Cranky goes up to him and complains how he never took breaks, \"whisking off maidens and thr… More ropes and such have been added, and the Kongs can now climb horizontal ropes as well. Once Cheat Mode has been activated, a player can input different series of commands to activate different cheats, just like in the original Donkey Kong Country. There is an entirely new main menu, which gives access to the game files, Diddy's Dash, and Bonus Games with unlockable minigames added to it. They will just teleport the primates. The heroes are capable of climbing ropes at faster speed when compared to the SNES version. In the overworld map of Crocodile Isle, even after reaching it, The Flying Krock is never visible, unlike the SNES version. Most of the worlds in Donkey Kong Country 2 contain locations associated to Cranky, Wrinkly, Swanky, Funky Kong and Klubba. Funky is seen surfing and then falling off his board. An exclamation mark after the name of a location of Swanky's Bonus Bonanza indicates all series of quizzes have been answered in that location. [citation needed]. With Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest joining Nintendo Switch Online's library of Super Nintendo (SNES) games, co-op platformer lovers can celebrate a new game to enjoy hand-in-hand. Also, there was to be Flitters with a purple coloration with blue wings or green wings. The note is slightly different in the GBA version, and can be found only once in a new game file. Funky Kong's sprite design is based off his version of. Donkey Kong Country 2- Diddy Kong's Quest Trailer 1995. Players will also always start stages with both characters being present. To encourage players to play the new minigames, DK Coins are rewarded for beating certain minigames, raising the number from forty to sixty-eight. Many new types of barrels have been implemented, and most of the barrels from the previous game return as well (Vine Barrels, Steel Kegs, and Stop & Go Barrels were removed). Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Super Nintendo Entertainment System games, whisking off maidens and throwing barrels seven days a week,,, Eggs: are shoot at the heroes during the battles with. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Whether in pursuit of bonus perks, or a way to make the game more challenging, the easily accessible Cheat Mode is there to help a player out (or not). After pressing "down" five times, players will gain access to the game's Music Test mode, but pressing "down" an additional five times unlocks Cheat Mode. Sprite of Dixie Kong walking and mourning. Funky Kong is seen surfing and then falling off his board. The cutscene of the roll cast of characters is more elaborated, and it does not happen in the Klubba's Kiosk. Both heroes also ride on the animal buddies together. Some of the characters have gained or lost sprites of animation. Again, to access Music Test, players need only highlight the "Two Player Contest" option on the Main Menu and press "down" on the D-pad five times. Artwork of Funky Kong, with his updated look. By pressing "B", "A", "Right", "Right", "A", "Left", "A" and "X" buttons in that order, the player can start a new game file in any mode where all DK Barrels will be missing, making the game harder. The following Kong now follows the Kong in the lead more accurately, much like in the previous game's remake. The overworld map of Crocodile Isle, without depicting The Flying Krock, as seen in the SNES version. Uncleared regular stages are marked by a Kremling icon. This is based of the Game Boy Advance remake's intro, which can be viewed here: . Artwork of a Banana Coin, which acts as the game's main currency. The travel across worlds is made by using a Gyrocopter instead of a Biplane Barrel, like in the SNES version. By winning races at the first place in the Expresso Racing minigame, the player earns DK Coins from Cranky Kong.


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