WILLIAM CAREY (1761-1834), English Oriental scholar, and the pioneer of modern missionary enterprise, was born at Paulerspury, Northamptonshire, on the 17th of August 1761. The reign of this duke was long remembered as a period of internal prosperity, wise legislation and important public enterprise. The Allies had now got possession of the two great gates into Spain: and Hill, by an enterprise most skilfully carried out, destroyed (May 19) the Tagus bridge at Almaraz, by which Soult to the south of the river chiefly communicated with Marmont to the north. 4. One of the best enterprise application examples for brands who wish to grow through the art of storytelling is Marketo, which is a software platform that empowers brands to create lasting relationships with consumers. Like the First Crusade, the Fourth Crusade also - in its personnel, but not its direction - was a French enterprise; and its leading members were French feudatories like Theobald of Champagne (who was chosen leader of the Crusade), Baldwin of Flanders (the future emperor of Constantinople), and the count of Blois. In the penury of the dockyards Holmes could not be provided with the force he was promised, and the enterprise was but partially successful. Before going straight to the definition of enterprise software, we need to take a step back and ensure we’re on the same page when it comes to the meaning of “enterprise” itself. By the end of the 18th century British enterprise had almost entirely displaced that of other nations on the Niger coast. At the diet of Buda, early in 1444, supplies were voted for the enterprise, and Wladislaus was on the point of quitting his camp at Szeged for the seat of war, when envoys from Sultan Murad arrived with the offer of a ten years' truce on such favourable conditions (they included the relinquishment of Servia, Walachia and Moldavia, and the payment of an indemnity) that Hunyadi persuaded the king to conclude (in July) a peace which gave him more than could reasonably be anticipated from the most successful campaign. How would you go about that? But Forbin was chased away from the Firth of Forth by a fleet under Sir George Byng; he refused to allow the young adventurer to land farther north, and the Jacobites doubted that France was never serious in the enterprise. March 13, 2019    CAIL Innovation Commentary    – from Beth Devin – Head of Innovation Network & Emerging Technology, Citi Ventures, $11 billion, multiyear corporate restructuring, tone from the top and the echo from the bottom. Troops under Butler and a large fleet under Admiral Porter were destined for this enterprise. In 1648 he refused to take part in the English expedition of the "engagers," the enterprise not having the sanction of the Kirk. In 2014, P&G began to streamline and simplify the company, reducing its brand portfolio from 170 to 65 and building out its e-commerce business with companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Tencent. The collection of skins is now chiefly a matter of private enterprise. The defeat of the " Invincible Armada " in 1588, at which time the crowns of Spain and Portugal were united, gave a fresh stimulus to maritime enterprise in England; and the successful voyage of Cornelius Houtman in East 1596 showed the way round the Cape of Good Hoe lnd,a 59 Y P P Company. They make admirable soldiers and sailors, but lack the enterprise and commercial aptitude of the Basques and Catalans; while they are differentiated from the inhabitants of central and southern Spain by their superior industry, and perhaps their lower standard of culture. Vladimirescu was slain by a Greek revolutionary agent, but Ypsilanti rashly continuing his enterprise after he had been repudiated by the Russian emperor, his forces were finally crushed by the Turks at Dragashani, in Walachia, and at Skuleni, in Moldavia; and the result of his revolt was a Turkish occupation of the principalities. But he did not permit his political enterprise to stay his military preparations; and, by constant attention to the minutest details, by June 1 he had got together an army of 360,000 for the defence of France, one half f of which was available for field service. Enterprise software applications are effective tools to better serve your business and your clients.


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