“I do want to say that the couple of times that I was finally able to get through to someone, they were incredibly nice and incredibly understanding,” Stone said about those who answered the phone. Then choose “Commercial Driver License/Permit” from the “Exam Type” menu. We encourage you to check back regularly for updated availability due to cancellations. The agency has been working to help “as many people as possible as safely as possible.”. You can change/modify or cancel an already scheduled appointment. Tim West, who moved to Bellingham with his girlfriend in April, said one of the first things he did was to call DOL, and learned the offices were closed. He wants the enhanced license as soon as possible to sign up for an airport check-in system that he said he’s been told will save him hours getting through security. We will continue to update the public with additional information as it becomes available. “I fully expected this with the DMV,” he said. That’s because, as the Washington state Department of Licensing reopens offices that closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, they’re requiring appointments. The plan was to go to the Bellingham office in March. An employee came out and said they would open at 9. The permit will get issued the date of the completed transaction. We have added health and safety protocols to keep you and our staff safe: Thank you for your patience as we try this new approach. Prepare for your CDL tests with the Commercial Driver Guide. Please bring your own—we cannot provide them to customers. DOL Locations near Driver Licensing Office. To the ones who didn’t, he handed out flyers with instructions to either do what they needed done online or schedule an appointment. “I should have started sooner, but I wasn’t sure if they were open,” Stone said. You need an appointment for the DOL these days — and they are hard to come by ... Stone has been trying to get a learner’s permit before starting school this fall to become a surgery tech. Learn what to expect at your knowledge test, and take a … “We expect that to have some effect as well.”. Some of the things that require an appointment are getting a driver’s license or identification card for the first time, getting an enhanced driver’s license or ID, changing a name on an ID or license, getting a commercial driver license, commercial learner permit, or agricultural permit, getting a reinstatement, getting an occupational restricted license, or taking a driver training school instructor test. Suspect you have been exposed to COVID-19. After calling DOL for several days a couple of weeks ago, Stone was able to get that state ID number and was able to pass the written test. “It’s just been a nightmare,” Solomon said. 0.7 miles Vehicle Registration & Title; 2.3 miles Vehicle Licensing Office (Registration & Title) 9.1 miles Castle Rock Auto Licensing; 16.4 miles Lewis River Auto Licensing (Registration & Title) 17.3 miles Vehicle Licensing Office (Registration & Titling) Added measures for health and safety. “We’re able to book out 30 days for those appointments at any given location, and every day a certain, limited number of appointments open up at various locations, depending on their own capacity. Get unlimited digital access for only $20 for 1 year. He heard an acquaintance was able to get an appointment in Yakima. Elizabeth Stone plans to travel 200 miles to get a learner’s permit this month. I can’t just sit here and check the internet all day.”. Dusenbery has been trying to get him an ID, and to get one for her 16-year-old daughter. Commercial Driver License (CDL) testing Commercial driver guide. His girlfriend is considering renewing her California license by mail, because it expires next month. And in the meantime Stone hopes that getting the permit in Omak will be enough to start the surgery tech program. Wieman said it’s OK for someone who moved from out-of-state recently to use their out-of-state license while they try to get an appointment if their 30 days are up between March 1 and Sept. 30. “It was nice of them to extend expiration dates on IDs, but that doesn’t help people like him who don’t already have an ID,” she said. He said he’d drive several hours if he could find an appointment anywhere. “But I need it now.”. Those younger than 24 or older than 70 can renew online for now, too. “If someone told me I could get in in Yakima right now, I would be in my car,” he said. Schedule an appointment. Then a couple of weeks ago Stone resumed the effort. Choose “Take a knowledge exam” from the “I want to” menu. Please be … Getting a Driver License in the Future. Appointments for License/ID Counter service and popular Customer Service Centers (CSC) typically fill up fast. They now have 36 offices, letters they recommend drivers in that situation print out, 30-day window for getting a Washington license, Latest COVID-19 case counts lower as result of holiday slowdown at labs, Grateful for a 2nd chance. It should get there within 7 – 10 days. She and her husband were able to schedule appointments about a month out in Lacey to update their licenses. Barnes said a couple weeks ago he got online and couldn’t find any appointments across the state. She started covering courts in 2016. Paige Barnes, 43, of Orting, said he has a regular driver’s license, and needs an enhanced license because he travels frequently for his job with a company that makes airport snow removal equipment. “We really want to emphasize that we appreciate these people who have done their transactions online so that people who are required to have an in-person appointment are getting one,” Wieman said, and that people “who show up without an appointment are generally steered toward other avenues of service.”. We will continue to update the public with additional information as it becomes available. A small number of appointments open up daily. Contact Us. The first time it was closed. Washington Department of Licensing (DOL) offices are an extremely useful resource on your to become a fully licensed driver, but let’s face it: they can often be an unbearable chore. Please practice social distancing and wait for instructions before approaching the counter. Kellen Barnett of Tacoma said he didn’t have an appointment and that his laptop was broken — he couldn’t make an appointment or do his license renewal online. You must be 16 or older and must apply in person at a DMV office. Trisha Soloman of University Place said it was her second time coming to the location to get a license. Knowledge test. I need the appointment for a … Before that she wrote about crime and breaking news for almost four years as The News Tribune’s night reporter. If you need more help, call 360.902.3900. Got my permit a month back and was mailed a copy without a picture. She said she’s had difficulty making an appointment online, and that she’s been trying to get one since the end of July to take a written test to get her license.


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