She is now searching for her sister, who was taken by Aion. Just to name one. She is completely devoted to Aion and Joshua, vowing to always protect Joshua no matter what. Fiore is a phlegmatic and brooding person who likes cooking. As she embraces Fiore, she then summons a long spear that thrusts through both of their bodies. After a brief conversation, Satella tells Rosette they will got their own seperate ways and wishes her good luck. However, in the manga, she retained her memories and insisted that her existence as "Florette" ceased the day she died. During the course of the anime, she gets captured by Aion during one mission. Ez a szócikk nem tünteti fel a független ... Florette „Fiore” Harvenheit. Later when she encountered her sister Satella she had no idea who she was. Jazz is king, the Mob rules the streets, and Demons are running a mock. They go over a bridge to converse. The Roaring 20's a time of prosperity. Along with her faithful companion and contractor Chrono, a devil, they go on wild gun slinging adventures. Chrono Crusade (クロノ クルセイド, Kurono Kuruseido? Seeing Rosette in low spirits, Satella attempts to bring her spirits up by saying that she will steal Chrono. If Fiore had been accounted for as a threat, the Church would have actually won. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's almost instantly over, and Aion near effortlessly wins, but Chrno was able to deal enough damage that Aion immediately passed out afterwards, allowing Magdalene to escape with Chrno. Offscreen Moment of Awesome: A large group of demons attack the beach house where Joshua and Fiore are staying. In the anime, during the battle with Satella, Fiore mentions that she is little more than a doll, and that she belongs to "Lord Joshua and Lord Aion". ハーベンハイト Furoretto Hābenhaito), is a very powerful Jewel Summoner who is Joshua's caretaker/maid, whom he refers to as "older sister". She also enjoys teasing Rosette by flirting with Chrono, who really doesn't like it and desperately avoids her, much to her annoyance. Fiore was nowhere to be found and had supposedly fled before Satella was discovered alive. The attempt works with Rosette losing her temper and yelling at Satella. Chrono Crusade Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Satella Harvenheit (サテラ・ハーベンハイト, Satera Hābenhaito?) A Chrono Crusade (クロノ ... Chrono, Satella, Azmaria, Aion, Mary, Fiore, míg az utolsón Joshua, Kate nővér és Remington tiszteletes látható. "The place Chrono could go back to was decided four years ago!" However, in the 1990s, Satella and Fiore's crystallized bodies are found ashore by the Hendric foundation who try, without success, to undo the crystallization. The individual chapters were published in eight tankōbon volumes by Kadokawa Shoten from December 1999 to September 2004. ハーベンハイト, Furoretto Hābenhaito? Aion replaced her memories of Satella with memories of Joshua, which in turns makes her think that Joshua is her brother. She was born in Germany from a very wealthy family, her entire family was wiped out save for her and her older sister Florette by the "hornless demon", who turned out to be Aion. The anime series Chrono Crusade premiered in Japan on Fuji TV on November 23, 2003 and … Satella likes young boys and dislikes Demons. No Yay: Joshua/Fiore (which also seems to imply Joshua/Rosette), Aion/Chrono, and the love triangle between Aion, Rizel, and Jenai. Produced by Gonzo Digimation, the series is adapted from the first three volumes of the eight-volume manga series of the same name by Daisuke Moriyama across the first thirteen episodes. by Rosette to demons that wanted Chrono back to their side. Enter Sister Rosette Christopher, of the Order of Magdaline, an elite group out to destroy the evil. is a jewel witch or Jewel Summoner and bounty hunter who kills Demons. Satella discovers that a lot of time has passed since she and Fiore were crystalized. It is revealed that she is the head of a company. Chrono Crusade is a Manga started in 1998 by Daisuke Moriyama, which was later adapted into a 2003 Anime by Gonzo. Her only companion is her family's old butler, Steiner. With Tomoko Kawakami, Akira Ishida, Greg Ayres, Hilary Haag. She is now searching for her sister, wh… She is last seen at Rosette's grave, mourning her death and leaving her earrings there. Joshua szolgálója, aki nem fél tőle, és ott segít rajta, ahol tud, és Joshua azt hiszi róla, hogy ő a nővére. Azmaria's grandson shows Satella a film narrated by the elderly Azmaria, explaining all that has happened after Aion was defeated including the death of Rosette and the life that followed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the anime, she is almost constantly arguing or indirectly insulting Rosette Christopher, making multiple comments of how she is a poor unscrupulous nun. After Fiore escapes from the Order headquarters, Satella chases after her and upon meeting her in the city, she tells Fiore that she is her older sister and to get out of Aion's influence. Near the end of the series, during Aion's sacrifice of the Apostles, she meets Fiore and recognized her as her sister. Azmaria and Chrono finally come, but its too late, as Satella is already dying. She is attracted to young boys and finds Chrono to be specially cute. Satella is much friendlier in the Manga than in the anime up to the point she openly admits to Rosette, Chrono, and Azmaria they are her friends by the middle of the Manga. When she was younger she was taken by Aion, who erased her memory. A Chrono Crusade szereplőinek listája Ugrás a navigációhoz Ugrás a kereséshez. She was born in Germany from a very wealthy family, her entire family was wiped out save for her and her older sister Florette by the "hornless demon", who turned out to be Aion. She was then raised by her kind butler Steiner, who still remains by her side. Javításra került az eredeti kiadáskor a címbe került „tipográfiai” hiba, a „Chrno” „Chrono”-ra módosult Morijama kérésének megfelelően. Chrono Crusade Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Also, when Satella calls her Florette, Fiore becomes enraged for some reason. During the final chapters involving the battle on Eden, Satella battles Fiore.The battle goes out like it does in the anime, and both characters seem to die in the same manner as in the anime. She asks Azmaria to sing a final song for her before death, which Azmaria does. After the even at the carnival, Satella meets Rosette on a bench. ), also known as Chrno Crusade due to a typo in the original logo, [1] is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Moriyama.It was originally published by Kadokawa Shoten in Dragon Magazine which began serialization in November 1998. TV Show: Chrono Crusade Egyébként Satelle nővére. However, Fiore uses her Jewels to summon a spirit and Satella is forced to summon hers in turn to defend herself. From a chronological (Hah) perspective, the manga ends on a very upbeat note; Satella, who seemed to die nearly ten issues earlier, actually survived by sticking herself in a crystal with Fiore. Joshua calmly asks Fiore to go back inside and make him some coffee. She was then raised by her kind butler Steiner, who still remains by her side. The anime series Chrono Crusade premiered in Japan on Fuji TV on November 23, 2003 and ran for twenty-four episodes until its series finale on June 10, 2004. At first she feels uncomfortable around Rosette and the others due to their trust with Chrono, a hornless devil like the killer of his family and responsible for her suffering, but after spending time with them, she recognizes them as her friends. Written and illustrated by Daisuke Moriyama, Chrono Crusade has 59 chapters, called "Acts". We get to see Chrno and Aion get into a fight in chapter 39. Trying not to kill her, she wounds Fiore and keeps reminding her that they are sisters but Fiore tells her that her sister's soul is gone and what's left is a body being used as a puppet to serve Aion. There are major differences between the Manga and Anime variations of Satella. She is last shown in her coffin at her own funeral. While under captivity, Aion molests her and was about to rape her when Rosette and Chrono rescued her. Monica Rial is the English dub voice of Fiore in Chrono Crusade, and Natsuko Kuwatani is the Japanese voice. A few years later, Satella was found, wounded and the crystalization undone. It premiered in the November 1998 issue Dragon Age and ran until its conclusion in the June 2004 issue. She has a strong temper and constantly fights with Rosette, yet they're very good friends at heart.


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