure everything you eat is cooked thoroughly. Limiting your exposure to any harsh chemicals e.g. Smoking during pregnancy puts your baby's life at risk. 4. Use caution with deli-style salads (especially those containing protein, like egg, chicken, ham, and seafood), hot dogs and luncheon meats, and smoked meats and meat spreads. It's a great way to initiate the bonding process and to help you plan for the kind of parent you want to be. Get relief from morning sickness Unfortunately, "morning sickness" can last all day – and it strikes about three-quarters of pregnant women during the first trimester. 3. To complicate matters further, some symptoms may be more or less problematic depending on your particular situation or health history and on how far along you are in your pregnancy. During this trimester, your baby grows faster than at any other time. Don’t go OTT With The CoffeeCoffee might keep you awake, and during the first few weeks of pregnancy you may need all the help you can get with that, but too much caffeine is dangerous for your baby’s development. questions about taking medicine during pregnancy. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Now you're pregnant, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the big changes that pregnancy and having a baby will bring. If you're at work, find a place you can escape (close your office door, use a conference room, even sit in your car) and set the alarm on your cell phone. Cut down on caffeineStudies have linked high caffeine consumption to miscarriage and other pregnancy problems. Some of the links on Pregged lead to sites we are affiliated with, such as Amazon, and we may earn revenue from them. Check in with a friendPregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster. Here's a rundown of symptoms that could be a sign of a problem. Keep an eye on the color of your urine – if it's dark yellow or cloudy, you need to drink more. Talk to your midwife or doctor if you’re not sure about how to take folic acid or folate. Find out more about having sex during pregnancy, Pregnancy sneak peek: An overview of the next 9 months, The ultimate pregnancy to-do list: Second trimester, The ultimate pregnancy to-do list: Third trimester, http://www.acog.org/Patients/FAQs/Screening-Tests-for-Birth-Defects, http://www.acog.org/Resources-And-Publications/Committee-Opinions/Committee-on-Obstetric-Practice/Moderate-Caffeine-Consumption-During-Pregnancy, http://www.acog.org/Patients/FAQs/Nutrition-During-Pregnancy, http://www.acog.org/~/media/For%20Patients/faq126.pdf, https://www.nap.edu/read/10925/chapter/6#152, https://www.uptodate.com/contents/initial-prenatal-assessment-and-first-trimester-prenatal-care, All pregnancy, parenting, and birth videos >, Pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore, Four household chores to avoid during pregnancy, Fruits and vegetables in your pregnancy diet, the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information. Generally speaking, a 400-600 microgram dose of folic acid or around 1000 mcg of folate daily during the first trimester can help to reduce the chances of your baby developing serious defects, such as spina bifida, and anencephaly. 5. 2014. Make sure you're really pregnantMost home pregnancy tests can accurately detect pregnancy in the week after your period is normally due – two weeks after you ovulate. Start a daily ritual to connect with your babySet aside two five- to ten-minute periods a day to think about your baby. https://www.nap.edu/read/10925/chapter/6#152 [Accessed October 2016], Uptodate.


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