Would I get my NOC from bajaj finance if I go and ask. I purchased a bike in Maharashtra in 2013 and in the same year I was transferred to Hyderabad. I bought a bike in olx and the owner produced all documents leaving NOC. You can drive your car without paying Road tax in Bangalore for 11 months.After this period, you may get penalized for not paying the road tax (or Life Time Tax). How much time will it take for the NOC to be issued ? If you have been driving a Pudhucherry-registered car in Kerala, you can expect a notice from the regulator now. Pls suggest some way. (2) How long this NOC certificate is valid for ? 4. Driving Licence for 2-wheelers without gear: This kind of DL is issued to drive mopeds or two-wheelers that are without gears. (3) Do I have to change my car registration number in Maharashtra after getting NOC ? I tried and inform RTO to cancel it but the RTO neglected it. Can the vehicle be registered in Chennai based on correct chassis number stated in the original invoice of the car and Chassis pencil print and physical verification by Chennai RTO? Bangalore to Munnar (Kerala) Road Trip | Day 1 | Tiago | 12 Hrs … Agents in Delhi RTO informed me that NOC can't be canceled in any way since the car is diesel and registered in 2008. BANGALORE: If you have bought a vehicle, registered it outside the state and dared to ply it in Karnataka, change the registration now. How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Maharashtra? Form No. How to get fitness certificate of vehicle in Karnataka? Registration certificate of the vehicle (Copy of RC Book). While the change in name and issue of new registration number are reflected in Vahan database, I find the original date of registration in Bengaluru, viz 27th June 2005 is retained instead the new date of re-registration, 17th March 2020 in the vahan database.I am yet to receive the new smart card from Chennai RTO due to closure of offices. As I'm in Maharashtra now, do i need to register my vehicle in Pune RTO or should I register it in Mumbai RTO. I have all documents RC, pollution Certificate,Insurance, NOC from the financier.How can I get the NOC from RTO? Please let me know if I need to pay road tax for using this for 2 months and the documents required.Thanks You can calculate the road tax to be paid in Bangalore from here. Second time, I gave it to a different guy to get me the NOC and now he says its stuck because of the first NOC request. Now is there any way to get the ownership transferred to my name in Delhi or Alwar. This is in addition to the tax that needs to have been paid from the vehicle’s time of entry, along with interest. ; Driving Licence for 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers with gear: This type of DL is issued to for cars or bikes.These will be called Light Motor Vehicles used for private, commercial or transport. Is that true? Will the NOC work? I got NOC issued from it in RTO Delhi for RTO in Alwar(Rajasthan). Somehow I couldn't get it re-registered at Jaipur RTO. I want to register my car now in Bihar. I have insurance, RC, Affidavit, Pollution & NOC. Currently, I am staying in Patna. I moved from Pune to Hyderabad and took NOC from Pune RTO, and in six months (before NOC Expired) moved to Mumbai. So is it necessary to cancel the NOC? Shall I get the NOC canceled from Pune RTO and keep it registered in Pune itself or should I re-register my vehicle in Mumbai RTO? Second time, I gave it to a different guy to get me the NOC and now he says its stuck because of the first NOC request. Now, the RC expired in June 2015 and bike continues to be in Chennai, unable to be renewed as RTO says I need to cancel NOC in KA. I kept my car in Bihar but never registered because I was out of India. What is the fine amount if I ride without an NOC (if at all it is an offence) I heard from traffic police that the fine can be paid only in court. Do I need anything in written format from Bihar RTO to get the existing NOC canceled and get a new NOC from Bangalore RTO? Can I driver with NOC for 3 years ? Or is the rectification in NOC to be done by Bengaluru RTO? With a KL registered bike, have the font of the licence plate resemble the font which is common on KA bikes and you should be relatively safe. RC status is NOC issued. As per the rule under Section 44, Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that failure to register the vehicle for more than 11 months, can lead to penalty of Rs 100 for the first offense and Rs 300 for the second and any subsequent offences.


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