Homologous series 1. Examples:- Members of the same homologous series can be prepared through one common method. For example:Alkane: CnH2n+2Alkene: CnH2nAlcohol: … A series of compounds with similar chemical properties, in which members differ from one another by additional CH2 group, is called a homologous series. For example, methane and ethane are homologues and belong to the same homologous series. A homologous series is a family of organic compounds with the same functional group and similar chemical properties. Methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on is a homologous series. Homologous Series 2. Examples of homologous series are alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and carboxylic acids. -I'll take it that you're touching on the topic of organic chemistry, and hence, at least have a general idea of what are alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, and carboxylic acids. Some important series of aliphatic compounds are listed below: If we examine the unbranched alkanes, we notice that each alkane differs from the preceding alkane by one —CH 2 — group. This also contains similar general formula and chemical properties. A homologous series is a series of compounds, which has the same functional group. For example, a homologous series of straight-chain alkanes begin with methane, ethane propane, butane and pentane. Similarly the series of alkene and alkynes also forms homologous series. Homologous Series A series of compounds with similar chemical properties, in which members differ from one another by the possession of an additional CH2 group, is called a homologous series.Each homologous series must have the following four characteristics:Every member in the homologous series can be represented by a common formula. They differ from each other by one CH 2 group. Figure 02: Boiling Points Gradually Change in a Homologous Series Typically, the members of a homologous series contain a fixed set of functional groups that give these molecules similar chemical and physical properties. For example, the series of alkanes i.e. Since there is a change in the physical properties, we can say that there would be an increase in the molecular size and mass. There are a number of homologous series in organic compounds.


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